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  1. Are there any DZs for fun jumpers in New Zealand or all Kiwis are now gone to Australia? Most of the DZs I found there are tandem focused only Anything with fast planes and swoop pond ideally where you can do 5+ jumps a day?
  2. I'm trying to understand the difference between normal RDS (or RS - removable slider only) and full RDS I do understand the overall idea behind each of these systems - RDS/RS is just a removable slider, and full RDS takes off slider, pilot chute and d bag = less drag What I don't fully understand is how exactly full RDS looks like, how all these parts are connected to each other and how is it possible to just take a slider off and leave pilot chute and d bag when using full RDS. As far as I know, a slider is connected to your d bag by two thin lines. What happens with your d bag and pilot chute if you remove just a slider? Also what are the pros and cons of having a full RDS and only taking a slider off? Does it affect the openings? I've been told that having a full RDS is not fully recommended for terminal jumps. I don't fully get how this may change anything Cheers!
  3. Cheers mate! I thought CF2 is a fully elliptical canopy Yeah I've sought out few canopy courses/camps and I've already spoken with few coaches but I just want to get more opinions/recommendations from other more advanced jumpers. It doesn't mean I'll buy it though I did few jumps on Sabre2 and I found it very similar to Safire2 Katana huh? What about the openings? Heard it's usually pretty hard and the canopy itself is not very predictable. Is that true?
  4. Long story short... I've been jumping a crossfire2 119 for past 2 months (100 jumps, 1.5 WL) Before that I've put another 250 jumps on Safire2 139 (1.25 WL) Despite different sizes and trims I found Saf2 as a better swooping canopy. I know, neither of these are designed for swooping Don't get me wrong crossfire2 is sick, love her smooth openings and powerful breaks but from the other hand the recovery arch is surprisingly short + front risers pressure make it very difficult to learn high performance landing On my good old Saf2 I usually started my 90s at around 300ft and held it in a dive for about 6s (double to single fronts) Same turn same height on crossfire and I'm level 60-70ft above the ground. Even using harness for entire dive doesn't really help 100 jumps on a canopy is not a lot I get it but I kinda expected more What do you think about getting into swooping on a crossfire? Is it a right canopy? Or maybe it's not loaded properly? Would for instance crossfire2 109 be a better choice? Or is there anything better up there I could try? I've got 600 jumps in total and I'm only 70kg so I don't mind a small downsize Just wanting to bounce this off a few people before I purchase something too small like JFX2 99 Cheers!