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  1. Same :-D No shaving on jump days. However, otherwise I don't have problems with anything like that. To OP: Maybe it's some kind of allergy? Wash the covers from time to time, if possible.
  2. 1-7 Navigator 260 8-11 Navigator 240 12-20 Navigator 210 *bought own rig* 21-300 Pilot 188 @1.3 And that's where I'm going to stay for 100-150 jumps until I'm able to fly it properly. Then probably going to downsize to a 170ish :-D Yeah, I'm pretty slow compared to others...
  3. May I ask you, if the battery is replaceable? Or will I have to buy a new dekunu, when the battery's lifetime is reached? Personally, I'm not a big fan of anything with permanent batteries since they get weak over time...
  4. I check my PC about 2 times during my packjob. But since I'm packing the PC in the "Brian Germain"-way, I couldn't pack it without being cocked, anyway. That's another advantage of this method.
  5. Thats exactly what I thought today, when I heard the news... Sad times... There was a whole school class on the plane coming back from a class trip...
  6. It's offtopic, but could someone maybe explain to me why any lawyer would ask such questions in a skydiving forum?
  7. That was just too much cuteness for today
  8. +1 I do it the same way. Short flare, right turn, left turn. Ready to fly
  9. I turn it off at the end of the jump day. Dunno how long the battery will last, I bought my optima this year...
  10. If you decided that the canopy wasn't flyable, the canopy wasn't flyable. Period. It is your decision and not someone else's. You weren't injured, so you definitely made the correct decision. The only problem you got by cutting away is: You owe beer to your jumping friends. ;-)
  11. Normal air is not bad for your container, so why should compressed air be bad for your container?! There shouldn't be any chemicals mixed into 'air'. As long as it is real compressed air and nothing else.
  12. Great attitude!! Wish you all the best! Lass dich nicht unterkriegen!
  13. How 'bout this? Music, especially the second song (Lana del Rey - Blue jeans) is great.