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  1. Yeah reading the NZ Aerosports site they said they recommend Vectran. Their site says both Vectran and HMA do not stretch/shrink over wear, HMA is very strong for its size but its easier to assess wear on Vectran lines.
  2. I was curious what type of lines people are using on their cross-braced? I have a couple of JFX's and have had HMA600 on them since I got them new and thinking of going Vectran next, partly just so I've tried both line types and better understand their pro's and cons. My FS coach recently got his Valkyries relined and one has Vectran and one is HMA and he doesn't notice any difference, but perhaps that may change as they wear. So curious, what type of canopy you have and what type of lines you use and why?
  3. Travman

    Logging Software - revisited

    I use ParaLog for all my logging (Import from a Neptune3), don't keep a written logbook anymore. Its good, has a lot of features I don't use like adding video/photos to jumps etc. But I do like the graphs so I can easily see how many jumps I've done with a specific team etc.
  4. Travman

    Lotus airlocked canopy thoughts?

    I can't comment on the lotus, but I do have a lot of jumps on his airlocked Samurai. I like the Samurai, it was a good progression before stepping up to the Katana and always served me well. If you are asking about thoughts on the airlocks, I am fairly indifferent about them. They will help prevent wing depressurisation but that is only part of the problem, as you also need airflow for the wing to generate lift. Having airlocks would never have enabled me to jump in conditions that I wouldn't have otherwise jumped in, but in the unlikely event of entering air the causes depressurisation they might be beneficial. The drawback was taking extra time to collapse the wing on landing and squeezing air out during packing. Having gone to the Katana, I haven't missed airlocks and I haven't encountered a situation where they would've helped. If there was a canopy with the flight characteristics I wanted that happen to have airlocks then I might get it, but they weren't enough of an advantage for me to limit myself to the small set of canopies that have them. You're better off recognising poor conditions and staying on the ground. If you like the flight characteristics of the lotus, then it'll probably be a great canopy for you.
  5. Travman

    Garmin Fenix 3 as an altimeter???

    I honestly don't understand the desire people have to use Suuntos or Garmins as skydiving altimeters. They weren't designed for this so why use them? There are plenty of purpose built digital altimeters available such as the Viso and Neptunes. A common design parameter is to automatically enter freefall mode when it detects the skydiver exit the plan and provide a large, easily readable altitude display. Why use something that wasn't design for the purpose you intend to use it?
  6. Travman

    Getting rig sent over seas

    What are the classifieds you are looking at? Rigs in Australia are typically advertised on the APF site, skysurfer, mailing lists such as Skarsy and some various retailer sites. In my experience word of mouth tends to be the best way to get gear, but I jump at large DZs. Have a chat to the riggers and instructors who can recommend the correct gear and will be able to keep an eye out for things that come up.
  7. Travman


    I'd seek the advice of a doctor rather than an internet skydiving forum.
  8. Travman


    I have very reluctantly sold my Voodoo that I had for 3 years.. but it was time to downsize. It was my first rig so until now I nothing to compare it with. The build quality is excellent. My 6 year old voodoo was in better condition than the 18 month old rig I bought! I found the main tray to be quite simple in design, no extra flaps or anything that wasn't needed. It closed up tight, but when it opened it opened wide and nothing would stop that d-bag coming out! The harness was mostly comfortable, particularly the location of the chest strap. I found sometimes the leg straps would become uncomfortable under canopy - but the rig wasn't built for me. The pin and bridle protection was terrific, I never had concerns about dislodging pins. It was a great rig and I will miss it. I will definitely consider a voodoo when I buy custom built gear.
  9. Travman

    Sabre2 slider not coming down

    Does it come down if you loosen your chest strap?
  10. Travman

    Is "RAM" an acronym?

    Ram-air refers to any system that uses motion to increase air pressure. In the case of the Ram-air parachute, the suspended weight allows the cells to pressurise thus providing the aero foil shape.
  11. Travman

    Connectinhg a protrack to jumptrack

    Firstly, are you putting the Pro-Track into PC Mode? Secondly, the USB-Serial adapter may not be compatible with the interface.
  12. Travman

    APF Wingsuit Requirements/Standards

    I think there is a Wingsuit hand book written by fergs. I believe its 200 jumps in 18 months or 500 jumps to able to take a first flight class.
  13. Travman

    which do you prefer

    What about fullface?
  14. Travman

    Total Jumps Worldwide Yearly

    well lets start counting, I did 130 last year... so who's next?
  15. I'm sure there are people here that can provide an answer, but you could have a chat to the pilot at your DZ.