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  1. Which memorials do you think I was referring to?
  2. I don't say Biden is bad because of it - I'm sure it was the best idea they could come up with at the time. Did it substantially contribute to the atmosphere we have now? Absolutely. Did Trump's efforts have as much to do with it? I have no idea. It doesn't seem likely that it had as large an impact directly.
  3. I thought Crack was a larger penalty because of the harsher affects it had on the body, mind, and because of how addictive it was. That isn't even mentioning the affects it has on unborn babies.
  4. Are you really saying that those officers were adhering to Trumps specific orders? First off though - had he been put into a car, this wouldn't even be an issue.
  5. For balance? Yeah. I'm calling out the aggrandizing of what is attributed to BLM. I'm no fan of the police as they are now. There should be great changes made. I don't disagree with your comments above about worthiness. Perhaps it is just perception, and you are right, but the imbalance in the amount of shootings and killings done in the urban areas is telling. It is almost that those urban areas and the violence there is celebrated and held up high. It seems that the lifestyle involved is actually sought after. Making a spectacle of a guy like Floyd and putting him on a higher pedestal than even MLK, or, well, Anyone, really. That funeral is something I have never heard of, except maybe for some of the Egyptian pharaohs. Lenin might have been close, I guess. That and things like the tearing down of a mermaid statue because mermaids are racist now.<eyeroll> Evidently there is nothing beyond the label of racist. Not even the tearing down of war memorials that have nothing to do with race.
  6. I'm not mocking anything. The numbers are biased, and partisan, which makes them misinformation.
  7. So you don't think population density has as much to do with it?
  8. Wouldn't it be nice if the partisan, bias, and misinformation would include a variable for the general public's unwillingness to adhere to rules that are infringing on their perceived rights?
  9. Well, to be fair, they refused their own citizenry entry. <eyeroll>
  10. I think we all know where your real leanings are though, Bill.
  11. Straight is not the same as level. Curved is not the same as straight. Why do you have such a strong need to have "your" (should say borrowed) perception of a symbol believed and accepted? There are so many obvious differences.
  12. The problem here is that they do perform an investigation. The investigation has pieces and parts that are too delicious to not be true. So if they are too good NOT to be true - they have to be true, right? Kinda like the Killian documents?
  13. Only if you are TRYING to see it that way. Only if you are wanting the two to be correlated.
  14. If your choice is to spend your time with this false narrative - then its more likely that you are the one suffering from that particular syndrome. JS
  15. Yes. Thanks for that - The amount that the wings slope up (Blue) and the amount that they slope down (Gold) are almost identical, compared to the exact horizontal black eagle.
  16. Its even funnier to watch as you guys pat yourselves on the backs and congratulate each other, for what? Deliberately making a false comparison and convincing yourself that it is true?
  17. No. I'm saying that the correlation between them is ridiculous, and unintentional. It is on par and similar to the altered posters, and for the same reasons. It's just your side doing it this time, so there is no outrage.
  18. . . . because BLM. https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/police-identify-8-year-old-girl-killed-in-atlanta-4th-of-july-shooting If BLM is real they why doesn't the killing stop?
  19. I took the answer as as a consumer, who doesn't benefit from low energy prices. I can see how when you now miraculously care about the people that own the oil and gas companies, and their employees . . . that your answer makes sense.
  20. No, but I appreciate the offer. I'm obviously not a liberal, no they aren't required for my mental well being. Thanks, though.
  21. Yes. More than just objectively. Some of his policies and actions are not what I would want, or desire form a president. I'm not a cheerleader for Trump - I do call out the, obvious to me, inability to separate the hate for Trump, and the degradation this forum has falling so fast and hard toward the extreme left. Did you think that the similarities between these two posters were accurate or an oversight or intentional or just a happy little mistake? I thought it was bullshit, upon reflection of how I really felt, but because of my leanings I easily accepted the rhetoric. I have since recognized my mistake. It was just political "gotcha". One can find correlation in just about anything if they really want to. If you really want to look hard enough you can see just about anything you want in the clouds.
  22. I think that a smart investment. Cost has already gone up 75 cents a gallon here.
  23. Have you ever considered how much a suggestion powers your perception? Was that your comparison (The overlay) that you put together or was it someone else's idea that you are championing? Was that your work of putting those two images together?