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  1. I would totally go with the monster mask + chainsaw wake up.
  2. Yeps001


    I used to think that. Until I met people here in Colorado that do 100-mile off-road footraces. They usually last more than a day. Here where I live every year there is an UltraTrail which is a 170km race through the mountains with around 12000 meters of accumulated altitude. They do it in 30-35 hours nonstop. From my point of view they are fucking superheroes.
  3. If person equals male, then stab with fork. If person does not equal male and I have no intention on having sex with, then stab with fork. Else, let slide. +1. I was thinking the same.
  4. What's your job? What do you do on this job?
  5. I had a similar experience. I did my AFF at a very well known huge DZ (Empuriabrava, in spain) which was at 3-4h form home, so faaar away. My surprise once there was when my instructor asked me why I went there when I had a DZ at less than 1h from home. I didn't know anything about it. It was cheaper and much smaller; in fact they opened just 6 month before. Well after my AFF I went to the closest DZ to jump and it was awesome. They were all like family and the “bosses” were 4 highly experimented instructors from empuria that decided to start their own DZ. It’s true that they only have 1 pilatus and there’s a shortage of rigs to rent when there are AFFs but I love that place. Cool and familiar environment, nice people, awesome views and they even ask you and encourage you to jump every time there’s a slot in the plane (which is almost every plane). So a normal day I can easily jump 5 times and it’s me that says “no more for today”. I did also my A license there and I’m still very happy. One thing I like also is that they are not “rules freaks”. Once they know you and they know your performance, they help you a lot and encourage you to try new things. For example, with 30 jumps, they allowed me to jump on a windy day when in empuria they would put a 100 jump limit and fuck you. That doesn’t mean that they were irresponsible, because before the jump, they told me everything I needed to know to land safely on those conditions and they were constantly watching me and giving me advice. They care about you and about your learning. I think I’ve learnt much more in this DZ that what I would have learnt in Empuria. I’m waiting for winter season as they jump with snow as well (it’s at the mountains). My opinion would be: Investigate more about the DZ B, find out who are the instructors and visit it to get a picture of how everything works there. Maybe you’ll find out that it’s a better place to jump than the big and famous DZ A.
  6. From the beginning I’ve been “scared” to talk or to get to know the pilots. At the 2 DZ I’ve been they have special chilling rooms, special lunch rooms, special entry, special parking slots, special all…. I’ve always thought they were like an elite to which you should not to talk or interact as you’ll be probably annoying them. I can only see them in the plane and there’s an imaginary “Do not talk to the driver” sign as in the bus.
  7. No. Try not to get too creepy about it though. I'm not being creepy; I just think that things that look beautiful should be praised. And I also think that girl jumpers like it too. Always with respect ofc. Why should we contain ourselves from saying that something is beautiful? The world would be happier.
  8. Hi all! First post in DZ, great forum. I’m still a noob in this sport but I’m totally loving it. I got my AFF in June and I’ve just passed my A license. Well I wanted to share a feeling I found out during the packing course. I had a female instructor teaching me. It was so hard to focus… Am I the only one that finds female skydivers extremely sexy when they are packing? I envy the guys at my DZ that have skydiver wives or gf and they all have really interesting personalities and an awesome way of thinking. Jumping with her must be the most beautiful thing a couple can do. Just that. Blue skies!
  9. I got a couple of small heart attacks before I realized the video was backwards at minute 0:20...... I thought the plane went on you.... omg