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  1. You obviously do not know what you are talking about if you think a crossfire 2 has a similar recovery arc to a stilletto. And then you go on to recommend a sabre 2?!? Of those three canopies, the stilletto has the shortest recovery arc, and then the sabre, and then the crossfire.
  2. So the problem is a direct result of people, whom are not the last to exit, flying up the line of flight?
  3. The guy in your video just says he doesnt agree and then defers the questioners to ask him again some other time. The other link seems to say that wingsuiters should always go last in case the high pullers have a malfunction AND the wingsuiters have such terrible exits that both the wingsuiters and high pullers (non-freefallers) end up in the same airspace?
  4. Next time as a solo belly flyer you should be getting out BEFORE the free flyers! Exit order should be largest groups to smallest groups of belly fyers, then largest to smallest groups of free flyers, then students, tandems, wingsuiters, and high pullers. The reason belly flyers go before freeflyers is due to wind drift. Since belly flyers are in freefall longer than free flyers they can drift over the top of the freeflyers if they go out after them.
  5. Do you think this post was a complaint? I'm just trying to make an informed decision. By the logic of the first response, your original camera setup must be better than gopro since it cost more money
  6. Has anyone used any of these gopro "knockoff" cameras that are all over amazon? How do they compare? Are they good for skydiving? Any issues? Do any have image stabilization? Beneftis other than cost? Good for handcam?
  7. The FAA has an 8-hour rule for pilots, among other rules pertaining to alcohol. It seems that this rule is not extended to skydivers, and the FAA and USPA only require that the skydiver not be under the influence, intoxicated, or appear to be intoxicated, in order to jump. From what I remember learning about alcohol is that 4 hours after consuming one standard "unit" of alcohol, a person should not be under the influence or intoxicated and therefore be legal to skydive. I actually have a bet that there was a rule preventing this. And to the guy above bringing up that other sport, that was a terrible idea.
  8. That does not answer my question. What I am hearing is that, yes, it is okay to have a beer with lunch and then continue skydiving as long as you are no longer intoxicated or under the influence.
  9. I've been teaching my students the 8-hour "bottle to throttle" rule for skydiving. Recently it has come to my attention that this is apparently NOT a rule either by FAA or USPA. Is there any rule (outside a specific dropzone) in fact that would prohibit a jumper in the United States from having A beer at lunch, and then making a sunset jump, for example, four or six hours later?
  10. I think it is best to learn how to fly your body first, and then later you can worry about getting suits. Most people get suits right away and then they never really learn to fly their body, but instead they learn to fly the suit and end up heavily relying on it. The result is that most people end up using their suits as a crutch, instead of learning to fly their body first and using the suits properly as a tool.
  11. Awesome, I hope you all have a great season!
  12. Just keep jumping, and you will get it! Sounds like you are doing awesome for 11 jumps!
  13. Buy me the beer and I'll say that its you, haha
  14. Just think how many lives we could save by making it mandatory that nobody skydives. Imagine if skydiving was illegal, just think how much we could charge on the black market for tandems!
  15. Don't have a classic, but I love my GTi! Just did my first wingsuit base with it and it was AWESOME!