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  1. On their new hompage is no daedalus project anymore. Does someone why they skipped it? Cheers LimaZulu
  2. Right now I've done 11 Mr. Bills. Can anyone explain why is it called a Mr. Bill?
  3. The shape reminds me to a Valkyrie or Peregrine especially the outside cells.
  4. I made a jump with a PC in the last summer. First we tried to pack it in a student Vector using an old sleeve for that. But there was no chance to close the container. The only thing that worked was a tandem gear. Also using the old sleeve.... Great experience to jump such an old high performance round.
  5. I'm jumping in the north of Germany, too. Use the N3 for four years now. Works fine. Never have problem with it.
  6. Does Bill Coe still hold the patent for x-bracing? My knowledge is, that patents are limited for a few years. After that time you have to pay ?? % from the volume of future sales to hold it.
  7. UK Nationals & Open 24-26 July @ Dunkeswell, Devon, UK Pink Open 13-16 August @ Klatovy CZ
  8. Search for an other rig!
  9. YUU skydive Itzehoe don't have a pond. Take Off Fehrbellin and RAPA Bad Lippspringe have a pond. Leipzig have a small pond
  10. Ask Frank from LookMa Paraphernalia. He is based in Germany.
  11. It's a german website.
  12. The gear bags from Lookma Paraphernalia are very nice. Expensive but a very high quality.
  13. Hey, is NZAerosports producing all sail JVX right now?
  14. LimaZulu