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  1. Hi, Before someone tell me that I need to present myself before I post tadam. Im a 24yo boy jumping at the best DZ in the world: Flying-Devil. At around 140 jumps I can now say that I won't become a FF god since the windtunnel isn't my thing and I'm not that rich. As every failed skygod I will probably start flying a wingsuit at 200-250 jumps. Until then I will spend my money doing boring angle jumps with my mates and flying my very very slow opening beloved Sabre 2 170. Blue sky to everyone, Sam
  2. Hi chaps(and chapsses), I want to travel this year and jump but I would like to fly with something a bit more unusual. From what I saw nearly all the DZ in Europe are operating Cessnas or PC6s. Does someone know a cool spot where they are still flying DC-3, Antonovs, Mi or any cool exotic plane/choppper? It can be anywhere in Europe or near it. Thanks for the help and blue skies! Bretzel