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  1. Doesn't Apple Air Tag rely on it being within bluetooth range of an apple device? Not very useful if the canopy is somewhere in the fields and trees.
  2. It isn't just about the size of the fabric and your wingloading but also things like the length of the lines that more and more into play as the canopy gets smaller. For reference anywhere in the world which has canopy size rules (rather than recommendations) you would be on a minimum of a 170.
  3. Not sure of the value of my experience with this but here you go: I bought a second hand rig that served me well from jump 50 to jump 200. I wanted a custom made rig and, as you say money wasn't the object, so I bought one and started using it from my 200th. I kept the original thinking "turn rig". Reality has been the turn rig has hardly been used. It comes out when my main rig is in for a repack and that's about it. Unless you are competing or working in the industry a turn rig doesn't really make sense. Put your money into jump tickets
  4. You packed yourself a step through by the look of it. Stayed with it way too long IMHO
  5. Effectively this rule in the Ops manual has the effect that if the cloud base is above 3000ft skydiving tends to happen as 3000ft is the minimum deployment height for non demo jumping. Falling through cloud isnt that much fun though, rain drops are very pointy when you fall through them
  6. MickPatch


    I have a VOG, it is a great audible, worth every penny
  7. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story
  8. I may be wrong but I believe that here in the UK the lower opening limits are indeed to facilitate display jumping where the exit altitude could be as low as 2500 ft. Certainly the "spirit" is that we are looking at sub-teminal off DZ displays only. Of course there is still the "odd" exception that isbpermitted under a special dispensation; consider the opening veremony of the 2012 Olympics in London where the exit from the helicopter was 800 ft and deploymemt 500ft. Then again that was The Queen and James Bond so who was going to say no
  9. Body-Flight Basics by Andy Newell. Very well written and illustrated
  10. Lost the top third of my ear last year to BCC. Ignored the little sore that wouldn't go away for a couple of years until I saw my sister (a dermatology nurse) at a familiy reunion after we exited lockdown in spring, she spotted it in a flash. They dug it all out and now have ears that dont match. Again glad I am in the UK, was free and was done within a month of diagnosis. Worst part was not being able to wear a helmet for a month whilst it healed so being grounded. Thoughts are with anyone who faces down the big C
  11. Done 400 skydives in the last 12 months, all but 40 of them in the UK, if you get to the DZ you can jump pretty regularly in the UK.
  12. In the UK you need to have a B License to jump with a full face helmet, to be honest it is probably the motivating factor for most to get it and, as you have to do additional canopy training and Jump Master, that is a good thing IMHO. We have no limitation on digital altis, indeed some DZs start their students off with them from day one, the rationale being its what they will buy so lets train them on them. Some DZs still insist on analogues but thats most likely as they dont want to invest in the new kit.
  13. Level 3 is a great simple jump, relax after your practice touch, have a good arch and you will be fine