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  1. Same but from Paris. Username => mary_smith URL => Name => mary FromEmail => [email protected] City => paris Country => france Comments => Hello am interested in the purchase of the 2k composites+ pc1 06+rlo.3x plus bonus need to know the final price of it or if you can let go for 300Eur and would love to see more pics if available. Thanks
  2. I had posted an ad for the selling of my helmet and received a scam. Im a web professional and this was pretty easy to detect. The thing is ... how can we protect the whole community of this plague ? Do you think restricting the classifieds to FAI license holders would be good ? bad ? make any sense ? Regards Joao
  3. How did you had a hard landing with 11 jumps ? Get well Joao
  4. I've seen lots of photos but this one seams so nice, the expression, the plane ... its perfect. Congratulations on a great photo ! Joao
  5. Hello, Do you think the "not so wider" view on the Raynox might be the adapter rings fault ? If you notice the adapter ring is going to alter the distance to the sensor so there must be implications on the image. Joao
  6. Wow ! I dont have a RED but I love good footage. Can you post it on Vimeo and let us know. I would like to subscribe it. Also submit to ! Check my videos at: Happy jumps Joao Correia
  7. Thank you so much for the detailed replies ! Blue skies ! Joao Correia
  8. Hello, Is there health issues with jumping from 20.000 ft with oxygen ? What happens to your body in the process ? Best regards Joao Correia
  9. Hello, Im a newbie skydiver, 46 jumps so far. At the DZ where I jump (planes:Grand Caravan and King Air) exits are made at 12000 feet max ! most of times below that, 11.000ft jumps are common. The majority of the loads are tandems. I feel a big diference between 11000 and 14000 !. Well most of the jumps are tandems ... sometimes its more a TandemZone then DropZone. Im skydiving for fun, I dont care whats the altitude for championships, I just want to have fun. Whats the average altitude for a DZ ? Whats the average price per ft ? Best regards Joao Correia
  10. I just found a link with photos from the set. Take a look at the size of the two cameras ! they are so heavy they have to be carried in the belly !
  11. A skydiving movie in IMAX ! Neat ! Joao
  12. Hello, I see lots of people worried with copyright. Imagine a guy invents a new propeller that can increase efficiency of climb in airplanes by 50%. He doesnt want anyone to use it and demands 1 billion for each propeller made. This is an extreme example but read on. Everyone loses. Patents and copyright laws are too restrictive. Copyright means patents, patents refrain evolution because you cant work on top of someone's work, thats bad for the whole society. I advise everyone to read about Creative Commons and listen the conference of Lawrence Lessig about the world we live in and what copyright laws are doing. This is not only about video but everything around us, including evolutions in the equipment we jump, planes, etc ! Share more, be good! Good jumps Joao