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  1. For me it took about 40-50 before the very scared/terrified feeling went away. If I go a couple months without jumping now I still get some pre flight jitters. A little bit of fear is healthy and keeps you aware and double/triple checking. The biggest thing that will change over time and
  2. yep I don't have a 7 cell, open corners or semi stowless and don't have any problems Yep, same here, Colugo2, 9 cell, and closed corners, (I do have a semi-stowless though) and zero problems, but it wasn't always that way, just takes practice.
  3. Not directed at you specifically LJ, just elaborating since the can o' worms got opened. I agree with the last two comments, weight classes make more sense with a top end "unlimited" and bottom end
  4. Agreed, people like to say "not as good as a protec" but really they don't know, because a lack of testing means no one knows, they might be almost as good, and in some weird way might be better. Kick to the face or on the mouth/jaw? I'll take any full face on the market over an industrial hard hat/ballistic helmet/protec/ etc open face any day If you're suffering head trauma skydiving to the point impact rating matters, good luck to ya. (I also enjoying knowing that a number of people who disparage full face helmets and lack of impact rating probably jumped a frap hat for a decade)
  5. TLDR: So, you have two options, split the competition via sex, or have weight classes. Thank you for clarifying the first bit, but scientifically/medically there is no debate, only in colloquial usage. Seriously, it's hard to fathom this isn't understood clearly yet: sex = biological reproductive capacity however you want to define that, you'd think "oh chromosomes" but lol, it gets complicated (Google "Complete AIS" and have your mind blown, one of many examples). Anyway, for 90+% of the population that is M and F. Gender is a social construct regarding behavior, appearance, and social expectation. For most of you that distinction doesn't matter and again for a huge majority of the population, is still M and F, but anyway, you want to talk science you have to learn the rules. Merriam Webster is irrelevant. As for the second part, the max additional weight is ~16kg according to FAI ( see link ). Search the document for "Addendum E." With max total weight + added weight, topping out from 93kg to 99kg (205-219lbs) depending on the jumpers initial weight. So for a 60kg female (130lbs) and I think we can agree, pretty "average" athletic build weight, perhaps even a little heavy; their max allowed added weight is 16kg (35lbs). So topped out she is sitting at 76kg (167lbs), lighter than a lot of the guys in swoop meets without any added weight (And I'm sitting here at 220 naked). So as far as raw mass women would generally be at a disadvantage, and then on top of that they would have to compete wearing heavy weight belts and manage that added mass (in the example above + 27% body mass) with an upper body that hasn't been doped up with testosterone for the last 18+ years. So yes, light guys would have just as much of a hard time, but statistically there are a lot less of them, and for women, to be fit and 180lbs (15-20lbs below the male average in the US), they are most likely a body builder.
  6. I think most people aren't making fashion statements. They just prefer not to have the wind in their face. (Something that I don't understand myself) Spend a couple hours in a tunnel, might change your mind, and then it is "what you're use to." I enjoy wind on my face under canopy, but I prefer sunglasses over goggles (I can't get sunglasses to work with a open face, too much air) and not 150mph+ air on my face in freefall. I'm also not a huge fan of the chin cup or chin strap, full face just kinda hugs my head, little to no pressure on my jaw. Also, I got kicked in the face last weekend on exit, was glad for my visor. Oh and rain, full face in rain is nice, as rare as it is. That was actually what made me try one to begin with,
  7. Excited that someone is finally moving forward with the next generation of full faces. Looking forward to handling one and seeing how it's put together, my G2 is disintegrating and the G3 is too expensive to simply be a replacement rather than an upgrade. I believe I bought my G2 for $200 new, straight from Cookie. I know it's silly but my mammal brain just has a hard time spending almost twice as much for basically the exact same thing.
  8. More like everyone went to school and got an education and understands something you don't, but you're old and bitter and think that oldness and bitterness are somehow justification for every erroneous view you hold and an excuse for your ignorance. Not to mention, nothing in my reply is specific to stats, only very basic math and serial dilutions; your naivety is truly befuddling. But I think I've discovered you're probably crazy since this seems to be a pattern you have of posting wildly misleading news articles in great quantity. So, sorry I stuck my head in the door, have fun in crazy town, peace out.
  9. "claims she treated a 4 y/o boy" Also claims to have used what's known as "lyssinum." In pellet form. Now I haven't researched lyssinum, but I did dig into "homeopathic pellets" when I had a friend who in a lapse of common sense, showed me their "mercury" pellets they got from a homeopath store. The claim is based on the erroneous notion that various substances have some magical energy that they can impart on other substances. They "expose" some substrate (sugar) to mercury (and I would assume "rabid dog saliva"), and then dilute it by billions upon billions of times. At the time I ran the numbers and for the mercury pellets, even if directly exposed to mercury, it was unlikely there was a single atom of mercury in the (basically a sugar pellet). This is also necessary because otherwise they would be selling a poison (homeopath or not, illegal), but in reality they are selling unflavored tic-tacs. Hope that helped calm your outrage :) (If she actually gave him rabid dog saliva, he would have rabies, and be dead now).
  10. You're right, but that is exactly what they do, and many other trades.
  11. RockSkyGirl I'm picking up what you're putting down, but consider the following. Sure if you pound in and bust a femur/pelvis/spine then "ok peace out I'm bankrupt" is an option, but will follow you a long time. What is more likely to happen is you get a tib/fib fracture and maybe some broken ribs. Now you're out 30-50k, probably not worth bankruptcy for but enough to be financially crippling. Then in 10 to 20 years your pieced back together limb needs a joint replacement or fixation, another 30-50k. Maybe you end up without broken vertebrae but nerve damage and need years of PT and follow ups or back surgery sometime in the future. It isn't the coup-de-gras that is really horrifying, it is the lifetime of financial hardship and pain, the slow bleeding that can make life miserable. I'm in the medical field and see people's lives completely destroyed on a daily basis, it isn't an abstract concept for me, so I might take it a little more seriously than others. So, that said Blue Skies and I hope you never get injured, but if you can afford insurance and still keep food on the table, do it; or at least take a very hard look at your participation in skydiving.
  12. Almost certainly a 1099. That is a little fuzzy though since they are using the DZ's or leased aircraft, especially for the TI since they might be using DZ gear. But skydiving tends to operate in a lot of "fuzzy" areas. I also imagine the rate is very very high. That said, workman's comp sucks. That said, I'll never criticize someone for donating (I have on numerous occasions) or asking for donations. And I really liked Skydivers Unite when it was still around. And even with insurance the bills can pile up. I broke my leg with insurance and it still cost me about $7k out of pocket. BUT, skydiving in any capacity, much less as a profession without very good insurance is monumentally retarded. I don't know if it was this guy's case, I hope not, because the $10k goal is a drop in the bucket for pelvic fractures.
  13. Thank you! Someone that understands statistical analysis! Also the n number would be impossibly small making the sample irrelevant.