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  1. HSPScott

    Creepers for 4-way

    I have 3 creepers that I am looking to sell in the Austin area. If you are interested in them, let me know. I am not looking to ship them. They are in great shape. They are for sell in the classifieds.
  2. HSPScott

    Cookie / GAS Helmet

    Saw it at the AZ tunnel before PIA. It seemed to be a pretty good design. Didn't get a chance to jump it though.
  3. HSPScott

    UK Parachuting

    Try here: http://www.ukparachuting.co.uk/
  4. HSPScott

    Imovie on Macbook....

    I would guess that the format is different. iMovie saves to quicktime files, where windows media saves to wmv.
  5. HSPScott

    new promo for my DZ

    I would make the phone # scroll the other way. Other than that, I like it.
  6. HSPScott

    box for HC9

    I put my HC9 in the cookie HC3/5 box and it works fine. Don't know about the SR12.
  7. HSPScott

    Xaos 27 at 2.0 ?

    If you like the way it flies and the price is right
  8. HSPScott

    camcorder repair

    Call Sony and send to one of their repair centers.
  9. HSPScott

    mac editing software

    iPhot does some basic editing features and it comes on your mac. I use Photoshop CS. Apeture looks really good, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. On the video side, Final Cut Express is awesome.
  10. HSPScott

    Demon vs Stiletto

    I have a demon 100 demo that I am going to jump this weekend. Call Aerostore, they have the US demos.