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  1. mccurley

    Judge Course

    Go to national and state meets and volunter to help out and be a training Judge. Get hold of the organizers of the meets to get in touch with Cheif judge. FAI has some links on their webpage including sample vedios to pratice on. Judging is hard work But can be very rewarding. You meet a lot of people and go a lot of places. I have judged meets in Canada, Aussie, NZ, Malasia, since 1976 (off asnd on) And have had a great timed doing it. Nowadays I only do NZ POPs meets but still great fun and people.
  2. mccurley

    Skydiving in Guthrie, OK 1975 Clickyfied it for ya
  3. Another trip down memory lane. @33:35 Guy in the blue jumpsuit was on my 400th jump. Canopy Stack Pilot Bill McVinish Then Paddy McHugh Steve McCurley Dave McEvoy Gary McMahon Stew McNee My first 3, 4 ,5 stack and Canopy rotation. Lots of beer
  4. mccurley

    Jump! - 1977

    Love that film. I know, and jumped with a lot of the people in it.
  5. Sounds like beer!!!! Nice photos
  6. Star - Star - Zipper - Zipper Star - Star - Zipper - Zipper Star - Star - Zipper - Zipper
  7. mccurley

    French-made AMR 720 canopy?

    Don't jump it!!
  8. mccurley

    "SKYDIVING" by Bud Sellick - 1964

    I still have my copy of Parachutes and Parachuting by Bud Sellick. Written 10 yrs after Skydiving. I bought it very soon after my first jump in 73. Some great photos and stories in it.
  9. mccurley

    Found In Desert, Military Rigging?

    Looks like a fabric kicker plate for a spring loaded pilot chute, -----or----- evidence of alien spacraft landing in the desert
  10. mccurley

    Another old photo....(Pope Valley)

    Holly freaking Blast Handles Batman
  11. I owned a couple of Niagara rigs back in the 70s Probably more then half the DZ had gear from them as we were all pretty good mates with the Grims. Eddie and Ann were very frequent visitors to Coldwater and Perry was a permanent resident. Anyway, I don't recall seeing any with chest straps like that. But then again there's a lot of the 70s I don't remember
  12. mccurley

    Baldwin's Beaver

    what a cool lookin plane
  13. mccurley


    Cardinal Puff was ancient tradition when I did my first jump in 73!!
  14. mccurley

    AFF Course in New Zealand

    Were do you live?
  15. mccurley

    "I'm going in" skydiving song?

    Written by a good friend of mine, Ron Marshall in Toronto. I have the lyryics and will post them here for you if you like. An even better song he pened was Skydiving Sally all about a love struck student and his female jumpmaster. All sorts of referances to capell bruises, silly suits and Addias boots. All the oldtimers (like Me) could relate to. Best line is Makes me wanna blow my AOD!!