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  1. Perfect, just needed the right search term. Thanks!
  2. Recently got a GoPro fusion and am looking for helmet mount options and it sounds like 10" is the optimal distance for wingsuiting as far as stitching and visibility. Anyone know of any 10" extensions on the market? Most of the other folks I've talked to have made their own but I thought I'd check first. Anyone have a DIY version that works well that they're willing to share with the group?
  3. Is there any sort of cutaway system for the Kiss? If not, do you know if they have future plans for one? Thanks!
  4. Darrin jumped at several different DZs, but I believe he got his start, and most of his jumps, were at WNY Skydiving. (www.wnyskydiving.com)
  5. dthames, Can you point me towards the Excel macro from Hellis?? I've been scouring the threads and his posts, but can't find it in here anywhere and want to put some YouTube videos up with the overlays. Thanks!!
  6. Terry, love the pink mohawk...I'll have to show her that :)
  7. Yep, I told her it would add a little bulk. I've got very low pile fur, so it will be pretty minimal. Also, if I just put it on one side, I can remove it if she decides she doesn't like it.
  8. So, I've got a customer who REALLY likes pink. Going to make her some hot pink toggles and she requested hot pink, FUZZY, dive loops. Glad to make her whatever she wants, but I'm wondering about the safety considerations of slippery, fuzzy dive loops. Would hate to have her drop one as she front risers in to land. She's not a big swooper, and she's a good jumper, so I'm not too concerned, but I'm thinking it might be a better idea to just put the pink fur on the front of the loop (for appearances) and have the back of the loop just be the nylon. Input? :)
  9. I'll be down in Z-Hills at the beginning of April to take the AFF course and would love to take the PFC Coach course while I'm down there if there's a PFC-E in the area. Have about 200 jumps on my Birdman classic and about 20 (and counting) on my PF Ghost 3. Thanks!
  10. Thanks to everyone for the great replies. This was actually for a rigging customer who had requested the inserts for his rig and his wife's. I don't actually use the inserts on my rig. I just cut the ends of the cables so there's only about 2" of stowed cable in the sleeve and I keep them cleaned and lubricated. Anyway, I put his inserts in (tacked them in well), and told her that they just didn't fit into her existing risers and that they were probably overkill for both of their rigs since neither of them jump high performance canopies. But, if she really wants them, she could get new risers because almost all new risers have the inserts now. Thanks again for all the helpful input! Blue skies, Brian
  11. I've got a Mirage with a set of risers that don't currently have hard housings. I bought a set of hard housings from ParaGear and they're about 1 1/2" longer than the sleeve. I've seen some systems where the housing extend below the sleeve (like http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=37405;t=search_engine), but this seems like a bit much. They're still about 1" from the 3 ring. Is it fine to go ahead and use them as long as they're tacked into the sleeve well? Should the end be tacked to the riser as well? If not, is there any way to cut the cable housing shorter and add the ferrule back or cap the end? Thanks!
  12. Vertifly, Just out of curiosity, why are you getting out of the sport? You mentioned that you'll be out for the next 18 years or so? Having kids? :)
  13. This is an old thread...would be interesting to see how/if the songs have changed. I returned to the sport last year after 5 years off and started doing video again this year...for the most part, we're still using the same songs we were when I was out there last time. :) Any new suggestions?
  14. Grant, Thanks, I'll certainly check with them. I'm a software/website developer for work, so I'll ask about the group rating as well. I've contacted several insurance companies, but, generally, as soon as I mention skydiving, they seem to get confused or don't know how to "classify" things to provide a quote. Was bummed about the Mutual of Omaha AD&D plan because it was perfect and I haven't found anything else similar. Seems like, in this age of "extreme" activities and the popularity of skydiving that someone would be able to provide quality, intelligent information. One of the insurance companies asked me questions about passing batons and doing skydiving "stunts" or relative work...Seems like life insurance is stuck in the 70s. Thanks!
  15. I'm getting ready to start jumping again after a 5 year break (jumped 15 years before that) and need to be sure I get insurance coverage. I currently have a 15-year, $250k plan that has a skydiving exclusion. I found a perfect AD&D plan through Mutual of Omaha for $30/mo. that would provide $200k coverage for accidental skydiving death, but it's not available in NY! Anyone out there have an insurance company they would recommend for skydiving life insurance, or know of an AD&D plan that covers skydiving and is available in NY?? Thanks!!