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  1. i did read it, and that's why i threw in the part about facebook. even those who don't look at fox news can be influenced by it there. instagram and twitter also, and a few others, but facebook is bad.
  2. you also failed to realize that what they are getting bombarded with, if they consume fox, is propaganda. that is hard as hell to counter. it's also all over facebook and most other social media sites, and is very convincing when it confirms your preconceived notions.
  3. at least i know you're trolling and not an idiot now. sorry about that assumption previously. i am going to need you to think now, this is hard to understand, even for those of us who are a tad smarter than average. when you have a newborn baby, one right out of the mom, you can lay it down for a few hours without touching it and it will live. when you take one earlier than about 26 or 28 weeks, you cannot do that. therefore, before that time, it is not alive, or more precisely, it is a fetus and not a child. if you can lay it down and walk away for a while, it is a child. now, carry on with whatever is amusing you currently, as none of it makes any sense in society at large.
  4. but it should stay on the basis of fact. he is the postmaster, and he is under investigation for fundraising for trump. a minor detail was wrong, but the facts remain.
  5. you know how you can tell the gop doesn't care about anything other than controlling women in this abortion bullshit? they try to use "christian" values, but totally ignore the fact that the bible says a child has no soul until it takes it's first breath. so a fetus has no soul, at least according to the bible. to me, it isn't a child until you can leave it alone for a while (a few hours) without it dying. like at least 27 weeks or so (not real sure on when they can). those premies that they put in incubators don't count, since they can't live more than a minute or so without the machines. but then again, i prefer leaving my wishes or desires out of a woman's business. her body, her business, period, no exceptions. piss on anyone who tries controlling them through ANY method without their consent.
  6. unless one also thinks that trump knew how to lead and defend a nation. then it starts to make sense.
  7. your argument has some basis in history, but as we all know, only the constitution is allowed to have the words set in the time period and not allowed to be adjusted to match the real world and changing language. chaplain was originally christian, but has since come to include any religion.
  8. i cut my internet teeth on this forum 20 years ago so to speak. i recall when i first got on here i had no idea how to act on the internet and learned how to effectively argue here. i really miss the old layout, it was what i judged every forum i ever visited against. i just wish i had been a licensed traveling jumper then to have met some of you in person. oh well, the vaccine has made me invulnerable to covid since i have o positive blood, so travel will commence when i can afford it now that i have an aad in my rig.
  9. i would think of it as a ratio, 1.2 lbs per 1 sq ft of canopy would be written as 1.2:1. i remembered that from a math course years ago, but i looked it up just to make sure. you have to hit definition to expand it.
  10. it doesn't matter what he meant, it matters very much what he said. fuck that pathetic piece of shit traitor.
  11. and miss out on all this fun spread out over three days? no way. too bad i have to work today and can't go jump...weather's been shit all weekend.
  12. one or two was the debate. the comment used none. zero. no spaces meaning it was all ran together. had he used one, i would have said nothing, nothing at all.
  13. had i been wrong, i would have admitted it. by using a writing style mandated by the college i attended, i was correct in my style until i graduated. then, having no knowledge of the change in my (now) preferred style, i still use two spaces, and will not resort to one, ever, as it makes no difference to anyone not grading my work. as for the hard to understand style, and confusing words, i still get paid for them sometimes, so will take all of the criticism with a handful of salt, laughing all the way to the bank. not much, and not often, but often enough to keep me at it. i appreciate the criticism, all of it. i'm going to ignore all of it, but i appreciate it nonetheless. back to the original comment that started it all, how many folks are working that account? based on writing style, i would guess two at least.
  14. apparently the classes that i had to take in college, the english ones that i almost aced with a 97 and 98 respectively, were bunk and wasted money then. i suppose i had better quit writing altogether. it seems that i was a product of the apa style, and since my last degree was in 2018, i had no idea that they changed the style to one space at the end in 2019. so, until oct 2019, i was very much correct using two spaces at the end of each sentence.
  15. i appreciate the feedback, and as i said, this is strictly amusement at this point. i like you guys and all, and am more than happy to jump and drink beer with any one of you, even brent, any time i see you. but all of this is nothing more than passing time, as nobody is really changing anyone's minds or solving a crisis. most of my classified information is dated and expired by now, and half of what i learned growing up were flat out lies. living in the age of propaganda, it is getting harder to learn anything new, and good luck keeping up with who is doing what to whom. i like reading, and sometimes participating in, the discussions, but you and i could both probably script one with a few well known contributors and any controversial topic. i hate this weekend, too emotional the older i get.
  16. spaces are still used, rather it be one or two. the post i referred to had none. i do believe that you also use at least one space in your sentences? i am most certainly not wrong, whether i am using a word processor (which i assure you i am not, as they are separate machines) or a typewriter since two spaces is acceptable. your opinion on the grammar is not accurate, and has nothing at all to do with composition.
  17. i would urge you to look up the difference between capitalization and grammar. with a few exceptions, as i am not perfect and do make the mistake every now and then, i have pretty good grammar. no capitals at ll since this is an informal place, and i have way too much formality to deal with on a daily basis to be bothered with it when i am amusing myself. i also have a tendency to think in german occasionally, so that messes with my sentence structure sometimes. add to that the fact i imbibe from time to time, and you have mistakes. side note: don't agree with someone who calls themselves stupid, you get the ban hammer. just fyi on the writing style you were wondering about...
  18. the only thing that changed 20 years ago was our reaction to what was going on in the world, since it came to us in a pretty disturbing way. we have been the root cause of the same thing for decades, if not centuries, around the world. as proof, when was the oklahoma city bombing, or how about the first attack on the wtc? one was a pretty big act of terrorism from a white guy, but not much happened from what i recall. i also recall not much being said about saudia arabia after that one. then let a few foreigners take out a building or two and all hell breaks loose and we go to war forever. yeah, still nothing on the saudis, but damn shame about iraq and afghanistan. it's nice that you think they were focusing on public safety before then, but that's only if you had the right skin color, or were in the right neighborhood.
  19. -- edited for personal attack — or at least not aware of how the spacebar works at the end of a sentence. it is used after a period twice, unless you're microsoft. makes speed reading easier also. don't they teach that in russian schools? i'm still not convinced you're not a paid troll at the farm over there.
  20. i found that had it been in the evening, i would have fell asleep. it has useful information, and was well put together, but the sound of the voice with that music is what got me.
  21. now, or at least feb 2020, i used my twic card to fly all the way to sfo and back. had just renewed my license, opted for the federal one, and they gave me a paper copy until it got mailed to me, in march. i used it for the rental, but the tsa laughed when i pulled it out. luckily, i had my twic on me.
  22. the reason i was told they were most likely useless in this situation in the first place was how deep they were embedded in the systems. nobody knows as of now, and it looks like it was from the solarwinds breach. that means the backups, while great for bringing the system back online, most likely still had the backdoor access that allowed the breach in the first place. my misunderstanding of what she said, and may still prove to be a problem sometime in the future. i've worked on several pipelines and at least one of them had indicators of someone in the system that i saw and reported. another had multiple security flaws that went unfixed even now, almost five years after i reported them. that is the absolute worst thing that could be done in this, or any other, case.
  23. go with the pi then, and an external hd. you can get the whole system for under $200.
  24. idiot burns down his car while smoking with a horde of gas in containers...florida man strikes again.
  25. i missed it then, thanx for that. i also read the study more closely and it looks to be misleading. something about two cases of it were there before they contracted covid.