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  1. speaking of dan weber....and looking at the previous posts link..... is this true Mrs Weber? There has also been a positive identification made by Robert Knoss of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a former acquaintance of Duane Weber, identifying him to be also known as Dan Cooper, who resided in Bloomington, Minnesota, where he practiced to be a skilled parachutist three years prior to the hijacking.
  2. spaceland? interested??,,,,steve??
  3. That info may have been useful 20 years ago. ............................ now they havecanopies 1/4 the size !
  4. i took 1st in St. Croix.....tons of Texans there....was doing it for fun and used a Recipe i found online that won a previous cookoff in Tx. I stil feel guilty.
  5. has them both beat hands down . However, while his prices are good, he likes the website that way. ..................... tuna!
  6. A plane ticket costs less than 200 from houston to CO. Driving costs about 300 @ 20 miles/gal. We need a tunnel in TX!
  7. no comments? TX what do u think? Do you desire a tunnel?
  8. 25 Million people in Texas,. Most of the 25M located between Dallas, Austin, Houston......when will we see a wind tunnel? Its about 1000 Miles to the nearest Tunnel (Eloy, Colorado, Orlando). Too far to drive on a long weekend...too expensive to fly on short notice! Someone give me some good news. !!!! Last "Rumor" i heard was from SVCO...stated we might see one???
  9. feel better? the hell with others....think of yourself
  10. a McJump ...McDonalds just north of the red river on Hwy I-44 in OK close to Ft Sill . Restaurant is in the Median!!! Crashed a womans only party from above!!!
  11. Ive backpacked in this area (Jacks River). Always secure your food above the ground in a tree!. We had a visit one night (when our food was outside the tent) , the bear snatched the food in my daughters back pack and ran up a hill. Next morning we went to investigate up the hill....we found my daughers pack, all the food was gone, i stepped in bear shit, we reclaimed my daughters camera and took pictures of the mess! We also found many things the bear had stolen: several packs, and beer....seems that there were at least 10-12 cases of beer stolen, a six/twelve pack at a time.
  12. "experienced jumpers...jerks" these are the guys that tought you. They are now saying the same to sure of it.
  13. I believe Missouri RW is 25 way round...1989. Can someone from the Tulsa area veryify this with Bob Shoenmier (sp) ? it was his 3000th jump.