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  1. Kick Ass Video! Mad Respect for Rob, his courage, outlook, and skill. His landing is even softer than any of mine, and I still have my landing gear (legs) to compensate for my lack of canopy exp. Truly, Inspirational. Thank you or the eye opener!
  2. Is it the picture? Or the fact that I put a picture of myself on my resume? To be honest, I put it their to stick out of the crowd of every other resume that runs across their desk. I didn't want to be just another piece of paper. I wanted the reader to be able to put a face with words. I actually have received more callbacks ever since I put it on there.
  3. No simple mind here. I just have a goal I'm working towards, and looking at all the possible roots to get their. I think you have me figured wrong. I have tremendous respect for anyone willing live out their dreams. Especially, if their dream requires them to trust in a few strings and some fabric to keep them alive. Heh and YouTube is the last thing on my list. I want to compete eventually, progress the sport and make it easier for people like me to reach their goals. Then again maybe you're right. I did just look at the number of friends on DZ, still says zero I've been watching skydiving vids as long as they've been posted on the internet. Only recently have I taken the initiative to peruse my dream. But, I will defiantly check out teds vids.
  4. @ JC - Best advice yet. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all the people saying, "you're rushing it", "FB prox want to be", "not all fun and games", and dislike/disrespect for the people "just trying to get their 200 behind them". I'm not that kid putting learning, and coaching to the side, just to reach my 200. My reason for my trying to find a fast track, is that I'm Type 1 diabetic. Have been since for 15 years. I on an insulin pump, which helps keep it under very tight control and have never had any issues. As of now, I'm 27, 5'8 (173), 150lb (68), and consider myself more fit then most (excluding skydivers). I just don't know how long I'll be able to maintain this level of blood sugar control and fitness. Which I know I'll need to reach the lvl of flying skill required for flying. I don't want to be 5 years into my journey, just to find out they have to chop one of my rudders off, due to an infection. I'm not afraid of the hard work and $$ it's going to take to get their. I just want as much time I can get, enjoying the fruits of the hard work ahead. Enough of the pity party, maybe I'll just get prosthetic wings/rudders instead of hands and feet The problem at my DZ is none of the instructors WS fly. Any recommendations where to receive top notch coaching?
  5. Trust me, my action figures made enough jumps to to make me believe, I could pull it off.
  6. No ego trip here. Hence the profile pic change . I appreciate the step by step advice! Thanks man.
  7. Great now I'm skydivings Karate Kid. Your comment made me laugh. The resume is just for any square 1, para - gear, type people to get a sense of my work history. I understand it's going to take much more $$ to get to the end goal. Much less many, many more jumps to gain enough expirence to get their. I'm still flipping houses with my boss and making decent money. The 3k and the bike just a starting point. What I have to offer right now . Pffft I wish tony would let me sweep his floors for training! Catch every damn fly in the shop using their sewing needles.
  8. Not hell bent. Just something I plan on doing when my skill lvl reaches that point.
  9. STORY TIME! THEN I'LL GET TO THE POINT. As a 4 year old I learned a crucial lesson....the hard way. Using a giant black trash bag for a parachute and a Batman cape as my reserve, I had a plan.I wanted to fly. With my rig, took a running start a jumped off the second story of my house. Immediately i knew something was wrong. So I released my main and counted on my reserve to save me from the fast approaching grass. Waking up in the hospital, I had shattered both ankles, and broken my collar bone. Lesson learned, never over load your chute past your piloting skills. At 6, I had wised up. I had cut and tapped together 6 trash bags (yes, I understood wing loading as a 6 year old). Also I switched my reserve to a 6' pile of leaves, I had raked from the back yard. Once more, with both hands full of trash bag ends, I my amazement I felt resistance. I WAS FLYING!.....until the tape ripped and the pile of leaves saved my ass. But from then on, I knew it. One way or another, one day, I would fly. I was hooked. For 21 years I've been attempting to please the family. Go to school, go to college, get married, have kids. Not that I'm against those things I just have a deep drive inside myself. That same drive I had as a young boy, to FLY., Alright, to get to the point. I've worked quite a few jobs. Mostly, Real Estate Investing, Oil Sales, Warehousing, and Hotels. I'm 27 years old now and think i'ts time I get serious about finding a job that I have passion for. Skydiving! WHAT I WANT: I want to get on the fastest track to proximity flying. I want a job that includes my passion for innovation and pushing the sport forward. I'll sweep floors and take out the trash to get my foot in the door. This is what I want and I'm willing to do anything to get there. WHAT I HAVE: I'm 2 jumps away from completing my AFF course and would like to get my 200 jumps behind me, so I can start wingsuiting. I've got a reliable vehicle. Also I have a very well taken care of '03 Suzuki Intruder 800 motorcycle (runs perfect) to trade + 3,000 cash for gear,jumps, wingsuits, ect. I can move anywhere, anytime. I've attached my resume to this post. So please, if anyone has any ideas, solutions, job offers!, or just helpful input, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. Contact me however you like, my info is at the bottom of this post. If you've gotten this far I appreciate your interest in helping make a dream come true. THANK YOU! Luke Stein Mobile - (713)410-4178 txt or call Email - [email protected]