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  1. from what i have read they pack like a same size velo, and a 306 is a max fit Katana 120 or 96 Velo, it would fit in a vector 310 not a 306 which is a max fit Katana 120 or Velo 96
  2. if your buying a used one have the lines checked and replace if out of trim, especially the brake lines
  3. I would say get a 310 or a 344 you can then have a larger reserve, they are a great container size that should get you plenty of years of use. the 320 is even smaller plus the fill fit reserve, which will make packing that extra bit annoying, the 310 will be tight enough.
  4. not sure if it has been mentioned but i would say also to pay particular attention to harness fit and using gear with a correctly sized yoke and harness to your body.
  5. If you can find what you're looking for then why not, what you can do is have the container or canopy sent to a rigging loft to be inspected and then if your happy purchase the gear. do you know what size container your looking for? Mee Loft Rigging Downward Trend Parachutes Australia > if your looking for new, they make the Talon FS
  6. Hi All wondering if anyone has some photos of mirage's magnetic riser covers and if they could be retro fitted to a rig with tuck tabs. Thanks in advance! :)
  7. this delivers , um students and newer jumpers should be either standing up running or doing a plf on landing, if you need body armour to land your parachute you need a upsize
  8. how have your openings been, when jumping my KA150 i found the openings to be quite soft and long, when packing i just did the normal pro pack from pd and still had quite long openings that were buttery soft, even doing small changes it made no difference, apart from one time when i tugged on the rears just after line stretch which pretty much cracked it open and i decided to accept the longer openings and leave it alone.
  9. the higher the performance canopy you want to fly the higher you need to deploy, that is what i have found from taking to canopy pilots over the years.
  10. @hapon what did you end up in choosing, the Katana is a great wing still to this day if your focus is on swooping and canopy piloting but demands a lot of respect. also, from what i have been told, moving from a Katana 135 to a 120 is quite step up in performance.
  11. Sabre 3's anyone jumped them or bought them yet, they look great from the videos, whats everyone thoughts ?
  12. i have friends that are TM's and they say its affected tandems numbers in Australia
  13. I didn't like my old cf2 for doing 90's as it would pull out of the dive quite abrupt and then lose a lot of energy, but for everything else it was awesome, sabre 2 was better in my opinion for 90's and katana was even better but im currently jumping a sabre 2 at 1.5 and I find its great.
  14. Katana's require a lot more attention to body position during opening and can take off diving and go into line twists quite easy, Sabre 2's would be a lot less stress to deal with vs a Katana that's my experience. if you love the Storm your renting then why not buy one they are a great canopy, I cant comment on the Gangster as I haven't jumped that class of canopy but canopy's that are cross braced are generally reserved for serious swoopers with 800/1000+ jumps and much higher wing loadings. 500lbs lines would be thinner and have less drag but as a result take less weight. I would be speaking with your local or nearest canopy coach, and sign up for canopy course.