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  1. i didn't say anything about anyone being a member of anything and don't know what you are talking about there. do you still have access to the plans you saw and financials you are talking about? if so, let me know how i can look at them also please. as you say, if there's nothing going on there shouldn't be a reason to hide anything and it seems like nobody is. and 39% fundraising costs isn't that much to pay, depending on what the rest of the deal is. i know some campaigns pay 90% to the fundraising fees and only keep 10%. highway robbery done legally. real similar to politics and this pac shit. i thought i read a comment in this thread that said there was more discussion prior to the 10 minutes in the meeting, so there should be some more information out there to look at.
  2. did you look to see if they have a facebook page? lots of dzs here are doing it, not sure about germany since i left almost 30 years ago.
  3. you get me the go ahead and i will help. i may even be able to help get some progress done, as i am a licensed contractor with a degree in leadership. i don't have experience with a project of this magnitude, but i did run a special forces batallion s1 section for a year from ft campbell while they were deployed. i wouldn't know who to begin talking to so handle that part and let me know what you need.
  4. ok, factual. after reading the comment, i can tell you that he was referring to my comment about the best way to deal with it by taking a petition to a meeting. well, i have had a chance to look into some of this, and i am glad skypilota1 told me where to find the meeting minutes and agenda. i hadn't thought about it much until this thread, and i think i see a solution to this, and i will volunteer to help out with it, if it is agreeable to those involved. i will set up the google sheet for a member petition if someone will email it to all the members. then by the next meeting in july, there should be ample time for me to gather the info and present it. but there needs to be some way to disseminate the other information at the same time since i saw a comment on here about who was or wasn't qualified to do something and not having a location yet. again, i volunteer to gather this info and make it into a presentable format for distribution. it seems to me that this is kind of a big deal. if it has a good plan then i see no issues with a member requesting we let the membership at large decide. and reading the minutes, there are two mistakes. two votes that passed with a no vote were listed as passing with full board and not the number of votes as in other sections.
  5. i assume that he is referring to my comment saying that you could get petitions gathered and take them to a meeting. i think the google forms route would be the easiest. it almost seems to me like it would be easy enough for the bod to come up with a google form, circulate it to all the membership, and take the results to the next meeting. that way, the members will have stated their intentions, at least the ones who care. i would not recommend doing that with every piece of business that happens, but there is enough controversy on this one that it would resolve things.
  6. like i said, if you go to a meeting and make a motion to have the donation stopped, then someone seconds the motion, it has to be voted on. at least that is how the rules of parliamentary procedure work in general, depending on the version the uspa uses. if you had a petition of a certain percentage of membership (not sure what that would be), it would show that many people are with you. i am not sure what you have and have not done, but if you have been to a meeting with facts in hand along with petitions and were ignored, then you have standing for a major complaint. if you haven't, then that would be the next step. i am way late to the conversation so don't have any of the pertinent facts. i am going to go to the uspa site and read minutes of old meetings so that i can see for myself that you are accurate. not that i don't trust you, i don't trust anyone much if i want to get facts. i like to see them for myself in their own context.
  7. the first paragraph was another way of paraphrasing reagan's "trust but verify". and no, i would not. but if it is true that there was an opportunity for members to see what was to be voted on and to show up or otherwise oppose the measures, and it still passed after being voted on, then the only recourse is to give the money away. to do otherwise tarnishes the name. what i would do if i wanted to get something passed is to take the advice of skypilota1 posted above and do it that way. if i am not mistaken under parliamentary procedure you can motion to withdraw a recurring payment as in this case, so you don't have to wait until they pay it all out. you just have to work your ass off and get petitions, or other tangible evidence that it needs to be revisited.
  8. i got that when i started looking into the voting app wv used. i asked what kind of vetting it had and who reviewed the code, a rando from the internet said it's solid. i am here to tell you that he lied like hell. i disagree about pulling funding though, a promise is a promise, and it should have been vetted better before the vote, but now it's a done deal.
  9. i am not sure what i expected when i asked the questions you didn't respond to, but i am pretty sure it wasn't a bunch of idiotic questions. i say idiotic, not as an insult, but as descriptive because they all are answered if you read my original questions. now, one more time for real this time and please, if you don't have anything to add that is helpful, stay the hell out of this one. i was wondering a similar thought, how do they know what we want to do with our funds? is there an open process or do we have to come to a meeting? if that is the case, it seems a bit exclusionary. i don't recall ever having been given the option in 22 years of choosing anything the bod votes on. shouldn't there be some sort of ballot or letter of issues circulated so that we can make a choice, rather than reading about it? if there is one, why have i never received it? is there a place where we can go look at minutes of meetings and see a list of issues?
  10. i was wondering a similar thought, how do they know what we want to do with our funds? is there an open process or do we have to come to a meeting? if that is the case, it seems a bit exclusionary. i don't recall ever having been given the option in 22 years of choosing anything the bod votes on. shouldn't there be some sort of ballot or letter of issues circulated so that we can make a choice, rather than reading about it? if there is one, why have i never received it? is there a place where we can go look at minutes of meetings and see a list of issues?
