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  1. format

    Another 3D printable rigging tool

    Material is that tough? No danger of damaged plastic? How much print costs? Very interesting piece, inspiring
  2. format

    How are you mounting your GoPro?

    Now, why would anybody sane go skydiving with classic GoPro mount? Is this a trick question?
  3. format

    ancient evidence of wing suiters

    Ancient evidence of cannabis use
  4. format

    Very useful graph

    I hope am not the only one having "I'm guilty" lough
  5. format

    I will do horrible things for...

    It's a High_Altitude_Low_Opening you son of a cow... and this is not Craig's list
  6. format

    Bakerman "Laid Back"

    of course we do
  7. Yes, from time to time, I kinda enter some waves like in the windy sea! And it wobbles me around. I was afraid to ask about it here
  8. format

    Wingsuit towed by Mini

    So whufoo angle. pff
  9. format

    Hurricane 120 to learn swooping

    Check on School of Fat Progress in Downsizing and Radical Flying aka SoFPiDaRF FaceBook af coarse
  10. format

    Best Fiancee Ever

    [url]That's the way we like it[/url]! A-ha a-ha
  11. format

    high altitude jumping

    Is that an offer or research? Where and when? How much? Just a few of many questions. And its 30K (not"G") I think you mean. And what is your role in it, I mean who are you?
  12. format

    Getting out of line twists

    It's surprising how nobody's replied.
  13. I have a vision... I see a new DZ opening soon... with a Porter dropping jumpers... very old Porter but somehow in excellent shape
  14. Hi Brian, in your opinion, what canopy type/size shouldn't be flawn under what WL? And, if any, why so?
  15. format

    Did my check dive...

    Now I'm goin' to sleep, with a smile. Don't know why but I like your video. hmm, it must be your comments .. and lots of girl's names on Credits