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  1. Did you ever find anyone who offers balloon jumps in FL?
  2. Agreed, I paid the extra for a cypres thinking problems like this could be avoided. I check my shit every jump anyway, so its not that bad. What concerns me are other "changes" we may not be aware of and the problems they might cause. I know if I owned a company like this I would feel morally obligated to fix this for FREE, sand in a timely manner.
  3. Can anyone tell or PM me where to get the best deals on brass and bullets for .223? Going to get my old man some for Xmas so we can make a shit ton of rounds and shoot our semi-automatic weapons
  4. Does this base rig have a reserve? Sorry misread that
  5. If you weren't coming in at 12:00 am I would offer you a ride, I pass the airport on the way there.
  6. Ask your physician if you can begin strengthening your rotator cuff muscles. If so, ask for physical therapy or do some research and start strengthening then yourself! These muscles assist with keeping your shoulder in place, if you strengthen them it should help. Also, with the approval of your doc do some Range of motion exercises, do not let your shoulder freeze up on you, if you keep it in that sling too long you will lose a lot of your range. Before anything be certain your doc approves of what you are doing.
  7. I am type 1 diabetic and I was diagnosed when I was 26, active duty military and in the best shape of my life. Type 1 means your pancreas does not produce insulin, you can be diagnosed at any age. They used to refer to it as juvenile diabetes because it was mainly diagnosed in children, that is beginning to change so they have started calling it type 1. I jump with it, but I just check my sugar a lot, and eat as needed. The adrenaline speeds your metabolism up so account for that as well. It could cause any recent insulin you have given yourself to metabolize quicker, leading to a low. of course you can jump, you just have one more thing to remember when getting ready! Have fun
  8. I'm training at z hills right now and it is great. Very safety oriented, experienced staff, and everyone is more than happy to answer questions and offer advice. I HIGHLY reccomend it if it's an option for you.
  9. I used to inspect, maintain, and fit harneses for pilots who flew aircraft with ejection seats. Unlike sport rigs the military harnesses had straps along the back, but we were required to instruct the pilots that when stowing the excess from their leg and chest straps, to fold it so that the excess is flush with its respective flap (chest, legs). If you fold it the opposite way you will see where it has a gap between the excess and the strap, fold it the opposite way and it will sit flush with the strap. Our Technical Orders (instructions) said that stowing them the incorrect way could cause them to loosen up!