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  1. it's called a mistake and sometimes i make them. looks like it should have said reserve, but said main. i was saying that the data card that refers to how many times the reserve has been repacked has nothing to do with the container so it should go with the reserve if it is sold separately. it makes no sense to me that it goes with the container since the container doesn't care how may times it is repacked but the reserve does and is sometimes limited by the company.
  2. it's not impractical, and not that hard, but time consuming. it would almost be like conducting an interview on each jump with each jumper and then giving a briefing, making it like an airborne operation. i do miss the prejump circles sometimes but not thing about the hours sitting in the sun or snow on green ramp.
  3. i bought a used reserve for $400 off of the internet that a guy said had only been jumped once. it didn't have a data card so my rigger said he couldn't pack it as a reserve since it didn't have a data card. had the guy not been able to locate it and mail it to me it would be an extra main. that is why the data card needs to go with the main. if you lose the one for the last reserve when you get rid of the canopy, use the one that comes with the reserve. it's stupid to keep it with the container, it does nothing but screw the next owner of the reserve that isn't there any longer. i didn't feel like writing the other day.
  4. i bought a used canopy without a data card and almost couldn't jump it as a reserve. would it be considered wrong to just make one up? there was no marking system on mine, nothing on the canopy itself.
  5. not to mention that at places like mine, we all spiral down all the time, but there are only four of us in the air at a time maximum. like last time when i was on a 2 way and we ended up landing toward each other because the wind changed. it wasn't a problem because the tandem was still in the air and he was on the ground by the time i turned on final. we talked about it and the spectacular plf i did in front of everyone. the spectators were all like "are you ok?" and thinking i was hurt, so i jumped up and just said, "no i'm fine, just need to hang this stupid thing now. it doesn't hurt when you do a proper plf". and it doesn't really, but then again it was only about a 2 mph wind, but i did manage to bang my elbow so i guess i need to work on form.
  6. correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't the exit separation help make up for vertical separation? if a group exits a plane and falls for 10 seconds before the other group left, that gives about 1000 feet of vertical. does the fall rate of the free flyers make that up before pull time? it seems that if so, then it doesn't take long for the free flyers with heavier loaded canopies to be under the belly flyers. i don't need to worry about any of it at my cessna dz, except in those rare cases when they get both planes out at the same time, doesn't happen often. i'd still like to have an idea for if i ever travel to a larger dz.
  7. that one didn't age well. it only takes one to kill someone. not sure if that's enough data but it definitely shows the problem. time to up the standards and save a few lives.
  8. probably talking about the appeal process. the ruling is not the end of the case, unless it's a ruling by scotus. they can have from 2 to 4 appeals, depending on the court they started in.
  9. i'll concede that point. agree to disagree it is. like it matters anyway. enjoy.
  10. that sounds like a poor analogy, but i have to digest it a little. on the surface, we are talking about two different things, so we can't really compare them at all. the things they had to work out to fly with pencil and paper are much greater than working out powerplants with computers and all of the knowledge we have accumulated on electricity since then. that would be akin to learning how to make an airplane fly when you already know all about aerodynamics, something which very much did not happen, as they learned aerodynamics the hard way as they went.
  11. it does indeed, yet the tools we have to work with are also much more advanced. the limit of what they could do was build it and try while we have computers. honestly, it seems like it may not be possible to make a comparison. i would have to say they had it way harder back then than we do now, even accounting for the complexity of the problems, just by the tools and materials they had to use.
  12. irrelevant. they were working out aerodynamics from scratch without computers. electric aircraft are working out powerplants with computers.
  13. sf-10a. i stood one of those up one time. steerable also.
  14. that "bad english" is better than most native speakers.
  15. i left in the part that a lot of folks would do well to remember, but it does seem like something is pushing just to push. some sort of collection of events trying to force an insurrection...protests, riots, an actual insurrection attempt, and now enough bullshit to stir everyone else. maybe it's always like this and i don't know about it. history leaves out a lot of the sentiment of the people at the time and is written by the winners.
  16. that statement comes from a common misunderstanding of the catholic church. this diocese has said that about her, yet mine wouldn't do that. each one is independent of the others in cases like this. the pope doesn't control the activities of each diocese but leaves things like this to them as long as it doesn't go against church beliefs. catholics actually believe in the theory of evolution and science - this was the clincher for me to convert. there are some conservatives who are against all the change that came from vatican 2, and i have had a run-in with some who have told me i should "read what the church fathers said" instead of starting with the pope, but i told them i had to listen to the pope, not them (church fathers). i actually agree with most of their teachings though, since they mainly preach love and acceptance until the 4th century. of course there are exceptions, but there always are. the way i get around the churches stance on abortion is by realizing that it is the woman who has the right to do as she wishes with her body, and even if it is a sin to have an abortion, it is not the sin of anyone except her (maybe the doctor or staff). she can be forgiven, even in the catholic church.
  17. that's what you add to this discussion? improving the odds somewhat? of course it wasn't much of a discussion i guess, not sure what i was thinking when i posted this, but for a brief time i actually thought i may be able to get a real discussion going about some solutions. then i realized the nature of this forum and what happens here that i had forgotten. once again i am actually doing something about it rather than argue semantics. in a week or two i should be conducting my first class in the program i came up with to help the problem by working with troubled youths in a juvenile detention center. i've even been collaborating with a couple of drs of psychology. but you carry right along with improving the odds and arguing. i'd rather try to stop school shootings entirely.
  18. i was fortunate enough to not have any radiation or chemo. glad you made it.
  19. it's hard to say for sure from the video, but it looks like your right leg was cocked to the side while your left leg was straight. maybe that's where the turn came from. i had a problem with my leg position that gave me all kinds of problems. not much video back in the day, and tunnels weren't that prevalent either.
  20. i'm interested to see why you disagree with what i wrote.
  21. has anyone bothered to follow the link to the solutions i have posted? if not and it was because of linkedin, here they are on my blog called thoughts on security.
  22. given the way they seem to be ok with the leadership just doing whatever, are you surprised at all? i'm not.
  23. or at least a plan to help. i wrote an article about it here, but the tl;dr is how we can combine sensible gun legislation along with mental health concerns to address two different links in the chain. we could also use church groups to attack another link in the chain, and i am working on that in a juvenile detention center to help on that front. after all these decades we definitely know what DOESN'T work. time to try something different. thoughts?
  24. depends on who is involved and what position they hold in the uspa, as we have repeatedly seen play out recently. maybe the ti should have just given a few thousand dollar donation to keep the rating active. after all, it's a small step from allowing some to violate rules with no punishment to accepting bribes. have we taken that step yet, or is it a few years away?