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  1. To add, before the pro-pack, canopies were often flat packed where the canopy was laid on its side. Hence why the focus of this packjob was that the canopy is kept facing forward the whole time. Then of course there is the psycho pack....
  2. Can't speak for Belgium but we definately get charged VAT on canopies shipping to UK.
  3. My team uses Bev suits and we like them, about to order a new set for next year. Recommend going for the Magik options on them. They have a nice spandex pocket on the grippers which is really nice for exits. Quality and customer service is always important. We've had good customer service from Bev. If you're in NA consider the inconvenience if you need to ship a suit back to Europe for adjustments.
  4. In general its one size smaller. My 4-way team all moved from G3's to G4's, one went from M to S, another went from L to M and one stayed on L. Personally I went from XL to M. I have a long face and needed the XL in the G3 to fit aorund my chin, but it was loose around the head. I tried on G4's and found the M fit better around my head and was long enough to fit the chin. It was definately a snugger fit but I prefer it. I did a weekend swapping between the G3 (which as a camera mount) and my G4 and much prefer the G4 fit. If you have the opportunity you can always see if you can try some G4s on now that there's quite a few around.
  5. I just put my first jumps on my new JFX2 89's this weekend. I've done about 800 jumps on JFX94's so comparing it to that. Openings, nice and on heading. It immediately feels more responsive even before releasing the breaks, especially in harness turns. It dives more on fronts and harness than the original JFX. Front riser pressure is a bit lighter. Still good to unload them with some brakes first, but not needed as much as on the original. Flare point feels like its a bit deeper down than the original but comes on much stronger when you hit it. If you're currently jumping a JFX then you'll love the JFX2. They've kept the best feature of the JFX (good openings) and turned up the fun on all the other parts of it.
  6. Here's a few shots of mine with the majik booties. I've only ever had majik booties on my Bev suits, about to get a new suit for next year and will also get them. I think they are a bit stiffer than codura which allows you to get more grip on the air, very useful if doing 4-way which needs fast changes in direction. One of the guys on my team was on Deland Majik who created these booties, I can always ask him for more insights if you want more info, but I'd recommend getting them.
  7. I'm not going to comment on your situation but can provide my own example. Many years ago now I herniated my L4/L5 disc, which resulted in massive tightening in my lumbar region and I had a lot of pain for anything requiring back flexion (bending forward). However I found back extension, (bending backwards) was no issues at all. I was training with an 8-way team at the time and decided to push on, and I personally had no issues and did quite a few jumps over the training camp I had to get my teammates to help me in and out of my rig as I had limited movement, also couldn't run out any landings so was doing a bit more sliding but was otherwise OK. Moving in the plane was also difficult but my slot on the team put by right be the door, so I didn't have to crouch down and go a long distance in the plane. My only real worry was a hard opening would hurt but I knew my canopy was not inclined to hard openings. However bare in mind that at the time I was already an experienced jumper with over 1000 jumps so was aware of what I was putting my body through. I also checked with my doctor and physio. Only you and your doctor know your personal situation. Personally as someone that has recovered from a bad back injury, you only have one back and skydiving will still be there in a year.
  8. Sabre 170 - 200 Samuari 150 - 150 Samuari 135 - 150 Katana 120 - 300 Katana 107 - 100 JFX 94 - 1000 JFX2 89 - Currently being built :)
  9. Yeah reading the NZ Aerosports site they said they recommend Vectran. Their site says both Vectran and HMA do not stretch/shrink over wear, HMA is very strong for its size but its easier to assess wear on Vectran lines.
  10. I was curious what type of lines people are using on their cross-braced? I have a couple of JFX's and have had HMA600 on them since I got them new and thinking of going Vectran next, partly just so I've tried both line types and better understand their pro's and cons. My FS coach recently got his Valkyries relined and one has Vectran and one is HMA and he doesn't notice any difference, but perhaps that may change as they wear. So curious, what type of canopy you have and what type of lines you use and why?
  11. I use ParaLog for all my logging (Import from a Neptune3), don't keep a written logbook anymore. Its good, has a lot of features I don't use like adding video/photos to jumps etc. But I do like the graphs so I can easily see how many jumps I've done with a specific team etc.
  12. I went from a Katana to a JFX and love it. The biggest difference is the openings. Katana openings I always found to be a bit aggressive. It feels like a throughbred horse on the start line ready to go. The JFX is much more smooth and feels quite docile on opening, but once you release the breaks its very zippy and responsive. I found the JFX takes a bit more skill from the pilot to get the performance out of it, but once you learn how to fly the canopy its a great wing. Katana is a fantastic canopy, I had 3 Katanas over my jumping career. There's not really any reason to move from it if you are happy with it. But that JFX is amazing, I am very happy I went to it. So worth trying to fly one if you can and see if you like it.
  13. I'd definately recommend a JFX. Went from a Katana 107 to a JFX 94 and love it. Openings are incredible, much better than they are on the Katana. Overall the JFX flies quite differently to a Katana but once you get used to it you won't want to go back. The katana is a very divey canopy, from the second it starts to open it feels like it just wants to turn and dive fast. I found the Katana was a very easy canopy to fly and learn to swoop on. The JFX feels a bit more reserved. When it first opens it feels like its on pause. But once you pop the breaks you'll find it far more responsive. Also the turns start a bit slower than a katana but hold it for a moment and suddenly they build up speed quickly. The JFX feels it has more range, you can make it dive or fly it casual depending one what you feel like on the jump.
  14. How do you see your handles with a VR headset on?
  15. I had a L4/L5 herniated disc and was jumping a Katana at the time. I was jumping two weeks after I did it, had to have my teammates put my rig on for me because I didn't have the flexiblity to do it myself. Doctors also told me to give up weightlifting and 2 years later I won a powerlifting competition. Ideally find a doctor that knows the sport, which might be hard.