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  1. Does anyone have a link to Airspeed doing the 57 @ the 2020 4-way FS Skydiving International Championships ?
  2. I have 3 creepers that I am looking to sell in the Austin area. If you are interested in them, let me know. I am not looking to ship them. They are in great shape. They are for sell in the classifieds.
  3. I have an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 That I don't use anymore. It will print up to 13x19. I have quite a bit of 8.5 x 11 and 13 x 19 paper to go with it. Probably even have some ink cartridges too. I will sell it to you for $200 plus shipping. It does great for prints. Haven't had the need to use it sense I stopped jumping. Here's the linfo https://www.amazon.com/Epson-Stylus-Photo-Printer-C11C387011/dp/B000067V0A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477931985&sr=8-1&keywords=epson+stylus+photo+2200 from Amazon.
  4. I have 3 cutaways and reserve rides on double pillows. You pull a pillow for the cutaway, which in my opinion is a harder pull. So why not double pillows?
  5. Has anybody had experience with this? Don't the spcetra lines stretch more allowing for the canopy to get out of trim easier?
  6. http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/bride-and-groom-s-sky-high-leap-as-married-couple-174213635.html Nice to get some good publicity.
  7. I have two of Pelican 1620s. One for gear and one for camera stuff. My wife has one for gear. They come with a lifetime warranty. They also double as something to sit on. http://pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1620 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/179087-REG/Pelican_1620_020_110_1620_Case_with_Foam.html
  8. Baffles to flight chamber were starting to be assembled yesterday when I drove by.
  9. Does anyone have this?
  10. I saw a couple of slabs were poured yesterday when I drove by.
  11. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Adrenaline+Rush%3A+The+Science+of+Risk
  12. http://1saleaday.com/ Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2MP Digital Camera w/ 2.7" Screen, 720p HD Video & 18-55mm IS Autofocus Lens! If anyone is needing a camera.
  13. I was able to get a new computer with my Chase Sapphire points. Also paid for a flight when the family took vacation. We use it for just about everything and pay it off at the end of the month. It's nice to have the rewards online store.
  14. Jumping a lot in humid areas, I use a heating pad. Wrap the lens in the HP and put it on high. Let it sit in there to really warm it up. This will help remove any moisture that may have crept its way in. When you get down from the jump put it back in the hp. Used this all the time at Spaceland to keep lenses from fogging.
  15. How about the Sony 3D camera?? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/748366-REG/Sony_HDR_TD10_HDR_TD10_Full_HD_3D.html
  16. Why is 16:9 considered better??
  17. I have my USPA CC with a picture of me on it. The rates are good and the bank donates to the USPA. http://www.cardpartner.com/affinity/app/uspa
  18. http://skydivegeorgetown.net/index.php
  19. You also have Sebastian and Lake Wales.
  20. Download the zip file "CamScore Dive Pool" http://cametrix.co.uk/support/ Scott
  21. After jumping in Tevas and landing off and wearing Tevas and having the front strap come off on landing, I now jump in Vans or Sketcher skate shoes. There are a lot of things that can rip a toe off in skydiving. Hitting it on the door when exiting and landing off in uneven terrain are the two that really stick out (no pun intended). Plan for the worst and hope for the best. It's the times that you are prepared for things going wrong that will help you continue to still make it into that playground we call the sky. Scott
  22. Airtec feels differently... Funny how that comes at pretty close as the recommendation of the PIA for the ban of Argus AADs.......