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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

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    Texas Skydiving is in need of a live-in parachute packer to join our tight-knit team. We’re a small Cessna 182 dz with a family-like vibe, and we have lots of amenities! We are located on a beautiful 100+ acre farm with a private airstrip, open year-round so the party never stops! Rent/bills-FREE living right on the drop zone. Climate controlled main building/packing area with a workout area upstairs. Multiple riggers on-site and will offer training to get your FAA Rigger certificate and Instructor ratings. Located 50 minutes from Austin and 45min from College Station, we are between two great cities with tons of activities like floating the river, indoor/outdoor climbing, hiking, camping, cliff diving, and zip lining to name a few. If you’re ambitious, drug/drama free and looking to build your jump numbers and skydiving experience to grow in the sport, check us out at and send your resume/inquiries to [email protected]!


    Lexington, Texas - US

  2. Thanks Corey! You make some good points, and it's always great to hear new voices dedicated to the safety and progress of students AND instructors. Cheers!
  3. DeltaBravo

    Tropos Arch

    I've been jumping these goggles for about two years, and am glad I found them. Others I've tried have given me various problems, like fogging too easily, foam padding falling apart, strap not staying tight, or crappy field of view. These have none of those issues. The rubber frame is soft and comfortable and doesn't leave lines on my face. They may seem a little pricey at first, but considering the lens can be replaced for only around $20, they'll outlast other goggles easily. Kroop's customer service also rocks! They responded to an email within 30 minutes, and were very helpful. Excellent goggles, perfect for this sport!
  4. Would like to see Kroop's googles added to the gear section, particularly the Tropos model which is skydiving-specific. Their product is great and their customer service is outstanding, so I want to make sure they get a review where it counts
  5. I did my first jump, a tandem, at Texas Skydiving Center, and was hooked. I've been back several times since and am working toward my A license. I even prepaid my AFF course because I was so pleased with the instruction and the overall experience, not to mention the price! Cindy, the DZ owner, is always easy to reach by phone, and gets back to you promptly via email. She is very kind and attentive, and really makes you feel at home. The jumpmasters are easy to get along with, enthusiastic, and do a great job at gauging your readiness and ensuring your confidence. Also because the DZ is small, the instruction is very personal and one-on-one. I've already got a couple friends signed on to start AFF courses too. The facilities are fine, and they've been improved a lot, even in the short time I've been there. The "outhouse" referred to in a previous review is actually just a separate sink and stall attached to the packing room, which also has a full bathroom and shower. There is a covered pavilion with table and chairs, nice place to hang out and eat. There's also a great little restaurant called Melissa's a couple miles away that serves a delicious home-cooking buffet. Or get out there early on Saturday and try out the absolute best barbecue in Texas at Snow's. The best reason to skydive here is the atmosphere. It feels like a mini-vacation every time you go. Although there's a closer DZ to my place in Austin, I'd rather drive the extra 20 minutes to be in such a relaxed environment away from the city. If you're a first-timer looking for a great experience, you're definitely in the right place. And if you decide you like skydiving, I'll bet you'll be back!