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  1. What are you doing to calculate freefall speeds?? this kinda blows that the device isn't working right.
  2. This weekend I did a "performance" jump (i.e. straight shot back to the dz 3 miles away)... the jump lasted 213 seconds from 14k down to 3,500 or so based off the video, however the neptune n3 (V 6.0.3 a) showed it as a 10 second dive with a deployment of 12,500 feet. I got out at around 14K so i'm assuming i was hitting some of my slowest speeds around 12k. According to Alti's site this is the most recent firmware. I didn't have any other audible or recording device. For those who are getting super long times and low fall rates, what devices are you using that reliably record the data?? Kevin
  3. No kidding.. and I seem to recall the S1's small leg wing made for some interesting flights on that suit... ahh back in the good ole days.
  4. ok i'm confused. What the hell are they doing? At first I thought he was roped to another base jumper who deployed a parachute and suspended the first.. was expecting the first to cutaway and do another jump (now that would have been cool). So is it attached to the exit point and he just hangs from it once it is taught? How does it slow him down without jerking him? how does he get off the end???
  5. yeah.. the majority of my base PC jumps were solo or small ways where there was no bumping and grinding going on. So I'd tend to agree with this as well. I have stopped jumping it as I do feel that the risk does not outweigh the rewards for using it anymore. It was my belief in the past that due to the "huge" wing of the s3 (keep in mind I was jumping wingsuit back in 2001 / 2002 when they were realtively new) i felt it was safer to use the base pouch. I don't recall what year the S3 came out, but I had one of the early ones I think.. 2003? Kevin
  6. just to jump in and throw my 2c's in... i've got at least 75 - 100 S3 jumps w a pouch... 0 base jumps with it, all skydives using a TSO rig (but that really is irrelevant). It can be used safely for skydives, but I highly recommend only doing belly flying with it. The other concern is exposure to relative wind while standing in the door of an AC. Not Having PC properly shoved into the pouch can cause a little of it to catch wind and get pulled out causing a premie... this + standing in the door is a bad situation for all. If you're going to jump it check it numerous times as you're practically sitting on it while in the airplane, and moving around can cause it to move in the pouch -- possibly out of the pouch.
  7. Hmmm.. i wonder if I can knock my tandem rating out if I come down there....
  8. Just so i'm clear, we're all in agreement that the FXC 12000 is the best AAD right?
  9. My cypress will be un-airworthy in a year due to age. I'm looking to replace it with something... I haven't kept up with all the AAD technology out there, last I was keeping up was when the Vigils were mis-firing in airplanes... 99% of my jumps are wingsuit jumps if that makes any difference. Keeping cost, maint, and features in mind.. what are the pros/cons of the various AADs out there?
  10. I may be down once more before I move.. I just recently sold my plane so it'll either be this weekend or next that i'll be down....
  11. So I just recently watched the Miss CA tandem jump, and the ads they put before the jump are boasting about the jet they have. When is the last time that thing flew? Is it still operational, can you still jump it?
  12. I guess i don't know what FB stuff you're talking about. Is this for proximity flying or something else??
  13. kevin922


    Ditto.. can't believe its been 7 years.
  14. I should be up and running in the ATL area late summer if you haven't had the training by then hit me up - i'm a BMI and have numerous demo suits. Kevin