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  1. kevin922

    Birdmen in OK, AR, or MO

    Yep I'm in OKC and i'm a wingsuit instructor with demo suits. When I do go jumping I fly down to Dallas, usually on a sunday.
  2. kevin922

    Flight recorder?

    I think LouDiamond has one or has jumped one. There are a few other people here that have one as well
  3. kevin922

    international WingSuit patents

    Last time I checked there were none, but that has been over 2 years.. i think the logic back then was to promote wingsuit development.. (or lack of $ ?)
  4. kevin922

    Early Birdmen and women

    I've seen the video of a guy back in the 19xx's jumping off a bridge with some wing contraption on thinking he could fly. I would call it a jump of ignorance.. I think he actually thought he'd be able to fly with these wings. So I wouldn't call him a hero, unless you give him credit for trying something no one else had ever tried. I guess it was educational because we found out that design wasn't very good :)
  5. kevin922

    New BMI, GK Jon Ewald!

    Rockon Jon...
  6. kevin922

    Attention to orders...

    I think you meant to post this in Bonfire.
  7. kevin922

    Market share

    According to the poll we've had running for a while at [url][/url] found [url]here[/url] it is pretty obvious birdman is #1 with phoenix fly trailing behind....
  8. kevin922

    RSL for wingsuit jumps?

    i've never used an RSL and leave it up to my students when I teach Birdman. You should be pulling higher when doing wingsuit jumps and should have more time to deal with things..
  9. kevin922

    Google Earth + GPS

    Now THAT is slick looking.. if only you could get some data out of it :)
  10. kevin922

    Looking for Information to regulate

    As far as I know, the USPA hasn't really gotton involved with training of wingsuits. Birdman was the first to come up with a formal program. Training usually is a one day thing, and wouldn't really require you to monitor the progress of a student as they go from student to "trained" in a matter of 45 minutes plus a jump. There was a time early on when there was no formal BMI training (training for the trainers) and the quality of the training received from the BMI's during that era greatly varies. The newer ones (i am not exactly sure when they started the formal BMI training) have a solid baseline to teach from. We take up students with 200 jumps in the last 18 months or 500 total. I personally do not take anyone under 500 that has an eliptical canopy (i.e. stilleto). If you have over 500 jumps i'll let you make the call, but it is highly advised against. Also no Pull out containers, only BOC.
  11. kevin922

    GTI, first suit ok?????????????

    1) Yes 2) 25 - 50, depending on skill 3) Yes 4) Yes on back flying. If you're not going to make it your primary discipline (i.e. stay really current) stay away from an S3. (in my opinion)
  12. kevin922

    Fancy this?

  13. kevin922

    Dr. Kenny Condolences

    my condolences, I don't think I knew Dr Kenny
  14. kevin922

    'Production' sugargliders

    There are pictures of the SG on the front page of Kevin
  15. kevin922

    Wingsuit Knowledge Base

    Well I try to maintain the knowledge base on called the "Learning Center"