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  1. Hello, Long story short - I had a bad landing last year and fractured T12 bone and a big toe. 8 months later, I have recovered but only feeling back pain from time to time. My doctor told my that I can start jumping again anytime I want to as my bones are fully healed. I went to the DZ last weekend and I couldn't get over my fear. Every time I see people landing, my palms start sweating and I find it difficult to watch it. Can't get over my memories of that fast approach which got me injured. If I decided to jump and got injured again then that would be it. I feel I already let my family down and I don't want to do it again. My injury was totally my fault for choosing a wrong size of a canopy and I believe I learned from my mistake. I have so much of fear and negativity and doubt which is holding me back but I know how much I love jumping. Anyone was in the same situation and could share their experience would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. I am on a same boat. I flared way too high and did plf but I still managed to break my back and my big toe. I get instant anxiety even watching landing videos on Youtube. I will only be able to come back next year and I plan to rent a bigger canopy for some time and attend a canopy course.