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  1. alygator

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    How is it better for safety if these smaller suits have harder pulls than "bigger" due to higher internal pressure?
  2. alygator

    Wingsuit airglide Rage/Horus

    Same kind of story happened with Tony, Squirrel and PF. Sometimes because of the suit, sometimes because of the guy. So...
  3. alygator

    High altitude wing suiting

    No need oxygen in freefall at 6km. Be aware about your physical state anyway
  4. alygator

    Venom Power first flight

    To add something the differences are minimals, it s not a "new class" but it s definitly a totally new wingsuit compared to an originalVenom and is as good than the best one in his categorie, at least in performance in my little comparative test
  5. alygator

    V5 vs. Colugo

    Colugo is bigger than V5, not the same "class". Bigger than a Venom or xbird too. It s like an Apache. For me, it s probably better to go to v5 before the big one
  6. alygator

    Electra/Springo and big wingsuit

    If you have only choice between this 2 one, take the electra. I only jump electra but friends have springo and sell it after lot of twist. But again, if your pack job and your body position are perfect you can take the canopy you want... ;)
  7. alygator

    My New Suit

    You look like the character in "Battle of the Planets" animated series