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  1. I believe what you are missing is known as the "favicon".
  2. OK, the little icon we once used to report spammers is gone. So how do we report them now?
  3. Broken link. To reproduce: 1. Choose pulldown menu from upper right next to avatar. 2. Scroll down to "Ignored Users" near the bottom of that menu. 3. Get 404 Error.
  4. Why was Andrew Hill fired from Mile-Hi Skydiving? (Assumption on my part.) Gear-up landing with one of MHS's King Airs.
  5. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4862028#4862028
  6. ryoder

    Smoke Jumpers!!

    Note the "Recruitment" link on this page: https://www.fs.fed.us/fire/people/smokejumpers/
  7. From 7 months ago: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4862028#4862028
  8. ryoder

    Do Canopies Naturally Turn Upwind?

    You are flying a plane with a 60mph stall speed. Your airspeed is 75mph. You are flying into a 30 mph headwind. You make a 180 turn, then level out pointing downwind. (Altitude & airspeed remain constant). Will you stall?
  9. ryoder

    Cheapest DZ in the dallas area

    Pecos Parachute School. Ask for Truman.
  10. Years ago, I was directly behind a woman in the door who was part of a 4-way launched off the plane. (IIRC there were 8-10 of us in total on the dive). During the launch, her right shoulder was dislocated. She detached herself from the 4-way and pulled the reserve high. IIRC she was just using the left arm to make left turns, and landed w/o a flare. On landing, she fractured a femur.
  11. Yes, just another proxy-complainer for Gibbs. Since she doesn't even live in Longmont, (or even near an airport), she uses grumps who actually have a Longmont address to make complaints. According to some googling, this guy is in his 60's and lives 1.5 miles South of the city limits, (the airport is on the West side), which puts him 4 miles from the airport.
  12. There was another great whine she had: She was complaining to Centennial Airport, 36 miles away from her home! Why? Because a twin turbine cargo flight, (originating out of Centennial), was cruising over her house at 10,000' in the middle of the night. She even posted a Youtube video of her and her husband listening to it, and talking about it. They had to hold their breath while recording it, because their breathing drowned out the faint sound of the plane. She took the video down. Damn, I wish I had saved a copy of it.
  13. The first DZ she went after was operating out of Boulder airport, and jumpers were landing in an open field East of her. After successfully shutting down that one, (based on the field not being zoned for such use), she took aim at MHS.
  14. She is 4 miles East of Boulder airport, and 6 miles South of Longmont airport. That does not meet my definition of "close", and I live 3 miles from Rky Mtn Metro, (which I don't consider to be "close").
  15. Gibbs paid the judgements in December of 2015. When a judgement is paid, a "Satisfaction of Judgement" document is created. If go to this website, you can search for court documents: https://recorder.bouldercounty.org/countyweb/disclaimer.do Search for "Gibbs Kimberly" and you get the results shown in the attachment. Here are the payment amounts verified in the "Satisfaction of Judgement" docs: 03490629: $47,984.41 03490628: $6,277.50 03490627: $67,791.05