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  1. Material is that tough? No danger of damaged plastic? How much print costs? Very interesting piece, inspiring
  2. Gipsy got some butt pain so he went to see a doctor. Doctor checked him and gave him a recepy for medicine: "Just put it in your rectum and no more pain." After pharmacy he gets home. Wife ask him what the doctor said? Gippo: he said to put this in my rectum. Wife: What's rectum? Gippo: Don't know. Wife: Call and ask, you moron! Gippo: Hey Doc, sorry but what is rectum? Doctor: He he, no problem, rectum is anus :) Wife: what he say? Gipsy: Said it's anus. Wife: What's that? Gipsy: Don't know :( Wife: Idiot, call him back and ask. Gipsy: Doc I'm sorry again but what is anus? Doctor: STICK IT UP YOUR ASS! and hanged up. Wife: Did he tell you know? Gipsy: No, he is very angry. What goes around, comes later.
  3. and I'm just a bystander Saw it happen, twice. Just like your video. If they didn't raise their hand for help, nobody would notice anything strange. Jumpers of average height/weight, fitter than most, 70/150 jumps, wing load 1-1.1, conservative canopy, grass field. One bad ankle break, one looking bad but just popped out and 180 deg :) It happened maybe 5-7 years ago, one of them remained casual jumper, the other one became highly skilled swooper, instructor etc. I know them both and I'm pretty sure they've accepted the cause of break as weird angle of foot/ground contact. Both of them avoided stress landing that leg for a long time, it is only natural. Heal asap What goes around, comes later.
  4. "Hey guys, what do I do if I don't see you anymore"? This is a regular question which shows that brain is present (good). If he didn't ask that OR nobody told him what's what, then nothing really special happened. He probably thought that tracking is risky and should deploy higher... right away (hence no wave off) Lack of asking or lack of telling - equally bad What goes around, comes later.
  5. Instead you gently throw'em out and find them later to let them apologize What goes around, comes later.
  6. It just bothers me when: brake off at 4000ft, track to 3300ft, stable-wave-deploy I don't know when is 3300 exactly because of non-visible wrist altimeter. That's why I said that I usually stop tracking higher than planned (sometimes it seems like a very long time so I stop). I wondered if there's some way, maybe tracking with palms up, to casually check alti while tracking. What goes around, comes later.
  7. All my trackings ended up higher than wanted (except the one when someone was waving bellow). How do you guys keep tracking while knowing how high you are, using wrist altimeter? What goes around, comes later.
  8. Now there's some custom rigging
  9. I don't expect ground wind to be more than 6 kts but would it hurt to bring along a 10 ft long roll of toilet paper and drop it from.. say 1000 ft?
  10. Because it's not his place (with 60 jumps) to teach experienced jackass a lesson?
  11. Now when I think about it, I'm not sure I've ever seen packed rig with grommets aligned. I figured main is either bigger than system or loosely packed. And when the offset was too wide (more than half inch), it's been solved with longer loop
  12. Or... you get current in timing known ground distance
  13. I love Brian Germain's work on skydiving safety and quality. I love it but I can't prove my love scientifically What goes around, comes later.
  14. format


    pretty risky
  15. How does it feel spinning at almost 10G? Was it heavy reaching cutaway? Fun fact: When WL is 2.2 (like yours is), your canopy size in ft equals your exit weight in kg