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  1. mattmais

    D B Cooper Unsolved Skyjacking

    speaking of dan weber....and looking at the previous posts link..... is this true Mrs Weber? There has also been a positive identification made by Robert Knoss of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a former acquaintance of Duane Weber, identifying him to be also known as Dan Cooper, who resided in Bloomington, Minnesota, where he practiced to be a skilled parachutist three years prior to the hijacking.
  2. mattmais

    Texas Tunnel

    spaceland? interested??,,,,steve??
  3. mattmais

    YOUR probability of Death

    That info may have been useful 20 years ago. ............................ now they havecanopies 1/4 the size !
  4. mattmais

    Chili cookoff winner/Germany

    i took 1st in St. Croix.....tons of Texans there....was doing it for fun and used a Recipe i found online that won a previous cookoff in Tx. I stil feel guilty.
  5. mattmais

    Web Design for a Rig?!? has them both beat hands down . However, while his prices are good, he likes the website that way. ..................... tuna!
  6. mattmais

    Texas Tunnel

    A plane ticket costs less than 200 from houston to CO. Driving costs about 300 @ 20 miles/gal. We need a tunnel in TX!
  7. mattmais

    Texas Tunnel

    no comments? TX what do u think? Do you desire a tunnel?
  8. mattmais

    Texas Tunnel

    25 Million people in Texas,. Most of the 25M located between Dallas, Austin, Houston......when will we see a wind tunnel? Its about 1000 Miles to the nearest Tunnel (Eloy, Colorado, Orlando). Too far to drive on a long weekend...too expensive to fly on short notice! Someone give me some good news. !!!! Last "Rumor" i heard was from SVCO...stated we might see one???
  9. mattmais

    i f***ing hate favoritism!!

    feel better? the hell with others....think of yourself
  10. mattmais

    Have you ever done a bandit Jump?

    a McJump ...McDonalds just north of the red river on Hwy I-44 in OK close to Ft Sill . Restaurant is in the Median!!! Crashed a womans only party from above!!!
  11. mattmais

    Dogs on the drop zone?

    look at my av
  12. mattmais

    This guy must be a skydiver as well

    Ive backpacked in this area (Jacks River). Always secure your food above the ground in a tree!. We had a visit one night (when our food was outside the tent) , the bear snatched the food in my daughters back pack and ran up a hill. Next morning we went to investigate up the hill....we found my daughers pack, all the food was gone, i stepped in bear shit, we reclaimed my daughters camera and took pictures of the mess! We also found many things the bear had stolen: several packs, and beer....seems that there were at least 10-12 cases of beer stolen, a six/twelve pack at a time.
  13. mattmais

    experienced jumpers...jerks

    "experienced jumpers...jerks" these are the guys that tought you. They are now saying the same to sure of it.
  14. I believe Missouri RW is 25 way round...1989. Can someone from the Tulsa area veryify this with Bob Shoenmier (sp) ? it was his 3000th jump.
  15. mattmais

    Body Building (NSFW)

    wheres the cock?