  11. i have one question, just one. how is it possible that if there is one paid position at 25k a year, to spend over 300k a year? in my experience, money in the bank usually pays you, not you paying to keep money in the bank. i do not have experience with large fundraising projects yet, and was just curious. i got all the numbers from this thread, so they may not be correct. i am getting ready to start a large fundraising project and need to know any possible issues beforehand if possible.
  12. i think it's a travesty and the money should be returned to all donors and the board jailed, or at least fined, for incompetence. that may seem a little drastic, but this is serious. 48 years is a long time to hold onto a pipe dream.
  13. nah, and it didn't even cut it, just hurt like a bitch for about five minutes. i cannot wait to see what happens next.
  14. sitting here jamming out and happy as hell that everything is going fantastic when, BAM! trying to open my beer, and the tab slides under the nail that i trimmed earlier today. fuck, that still hurts, and typing this post isn't helping...
  15. reddit has a skydiving forum and i found two users from here over there. they post a lot more and it is also interesting but hasn't got the same "feel" as dz.com, but i have been here since '02 regardless of what the site says, so that is probably it, although the change in design is terrible compared to the old one in my opinion.
  16. now that sounds like a republican tactic right there, distracting from the issue with nonsense. notice that he spelled a word right but no mention to the 48 years of trying to get money for a museum that continually goes nowhere and ignores one who is asking to see what is going on. i don't mean to insult you like that, merely pointing out a shady tactic. nice of you to notice the correct spelling though.
  17. it needs to be said all in one passage, as fragments not only distract when reading, but tend to confuse or lose some meaning to folks. obviously my plan wouldn't work for experienced jumpers, not only due to the forward speed not helping a plf (it absolutely helps absorb speed as well as distance fallen as i have discovered to just before being drug a few hundred feet trying to unhook a canopy) but mainly because falling on the ground doesn't look as cool as sliding and they are responsible for themselves so there is no incentive for them. but for students, it would potentially solve a safety issue. at the very least, it would help instill safety into their habits a little better from the very beginning.
  18. i am referring to in general. i have seen an injury due to sliding that would not have happened had the jumper did a plf. i read in parachutist about the injuries on landings and how they are going up and some can be prevented with proper plfs. i have also read about how sliding is only a valid technique when trained how to properly do it, or else you can injure yourself badly. students these days aren't taught how to plf, either properly or in an ongoing basis. a plf is always preferable to a sprained or broken ankle when trying to run out a landing and step in a hole. they very much help in a high forward speed landing as i can attest to after choosing to plf instead of running out on a new dz. after stepping in a gopher hole on the way back to the hangar, i would say i chose well. i propose more and better plf training for students, even up to requiring proper plfs before each jump while a student, just like we used to do in airborne. a complete pre-jump routine with emergency procedures and forward and reverse plfs. it has been said how mff jumpers are better prepared for emergencies due to practicing all their eps for ten minutes each day before jumping and before each jump. it was also the only letter i have written to parachutist in 22 years.
  19. i said exactly what i meant, if someone is donating money to something, it should be in good faith. if it not producing anything, or is not in good faith, then it shouldn't happen. i almost ran for the office myself, as i have 22 years in the sport, a degree in leadership, and am a decently successful entrepreneur. too many side projects to give it the attention it deserves, volunteer or not. one place i would like to see some money going is a program that promotes a proper plf and stops folks from sliding in. but that is just me.
  20. i have not yet researched the issue but i would be willing to bet he has another valid point with that one. sounds fishy to me, at least from what i have read so far. since it is my money also, i will look into the issue, regardless of how much it is. my point was merely not to dismiss valid reasoning because of a writing style. it is hard sometimes though.
  21. i'm not interacting with anyone and have seen many misspellings. he has some good ideas though and they should not be negated by the spelling. not all of them, some are out there, but so are some of mine. he is spot on about the uspa contributions to the non-existent museum.
  22. doesn't matter in the slightest. it was mentioned above that one might be taken more seriously if one were to spell things correctly. this is the wrong attitude to have, no matter the reasons for the misspelling. some have taken to call me out for not capitalizing my comments on the internet, and i allow them the same chances to either correct their view or ignore me. as it is not my perception, it doesn't affect me, but neither does it make it right.
  23. not sure if this has been said, or if so, how many times so here goes: don't listen to anything here, ask your instructors. the above example is a perfect reason showing why. nobody knows you here, other than the video you posted. do what your instructors are telling you. when you get your license, then you make all of your own decisions and are responsible for yourself. even then, ask instructors if you have any questions. also, asking a rigger or an s&ta are also acceptable sources of information, as are other jumpers AT THAT TIME. i took a while to get my a, but since i am new as hell, i always ask about anything i am unsure of. as you hang around more, you'll figure out who to ask and eventually, you will have built a respectable repository of information. when you get there, don't stop considering other input, but give it the weight it deserves. you'll be fine.
  24. ignoring someone because of spelling is the height of elitism, or whatever the term is when one thinks they are better or their words mean more than another due to some perceived incompetence. it isn't productive and makes you look bad when you do it. i would go out of my way to ignore one who does this, not the one making the errors.
  25. there ya go, get drunk as hell and go pass out without a coat in subzero temps.