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  1. antonija

    Which Memory Card for Sony CX?

    I used cheap (dirt cheap, ebay) MS stick with my CX105 and it kept stopping recording the video (fullHD, highest setting possible). My guess was that the card was just too slow for camera to empty its buffer in time. I then bought somewhat cheap (but not from ebay) MS stick and so far so good, it recorded until the card was full. If I had a choice (I don't with CX105) I'd go with a good SD card. They can be found quite cheap and SD cards are used in lots of other gizmos.
  2. antonija

    canon 600d

    AFAIK the new 600d is a 550d with a tilt screen, more weight and is a bit larger. If you're buying for skydiving only 550 might be better choice (lighter, smaller, same specs, but no tilt screen).
  3. antonija

    Airboard wingsuit landing project.

    So you'll be doing the thing that the Norwegian nordic jumper did, just without skis, but with airboard? I can't wait for the video!!!
  4. antonija

    Jeb on the Cover for Air and Space

    So can octomom But Jebs wingsuit videos are nice to watch.
  5. antonija

    Yip, I get the same error.
  6. antonija

    Learning to Fly Series...

    I got to see backfly and sitfly. I didn't buy the videos, but saw them at a friends. I watched them while I was just learning to freefly and was going to a tunnel in few days. I thought the videos were really good and they helped me a lot to understand how things work and why they work the way they do. I recommend these videos to anyone learning to freefly. Not selling them to you, just my opinion
  7. antonija

    linking two WA century .55 and .5 ???

    Generally speaking you want as less as possible extra glass in front of your primary lens (the one that limits the resolution). Every single thing you put in front will degrade image a bit (although with high quality wide angle lens no one can spot the difference, but it's there), so stacking them up there might not be the best idea. But as always: If you already have both put them on and look at the footage. If you (and whoever you're filming for) can't spot the difference then you're good to go :)
  8. antonija

    Skytronis GFX

    1st: I have not seen or used GFX ever. I use neptune 2. 2nd: From what I've read and heard from people GFX is definitely not a winner... it is very close to the end of the pack. Neptune and L&B products are at least one level above it. Parasport's customer service is also not something you'd read about on this forums a lot, unlike alti-2 or L&B. But I hear neox is pretty good...
  9. antonija


    I hear GoPro HD is kickass for its pricetag... nothing phenomenal, doesn't break the bank and there is a lot of buzz around it on these forums.
  10. antonija

    Altitrac vs Neptune 3

    Altitrack is something you put on your hand and look at it to see how high you are. It also remembers your jumps quite well. N3 is something you put close to your ear and it will scream at pre-set altitudes. You can also stick it on your hand and look at it to see how high you are. It also remembers your jumps quite well. So... do you want an altimeter (which also remembers your jumps) or do you want a beeper (which also remembers your jumps and you can look at it if you wanted to)?
  11. antonija

    I meet aperson is deceive

    Big... wall... of... text... can't... read.... aaarrrgghhhh!!!!
  12. antonija

    How Low Can You Fly a Wing Suit?

    I think you should try skydiving first. Most people like so you'll probably like it too. Once you're off student status find a wingsuit coach/instructor and start working on skills needed to fly wingsuit (wont happen for some time but you'll be going in the right way). Somewhere on that path you'll need to start BASE jumping... provided you find someone to teach you and you don't die, few hundred jumps later (skydive and BASE each) you should be flying like a pro. As for your (very specific) questions (1-6): By the time you're ready to jump BASE wingsuit these questions will seem really silly
  13. antonija


    Do you mean [url]this[/url] one?
  14. antonija

    How much ZP does it take to make a canopy

    This should make all riggers flock to this thread just to give you an answer. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. antonija

    PD Optimum. This year?

    Last time I asked on these forums I got the "why don't you call them and ask them". I guess that's reasonable thing to do if in US but international calls are so damn expensive and phone is soooo 1876. Honestly, having up-to-date website serves much bigger crowd and you get less calls and have more free time.... Ranting aside I'd also like an ETA on bigger optimums...