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  1. Does anyone use a Ogio for a gear bag? I am wondering if it would be to big or not. Like this: http://ogio.com/power/rig-9800
  2. yeah it was 15 with gusts up to 20. I felt 50/50 if I should go or not.
  3. So there is a lot of talk about downsizing your canopy. I have done my best to only slightly break the suggested progression rate. I have not read that much about wind speed besides, 'if the old timers are sitting it out...you should too' I have never jumped with winds over 15 mph, but last time I was at the drop zone...it was 20 mph w/no old timers sitting on the bench. It was my last weekend to jump before 3 months of weekend trade shows, and also my last weekend before going uncurrent.....even though it was very tempting, I sat it out So my question......is there a suggested wind speed progression? I feel like 20 mph winds have keep me on the ground many times.....is it that much different than 15? Also I have done one currency jump, and with the 2.5 hours of tunnel instruction I have....i was more conferable during free fall than the coach. Really if you go uncurrent by a few weeks...is it that big of a deal to make a currency jump?
  4. Thanks. that is awesome advise.
  5. I have tried a couple of searches, but could not find any information about this. So if this question has been asked before....don't get upset and lets just talk about gopros and dry hand jobs. So I got into skydiving because I took my mom for a tandem her 60th birthday, and I got hooked. Now my dad is turning 60 also, and the heat is on for him to do the same. Obviously it will be cool for him to watch his son leave the plane solo before him, but what are the chances of a DZ letting me dock with a tandem?
  6. So I will be in Orlando for work the weekend of Sept 10. I know there are many skydive opportunities in that area, and I would like to devote 3 days to skydiving couching. I am currently student status with 21 jumps. What do you guys suggest if you were in my shoes?
  7. Last year, I took my mother sky diving for her 60th birthday, and got hooked! I started tandem progression then the winter came, then work, then wind and finally here we are. I took my ground school again at a new to me DZ sky dive 35. My instructor was Scott, and I have to give him a shout out because he did an over the top great job, and I know he spent more time with me than usual. Overall I was extremely impressed with skydive 35 in Texas. I felt guilty going to another drop zone for an aff jump after working with Scott, but skydive temple hours fit in a schedule. I drove the 3 hours down expecting 1 or 2 jumps, but that didn’t happen. Again I found another awesome drop zone! These guys stayed open until I finished my AFF. I got to jump 6 times, and it was probably one of the best days of my life! I really would like to thank my instructor windy for such a great effort, and also the owner Mark. The guy was very cool about getting me as many jumps as a needed! If you are thinking about going through AFF, and I would defiantly suggest Scott at skydive 35 (haven’t jumped there yet) or skydive temple. Great people, but more important they both have AC. Also, I was nervous about changing DZs during AFF, but I am not glad I did. I think it was good to hear different styles of instruction. I also learned different small peaces of advice from each different instructor.
  8. Ok I do admit I should have searched ‘students with cameras’ before posting. I tried to search how many jumps are recommended before jumping with a wakeboard to swoop a lake and catch up with a boat in tow with a rider holding onto an extra handle to pass after a cut away. Then a couple inverts to calm the stress, and then release the board bindings and increase boat speed to 46 mph to jump off the board for a 100’ bare foot pass then hook into my boat towline and pull my reserve for a relaxing para-sailingQuote cruise around the lake. I tried keywords: lake, wakeboard, dumba$$, ‘please kick this guy off’, ‘he wont last for long’ ‘why am I reading this tread’ But nothing came up I joke I joke….but I know you guys with hundreds + jumps felt about the same when you first got addicted and keep getting blown out each weekend. Its hard withdraws when you cant stop thinking about jumping again!!!
  9. first off why did that guy call me a troll? I didn't mean to come of as a dbag about the whole camera deal. but if you strap a go pro with a chest strap...is it really going to effect free fall or can it distract you that much since you can not aim the thing?
  10. So I am going through my AFF, and waiting for a nice day to get in jump 6. Its been a while because West Texas gets a little windy. So I have been glued to youtube and my tandem video in the mean time. I just bought a GoPro camera that I know will click onto my student helmet. Has anyone ever allowed student to do this? Has anyone been using a Go Pro?
  11. Yeah, probably not worth it. I was just heard about Parks Bonafy pulling his shute in a cloud and Adam Errington almost hitting him. There was also a article alliance wake mag this month about everyone doing it. Thought I could get some real feed back but looks like I am getting label as spam Thanks for the reply though!
  12. I was thinking of buying a banner on this site, because sky diving is turning into a fad with alot of the wake boarders. Redbull paid for all of their riders to get certified. So most of the pros are jumping. I figured sky divers would come from all different back grounds and incomes. Is this site more for people only in the business? Is there other sites that you guys follow?
  13. I am new to the sport of skydiving, actually dive number 4! If my instructor's new equipment comes in tomorrow, I have ground school and my first solo Sunday! I do have a question though, I am looking for new ways to cross market the company Tige Boats. Which is a wakeboard/surf/ski boat. Which range from 20' to 24' and about $60,000 to $100,000. How effective do you guys think targeting the ski diving community would be? www.tige.com www.tigeowners.com