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  1. speaking of dan weber....and looking at the previous posts link..... is this true Mrs Weber? There has also been a positive identification made by Robert Knoss of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a former acquaintance of Duane Weber, identifying him to be also known as Dan Cooper, who resided in Bloomington, Minnesota, where he practiced to be a skilled parachutist three years prior to the hijacking.
  2. spaceland? interested??,,,,steve??
  3. A plane ticket costs less than 200 from houston to CO. Driving costs about 300 @ 20 miles/gal. We need a tunnel in TX!
  4. no comments? TX what do u think? Do you desire a tunnel?
  5. 25 Million people in Texas,. Most of the 25M located between Dallas, Austin, Houston......when will we see a wind tunnel? Its about 1000 Miles to the nearest Tunnel (Eloy, Colorado, Orlando). Too far to drive on a long weekend...too expensive to fly on short notice! Someone give me some good news. !!!! Last "Rumor" i heard was from SVCO...stated we might see one???
  6. a McJump ...McDonalds just north of the red river on Hwy I-44 in OK close to Ft Sill . Restaurant is in the Median!!! Crashed a womans only party from above!!!
  7. I believe Missouri RW is 25 way round...1989. Can someone from the Tulsa area veryify this with Bob Shoenmier (sp) ? it was his 3000th jump.
  8. just a suggestion, when you dump his ashes, why dont you do it while performing a Tandem Jump??
  9. this is from a webside ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ferret Man Real Name: Alexander Vayne Occupation: Vigilante Base of Operations: Unknown Marital Status: Married The first vigilante to come to Distopia, Ferret Man single-handedly reduced the crime rate forty percent in three bloody years. In gratitude the city chose not to bring him up on several hundred charges of murder and instead erected a statue in his honor in what is now Memorial Park. Early in his career he took on two sidekicks: Sable Lass, who disappeared thirty some years ago, and Mongoose Lad, who still fights crime in the city to this day, along with Ferret Man's grandson and inheritor of the legacy: Weasel Boy. Ferret Man himself has been unseen for the past three years.
  10. "primative Urge" T-shirt would have an ape on the back, wearing a Rig, carring a club and the ape would also be dragging the opposite sex around by her hair!
  11. "all jumpers" "Two minute Call" "no more jumping today" "last jump"
  12. I read the on another board. Don't people that search for antiques go to flea markets? "I think that many profilers who have analyzed Cooper have suggested that he might be someone who was probably interested in antiques Popeye"
  13. Sometimes closer is not cheaper when traveling by aircraft. (flights to vegas/CO/Orlando should be discounted this time of year. If your driving, thats a different story. mm