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  1. Never jumped it myself but from friends who jumped both the 2 is way easier than the 1
  2. Also record for the more expensive commercial jump?
  3. Just because it s the best way to fly quickly in the opposite direction of the plane flight path compare to do a 180°
  4. Until you have fun no reason to change. Anyway, the havok is super easy and you shouldn t have any trouble even with 20 jumps a year
  5. Havok is a perfectly good ws to start ws base. Easy, forgiving and efficient start. For sure less forward speed than the other ws like strix/ freak but if you fly properly you won t have any problem. Here in Europe many people do ws base in Havok. I have friend who was jumping the Brevent with. So no worries about and once you ll be ready for more it ll be already freak6 or strix 22
  6. Some suits are better on specific point than other (and generally worst on other) but there are not such a thing like "some model are superior" or "some brand are like this".It s not fact what you say, just your opinion. And i m sorry but you are wrong on almost every point. And also off topic.
  7. or maybe they spent more time on developping the suit than advertizing/ web... ;)
  8. search topics here. Some:
  9. Yes they sold some for ski/bike and the version for wingsuit also. I had one and also a friend who stil have his own...
  10. they stopped it now but this is a link with Jeb who advertized for it
  11. It was already done with the google reckon wingsuit version. Actually it was nice practical, you already have enough to focus on to look a screen and notice the info
  12. I have 2 friends who had funk1 and tried the havok carve. They both sold their funk just after. I heard the Funk2 was already better than the 1 but never heard someone complaining about the havok
  13. How is it better for safety if these smaller suits have harder pulls than "bigger" due to higher internal pressure?
  14. Same kind of story happened with Tony, Squirrel and PF. Sometimes because of the suit, sometimes because of the guy. So...