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  1. “4. Remove the FAA flight physical requirement for TI’s. There is a national shortage of TI’s. The FAA flight physical system was never intended for skydivers. In addition to not serving the skydiving industry, this system chews up and spits out good people in a tremendously unjust manner. I would work to replace the FAA flight physical with something more reasonable.” What are some of the options for replacing the class 3 medical? Perhaps there’s just always been a shortage but if thats not the case, when did the national shortage of TIs start? Is there an international shortage?
  2. Meh… so many other DZs with more tandem incidents than Lodi. Lodi had a single incident resulting in a doubly fatality and it took like 40 or 50 years of 7 day a week operating a good sized DZ for it to happen. sport jumpers however seem to be keen for the sacrifice! Tho its been a couple of years since there was a fatality- 2021- there seemed to be a trend for a while there(a 20 year trend) where Lodi was having a sport jumper fatality every year on average . Sans tandem passenger there are Still no student fatalities there. i believe that if the worlds dropzones got the media exposure that lodi gets when there is a fatality, people would have the same take on lodi with a lot of DZs. That is, with the exception of the legal drama regarding the tandem fatality. That kinda fucked everything up. if there was a legit skydiving fatalities list with locations posted then everyone could read about where tandems or students are actually dying or getting injured in Norcal and its not Lodi. These days The Parachute Center isnt just a 182 dz, its a DZ with three 182’s!
  3. Whats an IPD? i fly WS and have never heard of such a thing.
  4. The Aurora is pretty long.
  5. Was reading parachutist magazine today. Saw the graph regarding tandem incidents-issue762 Page 57- and noticed that there wasnt any fatalities in the graph for the USA for 2004. I swear recall an incident in guam 03 or 04 but wary of any details. Anyone got the beta or am I tripping?
  6. $10 hop n pops $25 for 10k or 12k if theres a tandem on the load. theres not a lot going on there these days. They are a 3 c182 DZ now.
  7. Sorry kid dont take me too seriously. I thought that the comment was funny…
  8. Bang out 440 hop n pops in Lodi for $10 a jump
  9. jakebaustin


    Excluding canadia sure this is important. But If we are talking eastern coast of North America there are significantly bigger mountains in places like Gros Morne and Baffin. On a different note, i was surprised to learn people are jumping natural E objects in missouri and oklahoma!
  10. So the french invented the tandem skydive. Nice.
  11. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2023/02/11/tandem-skydive-turns-forty
  12. https://nltimes.nl/2023/01/06/experienced-dutch-wingsuit-pilot-dies-base-jumping-accident-switzerland
  13. ive gotten thru to BS and am awaiting a response. Thanks!
  14. I did try [email protected] and got a 550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1)