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  1. Major kudos to Gary for landing his modified Apache yesterday. In the run up to the event I was at one point under the impression that he wouldn't be wearing a rig. So the question is, what glide efficiency gains could a wingsuit design see if it were designed without having to consider a traditional container and harness being accommodated? Not only would there be a significant weight saving, but surely the airflow could be more efficiently managed? disclaimer: I'm not an aeronautical engineer so am just assuming that our containers disrupt rather than improve airflow over our backs - but I could be wrong since maybe it already does a decent job as a deflector.
  2. What an awesome first! Will be interesting to see how much this is repeated (and improved upon) in the near to medium term
  3. Hi, I'm based in London, so would generally jump at Weston or Hinton... but to take up the offer of trying a P2 out I'd probably we willing to travel a bit further. Thanks for the offer by the way. Where do you normally jump? -Marius
  4. Thanks for all your input, and yes I know 'try before you buy' is what people recommend, but it's not always going to be the case. I'll let you guys know what I went for when I order the suit in a few months:), and will post some first jump vids too
  5. Thanks for the feedback on the R-bird, good to hear from someone that flies one. For some reason I really seem to be stuck on the T-bird as an option instead of the P2, maybe it's cause it still looks like it can impress off big walls - check out this video: ... and it's gotta be said, I just like the wing shape alot better than the standard triangle under your arms :P (I'm vain, what can I say)
  6. Hi all, After trying wingsuiting for the first time a little while ago I'm finally going to be buying my own suit this summer and really get into it as my main discipline. So far I have about 15 PF tracking suit jumps, and 10 jumps on a Tonysuit I-bird (intro suit). Size-wise I'm 190cm & 82kgs (6'3", 180lbs). Which of the T-bird or R-bird would you recommend I go to? I quite liked the I-bird even when the demo suit wasn't fitting me too well (a bit small), so feel I'd like to stick with Tonysuits (but feel free to convince me otherwise). I'm worried that the T-bird will get boring a bit too quickly. My goal in wingsuiting is time and distance as this interests me much more than flocking, and my aim is to start do BASE with the suit in the future as well. Would the R-bird be suitable for my skill or is it too big a step for someone with only 10 wingsuit jumps? You can see my first couple of jumps on the I-bird here:
  7. Just thought I'd run a poll in response to a video I saw of some 10-year olds burning away in the tunnel
  8. Wow, what a fun and long topic! A few things I want to comment on though: Training someone like a skijumper to wear a wingsuit is in my opinion the easiest way to succesfully land a wingsuit as design is today..... however, this will merely prove what it's possible to land a wingsuit safely. Does it mean that people with wingsuits will be taking to the air with bigjump skiis though... highly unlikely! One thing that I feel has slightly been omitted from the whole discussion is the physical aspects of the actual wingsuite wearer. Body mass index has a very big role in the picture as it dictates fall rate, and for someone wanting to fly in a wingsuit to land it - their stall speed.
  9. What do you guys reckon the quickest way to get tell people about the site would be? ....besides painting the url on my body and streaking through the streets of london....and every other major city in the world...!!!!
  10. Well, that makes one American on the site.... now it just needs another 190 odd nationalities and it's representing every country on the world ;)
  11. thanks for making it clicky! It'll take quite a few currencies since I'm using paypal as a payment site... they're not always the best to work with tho, a bit confusing for people that aren't familiar with it :(