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  1. Blue240

    Swift 2

    Anyone have a review?
  2. I got my money back from pay pal so Im happy. Thanks all for the help. I learned my lesson, thankfully not the hard way.
  3. This isn't my first time buying off here and I haven't had any troubles. I usually do get the tracking number and have asked for it several times but no replies to my email. I was definitley careless with this transaction. When he was messaging me he sent me a ton of detail; more than anyone else has in the past. Numerous photos with very detailed information about condition and measurements. He used skydiving terms like BOC. I still do not believe it is a scam and just a communication error. I will try to contact the manufacturer as stated above. And thanks for all the help so far.
  4. photos are attached. He also included serial numbers for both the container and reserve. container SN: 24684 reserve SN: 029336
  5. Yes, cutaway says doug and mudflap says usa skydiving team
  6. I recently purchased a rig from a gentleman and have had trouble contacting him. I paid him for the container and reserve and he said he shipped it. Two weeks have passed now and he has stopped replying to my emails. He seems genuine and not a scam. It just seems to be a communication error. If anyone can help me get in contact with username Mark Stevens that would be great. Attached is the original add which is now taken down.
  7. I have seen a bunch but I bet there are some good ones out there
  8. From a swooping perspective which canopy would you consider to be better? Yes there are some other threads that talk about these canopies but they were kind of vague and not really what I was looking for. I am interested in hearing about the power, recovery arc, bottom end flare (please be civil about this as there was a lot of debate) and just overall sight picture. I have read a lot of comparisons and cant formulate a clear comparison. Is there a significant difference in these canopies or does it really come down to the pilot? In case this will help my plan would be to EVENTUALLY go to a katanna or crosfire2 and EVENTUALLY end up on JVX or velo. And yes ill try to demo both and decide for myself but I just want to get an idea in the meantime.
  9. Blue240


  10. This is exactly what you want but you might have already seen it as it comes up on youtube when anyone tyes in skydiving. Also sorry if someone already posted it. I didnt really feel like clicking on every hyperlink.
  11. Anyone ever have any problems/ funny encounters with birds while skydiving?