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  1. winsor

    Barry Bischler

    I know a Barry Bichler. Different guy?
  2. winsor


    I just received word that Richard Hutchinson succumbed to cancer yesterday. He was the prime mover of the Skydog Skydiving Club, which is dedicated to having safe, fun skydives with jumpers of all experience levels. The club had gone dormant as his health took priority. I am honored to have known him as a friend, and feel lucky to have spent such time with him as I could. He was one of the good guys, and he will be missed. BSBD, Winsor
  3. winsor

    Tommy Kinder passes

    Oh, no. Tommy was one of the good guys. Some of my favorite jumps were with Tommy, to include pure fun two-ways. Blue skies and gentle breezes brother, Winsor
  4. winsor

    Unconcious skyfaller?

    I vote for firing the reserve. Not everyone has an AAD, and counting on it is a generally bad plan. Proactive is better. A reserve is packed to open with a less optimal body position than is the main (in general). In addition, getting them under a 2:1 loaded main if they are unconscious does not improve their likelihood of survival enough for my taste. Blue skies, Winsor
  5. winsor

    "One Last Hit" Article

    I have nothing against marihuana, but have it on good authority that it will cause your babies to be born naked. Not only that, but a study at a Major University concluded that 100% of people who smoke pot will die. In Europe, it is common for people to roll their own cigarettes, which only look like reefers. Thus, I am quite sure that the picture to which you refer is simply someone smoking good old tobacco. I do not believe that anyone is actually irresponsible enough to drink or take drugs before parachute jumping, since that would be bad. Blue skies, red eyes, Winsor
  6. winsor

    pack volume

    Larger than its conventionally designed equivalent (Jedei vs. Jonathon). Blue skies, Winsor