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  1. Agreed; Even better: Pin this thread to the top of the SC thread listing for easy reference.
  2. Hey, this is handy! Now instead of typing out an argument to the post of a fool/troll/русский-bot, we can just respond, for example: See BillVon #6 ;-)
  3. You didn't mention the best part: Where it was made. "When Mexico send their statues, they're not sending their best..." Golden Trump statue turning heads at CPAC was made in … Mexico
  4. Trump Hid ‘Fraud’ on Inheritance for Years, Niece Tells Judge
  5. Lady Gaga’s dogs recovered safely after theft, shooting Hard to believe the woman returning them had no involvement.
  6. Whoa! [Googling for photos of the dogs, then heading down to the local dog rescue shelter.] [evil grin]
  7. Trump's tax returns and related records turned over to Manhattan district attorney
  8. A Capitol rioter texted his ex during the insurrection to call her a ‘moron,’ feds say. She turned him in. ROTF!
  9. ryoder


    According to Google this morning: US infections: 28.4M US infection fatalities: 506K For the vaccines: US doses given: 66.5M US fully vaccinated: 20.6M US vaccination fatalities: ? I prefer to take my chances with the vaccine.
  10. Sen. Ted Cruz Piñatas Created at Dallas Party Store LOL!
  11. From Fark.com: Tiger Woods wishes he could get a mulligan on that last drive.
  12. ryoder


    Just got back from shot #1. Feeling strong.
  13. ryoder


    Any improvement in your eyesight? Or an urge to go hunt large game?
  14. Trump Regrets Not Naming Ivanka, Eric, and Don, Jr., to Supreme Court
  15. Supreme Court won't hear 2020 election case that questioned some Pennsylvania ballots
  16. Supreme Court rejects Trump effort to shield tax records from NY prosecutors
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/feb/22/people-with-extremist-views-less-able-to-do-complex-mental-tasks-research-suggests
  18. Dominion sues "My Pillow" fool: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/20489801/2-22-21-dominion-v-my-pillow-michael-lindell-complaint.pdf
  19. Look at the two blades at 12 o'clock: Also, it seems the PW4000 in the 777 has had 3 similar failures since 2018: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/02/why-do-boeing-777-engines-keep-exploding.html
  20. Comment seen on a news site this morning: Parts leeeavvin’... from my jet plane, hope I can make it back again...
  21. Dashcam video of the moment the engine went:
  22. Wasn't quite how it went, but:
  23. This chopper has been orbiting the debris field. I think it is being operated for KMGH TV: https://www.flightradar24.com/N6UX/26df8ea7