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  1. the funk and havok look nice and although i don't have one i thought the smaller surface area of the hatch swift p3 shadow etc would allow for quicker rotations, flips, loops etc. less fabric so faster with the tricks.. it seems most acro guys use the shadow for artistic competitions but squirrel have released similar sized suits in the hatch and swift so was wondering how people rated them in the artistic manoeuvres. seems the wait with squirrel is less and the quality of build and customer service is getting great reviews.
  2. has anyone got any feedback on the squirrel swift and hatch for experienced pilots looking for an acrobatic wing. are they any good for acro flying. how do they compare to pf shadow and p3 for usability in doing acrobatics. looking for advice
  3. thanks DSE. that was more the reason i posted here. it was to get feedback from others to see what may be happening. the suit is tight and i havent put on weight or anything. choking it makes a bit of sense. the suit came much tighter than i expected and i really feel i cant get the most out of it .. i cant seem to stretch it 100%. its weird how i fly with 3 guys all on our back. all similar weight and all similar body positions. yet im sinking and leg doesnt inflate most of the time.
  4. when im back flying in my phantom 3 my legwing will not inflate. ive checked my videos and it very rarely inflates no matter how wide or narrow i have my legs. my friends legwings inflate in their shadow's while they fly next to me and we have a similar fall rate. any help would be good
  5. In all honesty though bro, shouldn't you have worked with an escrow or an independent master rigger before you bought the canopy. I mean i would have had a 2nd opinion and a lawyer present. he said it was in good condition...but how do you define "good"? how did he define "good"? No need to kill this guy..you bought a used, didn't get what you envisioned. Try to sell it here http://www.dropzone.com/classifieds/ .. .. hey goonies kid. are you mental.. since when in your world does a canopy with 7 patches equate to being in good condition. if you bought a car with 7 things wrong with it would you call that good condition.. fuck me.. this guy is a pilot at sin city skydive and yeah i trusted him too much. but guess why im writing all this shit. its because i dont want anyone getting fucked over by this prick like i did. i hope you by a rig and its full of holes and see how you like it... if you think im over reacting then you are just as fucked as tracy roesler. TRACY ROESLER sold me a canopy and said it was in good condition and that he is a pilot and rigger at sin city. then he sent me a canopy with 7 fucking patches on it and they are shit patches too... goonieskid you are a fucking idiot if you think 7 shit patches means a good canopy....
  6. apparently he is a pilot at sin city skydive. the canopy he sent me actually has 7 patches on it. he did not mention it had any before i bought it. when i asked why he didnt tell me about the patches before i paid he said.. NO REFUNDS. i am going to kill this guy when i see him. yes his name is tracy roesler and he said he dabbles in canopy repairs. he is a scam artist..
  7. I just got scammed by this guy. he sold me a canopy and said it was in good condition. when I got it in the mail I opened and saw 4 patches and one was 12 x 15 inches big. the patch job is bad and I wouldn't jump this canopy cause of the bad quality of the work. I asked him if there were any patches before I bought it and he said no. then after I paid he only then mentioned it had patches and he told me not to worry and that I will love the canopy. has anyone got his address because I feel like killing this guy. I don't love it and I want a refund. yes his name is tracy roesler and he is a pilot in Nevada sin city. he's a fuckin scammer
  8. im a bit confused about pack size for talon. today i put a zpx 188 into a talon fs2 with no dramas. their website says that a fs2 should only take a zp pilot 132 and i suppose a zpx 150. well i dropped a zpx 188 in their easy. the website says the fs5 rig should only take a pilot 150 and i have zp 168 in their as my second rig. my point is if talon say only a 132 for the fs2 and and a 150 for the fs5 - then why can i get a zp 168 in the fs5 and a zpx 188 in the fs2. i rang aerodyne to check the serial number of my 188 zpx to confirm it was a 188. with the zpx im getting it into a rig 2 sizes smaller than talon suggest. i asked the talon guy in my area today if the pd optimum would pack smaller and he said they dont. he said the optimum packs smaller than the normal pd reserve which actually packs big. so it cancels out. he didnt believe me when i mentioned the 188 fitting in the fs2. then he passes me a fs2 d bag and i put it in no probs.. does anyone know if a optimum 160 will fit in the fs2.
  9. looking for opinions of what people think of the difference in flare power of a new canopy compared to the same one with 500 jumps on it. ive heard really different opinions on this. ive spoken to paraglider guys who swear that older wings have a lot less flare and skydivers who say theres no difference.
  10. thank you so much for your advice. the pulse is bigger at 190 so even tho the flare is a bit worse i thought extra surface are over the pilot which is a 168. would give a softer landing.
  11. can anyone advise me if the pulse 190 would have much more of a flare than my pilot 168. I want to upsize for safety and better flare due to old knees but I heard the pulse's flare is not so great. need advice .
  12. i heard of a few instances where the p3 zips have been substandard. ive seen the a few guys even replace the zip with key ring loops because the original zipper grip bends and breaks easily.
  13. i agree with (voilsb) - take a bit more time and maybe some coaching to make sure you are getting the most of the p3. the bigger the suit the more experience needed. so spend another 100 or so on the p3 and you should start to get more performance as you fine tune your bad habits.