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  1. skydude2000

    Choosing a New Rig - What's Most Important?

    Absolutely. I just got my new rig a couple months ago, and I chose one manufacturer over another, because their online rig design tool was down for several months. The one I ordered from, their tool was redesigned and back up in a few weeks. If I'm buying a brand new rig and spending thousands of dollars, I want to see EXACTLY what I'm getting before it shows up at my door.
  2. I can't speak for jumpsuits, etc. But if we're talking about rigs and canopies, pretty sure there is extensive testing, R & D and quality control, not to mention certification that goes into building these life-saving products. That could be why the lead times are the way they are. FWIW, I just ordered all new equipment and waited about 12 weeks and paid WAY less than a 50% deposit for everything. Blue Skies.
  3. skydude2000

    Curv owners

    This baby is now waiting for me at my dealer's loft!! Looks gorgeous!! Can't wait to test her out!!!
  4. skydude2000

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    Hi there, I'm not an instructor, take this for what it's worth. DO NOT cut away at or below 1,000'. I don't care if you have an RSL, Sky hook, AAD or a magic fairy on your back. There have been documented fatalities of people who waited too long to cut away, or cut away too low. Personally, if I were to be in a canopy collision or wrap at or below 1,000', depending on the condition of the other canopy and jumper, I might consider a canopy transfer, altitude permitting, or depending how bad it was and how low I am, I'd consider dumping my reserve, hoping to get as much fabric over our heads as possible. Again, my advice is worth what you paid for it. Best case scenario, watch where you're going, watch and anticipate where other people are going, and do your best to never get into that situation.
  5. skydude2000

    Tips for packing a new canopy?

    I believe that method is called the Wolmari pack job. I found this video I'm going to try using to pack my new X-Fire 153.
  6. skydude2000

    Curv owners

    Thanks! They replied on Facebook that the Vc4 would fit both canopies I put on the order form. The rig might end up being bigger than I was hoping. But I'd rather that, and be able to walk or limp away from a shitty reserve landing in a tight spot.
  7. skydude2000

    Curv owners

    Hi, I just put in an order for a brand new Curv 2.0 with a PDR 160, I put a Crossfire 149 on the order form, but what I'll actually be jumping is an Icarus Spain X-fire 153. I didn't specify the size of the container on the order form. Will both of these canopies still fit? If they make me a Vc3, will these fit, or will my rigger hate me, and will I hate myself, trying to pack a main into a Vc3? This was before I realized that the Crossfire 2 and the X-Fire were not the same canopy and not the same size. Thanks!!
  8. skydude2000

    Stolen rig-Talon 2 w/ Spectre 170

    Thanks! That's kind of what I've been banking on. Especially since it's a custom container that would have to be modified by a rigger for almost anyone else to jump it.
  9. skydude2000

    Stolen rig-Talon 2 w/ Spectre 170

    Well guys, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my gear is long gone. The cops couldn't catch a cold, and I haven't seen anything pop up online. Any tips for dealing with the insurance company? I've filled out all their forms and I'm just waiting for a response now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  10. Hey all! Just wanted to let you know, so far we've received generous donations of prizes from Mirage Systems, Icarus Canopies, Daredevil Designs, Sunrise Manufacturing, Sunpath, BigAir Sports, Bonehead Composites, Aerodyne Research Corp, Redbull Canada, Paragear Equipment Co. And Merlin Suits. It should be a great event! I will update the forum with new prizes as we receive them, updates about coaches, food and entertainment as we get them. Come on out & do some 4-way!!
  11. skydude2000

    Buying gear in what order?

    Start with the small stuff
  12. skydude2000

    need help selling equipment

    Hi there, If you're in FL, and the equipment is legitimate, you shouldn't have too much trouble selling it. Check the "Dropzones" link at the top of this page, and sort through the list of skydiving clubs in FL, of which there are tons. Ask if you could speak to a rigger about inspecting the gear. They might charge for the inspection, and ensure it's not stolen, but you would get an idea of what the equipment is worth. Then, you could post a free ad here in the classifieds, based on a rigger's recommendation of worth. After that, the deal is up to you. Good luck!
  13. skydude2000

    4 Way videos to study for Rookies ?

    Try They have live random & block videos that you can play, pause and re-wind, and they also have animations that show both blocks, and randoms. Good luck!!
  14. skydude2000

    anyone know a lot about AADS?

    There are a few different makes and models, check here in the 'gear' section for information on the different manufacturers and model types. Mainly, Cypres and Cypres II, the most popular models, have a useful life of 12-years, after which they must be retired, but can be exchanged for credit against the purchase of a brand new unit. They must be serviced after 4, and 8 years. I don't own one, so I can't comment on the cost or time for these inspections. There is also the Vigil and Vigil II, both of which do not have service intervals, can be set into different modes, between, Student, Tandem, and Pro. The Vigil batteries have a useful life of 10 years, and Vigil has a life expectancy of 20 years. Look here: For more information on the other models. Good luck!!
  15. skydude2000

    8 more to go for my A

    Hi there Chaw, Unfortunately at this point, your best bet for looking for gear, is to talk to your instructors first. They know you, how you fly, have seen you land, and know what type/size of canopy would be best for you. After that, keep an on the classified section here for gear that may be suitable for you. Then, before you go too crazy, consult with your instructors before any potential gear purchase. Good luck on getting your 'A'!!