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  1. I just had a cutaway from velo84 and in that rig I have PDR113. No skyhook or RSL . Velo was spinning with me on my back, cutaway and was rolling belly to earth when I dump it... opened with no issues and felt in flight very docile... stand up with 7 mph headwind. I am 80 kilos without gear. on my other rig I had OP143, I think flare was not as strong.
  2. Exactly, i just saw xfire3 that is buatiful canopy! So i am kinda disapointed thay saber3 does not have any of that
  3. Well i had not jumped any of those new canopies but i recall they call it powerband and even make that leading edge with diff color fabric... But this Saber3 lookes as squere as Saber2 was..
  4. It seems that saber 3 is not using shuman platform that was used in all those new crossfire and safire 3.. Not like i know much but that shuman platform seems to be new approach to canopy design so i kinda disapointed not to see that in new saber
  5. I am looking for some places within driving distance from NC that plan to open on May 1st (or sooner?), but others may be interested in all possible jumping locations.
  6. Вообще не засовываю... И хвост не закрутил... Только этот так долго открывается. У меня еще один есть... Укладываю так же но там все более мение.
  7. That is an example of almost terminal opening that took forever
  8. I had 3 velocities of same size over the years and one opened almost stress free, another was little worse but still good until I put new lines on it... Then it started to search more at the end... But this one has second line set so lines are not bad... But I guess the canopy is just older... I kinda like it, but it started to take longer and longer to open completely even compares to last year when I got it. I heard somewhere that RDS is designed for subterminal opening so on terminal it would open faster.. Just want to make sure before i invest in RDS slider... Damn thing would cost like half of a canopy I will use it for...
  9. I have regular velocity 84 not sure how many jumps on it... Probably around 800. It started to open slower then I would like. I wonder if I put removable slider on it. Would that make it open a little faster? Or maybe stop using those snaps on a slider? PC is still OK I think. Not more then 100 jumps on it. Any advice?
  10. I made myself magnetic keeper for racer, those magnets 5 dollar a pair and holds it pretty good if u roll it tight.
  11. I had one velo 84 and it was flying totally different then 2 other 84 velocities. And that was not just recovery arch, but pretty much everything... Now i have only 2 regular velo 84 and fabric condition on those are very different but somehow they fly almost the same...
  12. Many in Russia jump them... ParaAvis is big so it will be there for yars and years, but u need to check is that legal for locals to jump it in your country. You may want to ask couple riggers if they would pack it for you.
  13. please explain how you can get pc in tow with pull out?
  14. Dont do pocket slider... I had one on a jedei - you dont want that. In your situation i can only suggers spectre with dacron lines.
  15. not sure what that was new crossfire from NZ or Spain.... But my friend with reasonable wingloading (less then 2) swoop it really well. I was surprized, that new Schuman or whatever it is called design seems really make a difference for that wing.
  16. To swoopgirl: you totally awesome and etc...but looking at that short clip where u fly NEOS down that hill in deep breaks does not look very safe to me. Not a big swooper myself but i've seen way to many bad things happen to small canopies after flying in deep breaks for too long. Here you doing just that close to the ground in a turbulent air ... That may not endup well
  17. I just had one of those cutaways ... I was also thinking to get small before cutting away just so it woud be easier to kil the momentum.
  18. Usind anything but native dbag or pc will make u test jumper
  19. i would go with Spectre, that is proven thing. I jumped Storm - nothing to write home about.
  20. i had one on my first canopt saber 170... then about 3000 jumps with no issues.
  21. i think i saw nice feature of Dekunu that it shows how far you swoop.. i guess not too hard to calculate with pecise altimeter anf gps. would that be a similar feature in AON2? i find only 2 features of those altimeters really interesting. That one that i mentioned and the othar is showing ground speed in aircraft. Would be even better to show separation in seconds. if design smart devices like this would be nice to combine this with info on direction and wind speed at different altitudes - that is the other feature i would find interesting.
  22. this happened in Russia couple years ago. There is a video in the middle of the page :( https://life.ru/t/life78/888062/na_vidieo_popali_posliedniie_minuty_zhizni_parashiutista_razbivshieghosia_pod_ghatchinoi Reserve here was OP126 with MARD. many ppl load their reserves more then this poor guy...
  23. i guess if i ever get one i will have to jump with 3 altimetrs - one audible for swooping, plus that android thing to look cool, plus 15 year old altimetr i got for my first solo jump to use in a freefall - that thing does not even need batteries
  24. on a facebook there is something called Dekunu... they not in production yet and i really have no idea what that is other then this will be some sort of smart alti device... but would be interesting to see what this is all about.