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  1. I have a question about jumping in Europe... Everywhere I look it says that insurance is required... Does anyone have information as far as how to get that insurance or exactly what they're talking about? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, found this awesome looking altimeter online.... Would like to buy one but wanted to know if anyone owns one or has any feedback on this item. Figured I'd ask before I spend the money ... Here's the link
  3. AWESOME!!! Your post just put a big smile on my face. Have fun and keep it safe :)
  4. Thank you for your reply... I am not afraid anymore but now my problem is that I can't get past category E1 due to the spins!! OMG it is actually hillarius until I remember how much each jump costs.... I am thinking about going to the tunnel to get my legs fixed before the end of the season. I love Skydiving (with spins and all) and I can't wait to give it a try again tomorrow!! Quote
  5. Quote I was very fearless during my first 4 jumps... on my 5th jump I spun out of control, got on my back while spinning then did a bed roll over (that was easy) but I couldn't stop spinning, my instructor was able to help me, once she did I did my turns and continued with the skydive... That's when my fear started. I am not afraid that I could get hurt, that thought doesn't even cross my mind. I am not afraid on the climb up, I trust my equipment and I trust the pack job they do at my drop zone (all openings have been nice and smooth so far), I guess my fear comes from being unstable and doubting my ability to control that. I need to boost my confidence and just do it. Over thinking is not solving anything. I appreciate every single one of the replies on this thread, it really helps a lot to read all the encouraging emails from this wonderful skydiving community that actually takes time from their busy days to reply to a scared student all the way on the other side of the world. How can anyone not want to be part of this big family?? Thank you very much again, I will go and do what I am being trained to do. Blue skies everyone!
  6. OMG Thank you!! I may need just that... but I know that once I get there I will be dying to JUMP!!!
  7. Good question, and the answer is no. I would not be afraid to repeat an easier jump. I was all about the sport until we got bad weather and two weeks went by without a jump then the fear came. Maybe I should talk to my instructors and see if I can do that. Thanks for the feedback :)Quote
  8. Hello, I'm going through AFF, my next jump is Cat E1 (barrell rolls) but I haven't jumped in 3 weeks, for some reason I am very afraid of skydiving again? I loved it until recently, last week I skipped the drop zone because I was afraid. I used to be completely fearless about jumping, where did this sudden fear come from? Has anybody been in a similar situation? Is there a trick or something to do to overcome this fear? I even started to question if this is something I want to do or not? but I know this is a silly question because of course I want to skydive!!! Help , anything to boost my confidence will help at this point!!! XOXO
  9. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has membership at NH Skyventure and is looking to share some tunnel time? I only need like 15-30 mins to brush up on some things. ~Thank you.
  10. MAD1210

    Texas Skydiving

    Wow! Never seen a DZ with such terrible reviews! I so agree with every negative review I have read. I only take the time to write this review so that hopefully other people can learn from my mistake. I booked my entire AFF through Texas Skydiving Center, upon arrival the owner (Cindy) requested "fuel fees" so that added "$12 per jump, I agreed to the fees since I wanted to get my AFF and continue on with my A-License. First of all, their ground school is a joke, I think we spent at the most 2 hrs and most of it was watching videos. Good luck if you get any adequate training before a jump. The instructors are too busy smoking cigarettes and joking with each other. For my second AFF jump Cindy made me practice touching my cut away handle and silver handle, she instructed me to do that during free fall 3 times and pull, I did as instructed and passed. I had ZERO instruction for my 3rd AFF jump, I kept asking the instructors and they kept telling me to just relax and that we would discuss things on the plane! Again they were just minding their own business.... We walked to the plane close to sunset, the winds were about 13mph, we got on the Cessna and exited at 9,500 ft because it was getting dark. No pre-jump briefing, other than "relax, arch" We exit the plane right over our landing area, the winds were so strong that I kept getting pushed back in my huge student canopy, at this time I thought that I had lost my radio because nobody was talking to me. I kept flying away from the DZ, flew over roads, there were trees, ponds, as I got closer I saw a lot of power lines and started freaking out, luckily I was able to get out of there, and had spotted a small green area in between the trees I was planning to land on, that's when Cindy gets on the radio and tells me "I cannot longer see you, but watch out for power lines" It was already pretty dark, luckily I landed on that grassy area that I had mentioned. Then Cindy got on the radio again and said "Make sure you don't drag the canopy" She didn't even say I hope you landed safely, none of that, her main concern was her canopy - My two instructors came looking for me on a golf cart. When I arrived to the DZ my friend who is an experienced skydiver told me that it was already too dark to take a student, it was too windy, we exited in the wrong place, and Cindy was not talking to me on the radio because she never saw me exit the plane... She forgot that I was up there and was too busy chasing her donkeys back into the barn instead. Went back the next day asking for an explanation, I gave her an opportunity to apologize, instead she gave me an excuse; she said "Skydiving is not an accurate sport"- I told her that I was not jumping at her DZ again, she immediately CHARGED me the fuel fee for the remaining jumps that I did not get to make PLUS cancellation fees for each jump that I did not make. I told her she could keep all my money, at that moment I didn't care, I just wanted to get away from that place. That place is HORRIBLE!! Their aircraft was so ghetto, it had no lining inside, no seat belts, no need to be a skydiver to happily jump out of that plane! The facility has lots of animals running around wherever, my daughter was 3 at the time and saw donkeys mating right in front of us, it was a bit disturbing... They advertise this place to be conveniently close to Austin, it is still a 45-1 hr drive away, there are no hotels near by and no camping facilities. I think I am required to give this place 1 star, it should be shut down.