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  1. First priority is a visual altimeter. As for your turns, you should think of it as a range in which you turn, not an exact number but yes you want your visual altimeter to be accurate so that your range is accurate.
  2. That's right. They were testing an engine on a 208 test frame.
  3. Then it's just a question of whether it's better for the batteries to "top off" while boarding or charge the full cycle. OK, someone go buy one of these C206's and all the necessary electrical infrastructure and let's see how it goes!
  4. I guess it'll matter what's required to maintain flight plus 30min? 80% charge time is about 40 min from zero so that seems better than I thought. And in latest news. NASA and GE work to make an inverter better suited to commercial flight.
  5. Share it. This post is for learning about these developing methods. For us that birdy needs to turn so that's what I'm most interested in. For basic airline usage they may be able to afford a 30 minute to hour long sit on the ramp but we can't.
  6. 1. I think we're almost out of its clutches but the Groupon trend has resulted in stagnated revenue for DZ's across the country. I realize this is more of an industry thing but I know that it's severely affected two medium sized DZ's near me, one closed. The fact is that most DZ's need tandems to keep the plane moving and jumpers don't show up if the plane isn't moving. 2. Kids/Fam - The story is the same, someone gets into jumping finds a SO, makes babies and they're gone. 3. Money - It's fucking expensive. The only way I can justify the expense is by working as a TI.
  7. DJL

    "I hope this finds you well" - really??

    Today I got a message from my college class reunion association and it struck me to be about the only type of correspondence for which that phrase seems appropriate.
  8. DJL

    Search function on

    I stopped using the search function as it has yet to work on any searches I've made for things that I know exist.
  9. Another order on the books for an electric aircraft. Not a type that benefits us but some help in developing the market and infrastructure. Order for First All-Electric Passenger Airplane Placed by Massachusetts Carrier
  10. DJL

    Ideal body type for skydiving

    Nope, you're fine. Fitness will always get you through a hot day. Fittin-this jumpsuit is always an issue after the holidays.
  11. Sure but there's little point in doing that since what you'll want when you're a student will probably be vastly different than what you want when you have about 50-100 jumps and actually know what's out there. Focus on the important things and save your money for jumping.
  12. Good point. Would like to see the battery pack associated with that. Continuous Power at 750 HP is no joke, we can start dreaming about putting them on Twin Otters.
  13. This is the power plant and drives referenced for the aircraft above. They say they can be retrofitted into Caravans and King Airs. However, this says nothing about the battery portion which is where the real weight is
  14. Seems like it's still leaving the aircraft (Beaver) underpowered considering the current plant is 450hp (336kw): "The first aircraft to be converted will be the DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver, a six-passenger commercial aircraft used across Harbour Air’s route network. Harbour Air and magniX expect to conduct first flight tests of the all-electric aircraft in late 2019. This partnership follows significant milestones for both companies, including the successful testing of magniX’s 350 HP all-electric motor and the addition of a Vancouver to Seattle route in Harbour Air’s destination roster." However, the economics of flight are all about fuel cost and weight so if it costs less then you can fly less weight.
  15. I think part of this issue is that (Talking out of my Ass) that there's a requirement to have enough fuel for a certain quantity of flight beyond the planned flight. In reality, yes you can reclaim some flight time.