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  1. mccurley

    Judge Course

    Go to national and state meets and volunter to help out and be a training Judge. Get hold of the organizers of the meets to get in touch with Cheif judge. FAI has some links on their webpage including sample vedios to pratice on. Judging is hard work But can be very rewarding. You meet a lot of people and go a lot of places. I have judged meets in Canada, Aussie, NZ, Malasia, since 1976 (off asnd on) And have had a great timed doing it. Nowadays I only do NZ POPs meets but still great fun and people. Watch my video Fat Women
  2. Perhaps substitute the word civilian for volunteer. Back then must jumping would have been military? Just guessing Watch my video Fat Women
  3. mccurley

    Skydiving in Guthrie, OK 1975 Clickyfied it for ya Watch my video Fat Women
  4. mccurley

    Scary stories from the old days?

    D tha as a JM more then once Power Off, Breaks on. Out you get Gooooo Gooooo Gooooo Breaks off Power on! Watch my video Fat Women
  5. Eddie Grimm told me he copied the Cobra from a PS 06 The King cobra I'm not sure about. Watch my video Fat Women
  6. I started in 73 at Port Severn Ontario (later moved to Coldwater) It had been standard then for some time to cut away from the C9 or T-10 Canopies we had as student mains. Pack in comfy old B4 containers of course. Watch my video Fat Women
  7. An whole lot of skydiving happened long long long time before Tandems or AFF were ever even thought about. Hell a lot of people had parachutes that were ROUND!!!!!! Watch my video Fat Women
  8. Written and performed by my good friend Scott Cameron Smith You can find him on Facebook, he lives in Hamilton Ontario. Watch my video Fat Women
  9. mccurley

    best days of parachuting?

    Except I would say 70s and early 80s, I think you nailed it. Watch my video Fat Women
  10. mccurley

    Rust Never Sleeps

    That is almost a piece of art as much as an airplane. I'll bet it's lovingly cared for. Watch my video Fat Women
  11. Another trip down memory lane. @33:35 Guy in the blue jumpsuit was on my 400th jump. Canopy Stack Pilot Bill McVinish Then Paddy McHugh Steve McCurley Dave McEvoy Gary McMahon Stew McNee My first 3, 4 ,5 stack and Canopy rotation. Lots of beer Watch my video Fat Women
  12. mccurley

    Jump! - 1977

    Love that film. I know, and jumped with a lot of the people in it. Watch my video Fat Women
  13. mccurley

    Citizens for quiet skies

    might be a repost? Watch my video Fat Women
  14. mccurley

    Bill Booth's 50th Anniversary Jump

    I hope there will be a shit load of video of this historic event. Can't wait to see it. I hope you have a fantastic event and congratulations on all your accomplishments. We have all benefitted so much from your contributions to the sport. Watch my video Fat Women
  15. I've had a bunch over the years Watch my video Fat Women