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    I'm just posting this screenshot to show how easy it is to look up and find information on the internet.
  2. "89 police murdered by rioters." (According to Ron) Seriously, the information of the world is literally at our fingertips. How can people be so incredibly lazy with the bullshit they perpetuate.
  3. Thank you. Using truthful information makes me feel better.
  4. If they could they would. They cannot. Even if the US completely turned their back militarily it would be an extremely difficult and bloody campaign and long term occupation by mainlanders. China is simply not currently capable of crossing a body of water and exerting control.
  5. The person in the photograph got up and walked away after being assaulted. He is not dead. Please delete your post in an effort against disinformation.
  6. Bush knows very well that if he got into the ring Trump would take it out on him and the people around him utilizing the intel he has at his fingertips from the Bush era.
  7. I'm referencing the legal opinions of professionals in the field. To be clear there is a city prosecutor looking into whether charges should be pressed but it seems unlikely that anything would stick according to lawyers familiar with the specifics. "Anders Walker, a constitutional law professor at St. Louis University, told the Post-Dispatch that Missouri's Castle Doctrine makes what the McCloskeys did legal, albeit dangerous. Missouri's Castle Doctrine allows residents to use lethal force to get people off of private property."
  8. I know we're speaking in a very limited context but I find this to be the highest goal of Vladimir Putin.
  9. Is this really the consensus on why Russia would do this? It seems to me that killing US soldiers would cause peace deals and exits to break down more and extend the US presence in the region. That presence becomes highly unpopular which serves the Russian goal of swaying world opinion against the US.
  10. DJL


    That's why it's recommended only for those who may be symptomatic or those who may be near people who are high risk. For example, I'm going to fly at the end of July to meet up with my extended family. I'll get tested the appropriate time beforehand, self quarantine and take the appropriate precautions on the plane. The other example is if a region is having a rise in cases they may recommend that residents get tested for improved tracking.
  11. DJL


    I've been calling it the Make America Great Again Again campaign. MAGAA!!
  12. With qualifiers, certainly. At that time nobody was equating black-face with the act of darkening your skin for the purposes of being accurate to the complexion of a specific person. As far as him using the N-word in a comedic gangster rap? That's not even a blip on my radar.
  13. I think that's a bit puritanical. If we put everything into the most absolute sense then yes, I agree with you, but I don't think the world can work if every perceived slight is met with castigation.
  14. ...of how to make a bad infographic? I have no idea what that's trying to say aside from vague accusations about things all of us are against.
  15. A very comprehensive article after the May 28 flight of the C208B test aircraft.
  16. Good. Then there's nothing to see here other than the 100th failed attempt to make an outspoken critic of Trump look bad for something he did before there was any real issue with the similarity between blackface and actors darkening their skin for a part.
  17. And this was a sketch from decades ago that he has clearly stated wasn't intended to cause harm to a categorical group of people and he understands that depictions in which ones skin is darkened are not appropriate because of the similarity to the practice of donning black-face. Are you mad that BLM isn't reacting to the attempts by Fox News and DJT Jr to make this an issue?
  18. Do you think he IS getting a pass and what does that have to do with whether it's been dug up or on the surface all of this time?
  19. This thing with Jimmy Kimmel has never been below the surface and he's addressed it repeatedly. I comes up every time he becomes outspoken towards a politician and they need a 'whatabout' rebuttal towards him.
  20. First, because it's Don Junior and Fox leading the charge on this. Second, it was YOUR statement: [". . . And if it were a conservative entertainer - there would be no chance in hell he would ever work again on any major network. (probably not any minor ones either) There are two standards at work here. Its refreshing to see the more liberal leaning voices get handed their crow to eat."] ...that prompted my questions to you. If there are two standards then where is your example of the first standard. People have being doing this for a long time and there are many and more recently that don't get the same attention. There are episodes of 30 Rock with people using blackface, there are versions of NWA - Straight Outta Compton performed by white people simply because it's funny to hear a coffee house version from someone like Nina Gordon. So, if you want to talk about two standards at work then how about the false outrage towards someone outspoken like Jimmy Kimmel vs. people like Tina Fey or Nina Gordon.
  21. So you think Fox and Donald Trump Junior are motivated by bringing the truth of racial injustice to light? Still waiting on that list of conservatives who unjustly lost their careers for doing the same thing. Edit: By now I know you've done a search or two and aren't coming up with anything worthwhile.
  22. I agree with throwing it out on the grounds that it's hard to prosecute a shit-show.
  23. You're talking about his impersonation of Snoop Dogg, right? The song from 1996? If that's so then I don't care, that's a very contextualized use of that word and there are millions of people on the planet who have sung along to many many many rap songs using that word. You don't get an automatic gotcha if someone does any of that. Again, who was a conservative entertainer who's career was ended by doing this? Meaning an honest, not deliberately racist depiction of a black person. This is nothing more than the 100th attempt to take down someone who vocally opposes Trump.