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  1. flailmonkey2


  2. First time at Gateway Skydiving Center and had a blast. The staff all said hi to me when I showed up,they helped me find people to jump with and made me stay for a drink that night! Made some cool friends there, will be back for sure!
  3. As soon as I showed up at Skydive Danielson, all of the staff were very welcoming. I felt at home right away. They have bbq's all the time, sunset hit n chugs and bonfires....can life get any better? Skydive Danielson is my new home!
  4. On 12/4/12 I also recieved an email from this person: Username => dwmodine URL => http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/classifieds/jump.cgi?Detailed=136645 Name => David Modine FromEmail => [email protected] City => TX Country => USA Comments => I want to purchase your Mirage G 4.1 MZS with no delay, What is the asking price and what is the condition? I will like to pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and will you let my pick-up agent to come to you house for the pick up? Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly reply to my email address [email protected] Regards Quote
  5. Hi everybody...I entered a little contest to win a $3000 mattress.....I had to make a short video to tell them why I deserve it. I fractured a vertebrae in my spine this season stalling out my parachute.....so a new mattress would be awesome! I need your help and votes to win this contest! You can vote DAILY if you get really bored :) 1. Go to this website: http://www.simplehealthyrest.com/video-contest/entry.cfm?v=FC224848-5056-9F2A-DA626D19C2B33C52&s=1 2. Name: Laura Morris 3. click: 'log in with facebook' 4. click: 'vote for this video' Thanks skydiving community! That would be awesome if I won because of your help :)
  6. 2010 was my first year at Skydive Midwest. I loved it! The view of Lake Michigan is breath taking, and what a nice change from looking at corn fields. The plane is super fast! 10 minutes to altitude. I think I'll stay here!
  7. That's fine, is it because of the landing area? My husband and I are traveling to Chile for the winter and are just looking for a place to chill and jump a little. We will be in Cancun for a week. Even if they let experienced jumpers make a jump or 3 a day....that's fine!
  8. I will be in Cancun for 2 weeks in November and was wondering if I could get in touch with any of the jumpers from the Cancun area. I don't know if Skydive Cancun has bunk rooms or anything like that. It would be cool to have people to hang out with other than the tourists too. Email me at [email protected] or find me on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=23213677&ref=profile
  9. Hello. My husband and I are residents of the United States but are planning to work at a DZ in Spain next summer if we can land a gig. We want to hear from anyone who has done this.....tips, experiences, visa information, any info Also, we would like to move there and live there if possible. if anyone has done that, i would love to know some skydivers when we come over that are from the us. my spanish is alright, but to have a friend who knows the ropes would be good :)
  10. I agree with Yarak. If I don't post on here as many times as that deaf guy, then my opinion doesn't seem to matter. What a turn off for those people who don't post very often, you are turning them away from reading more of your mindless propaganda about how bad I am because I work for the devil. I bet some of those people never post again, but what does it matter, since you also belittle them for having low jump numbers, that isn't very good for the sport of skydiving either. You people seem to turn away just as many people with your sour attitudes towards inexperienced posters and jumpers. For one thing, I've never heard anything bad about Cullman or their safety. However, I have heard several sketchy things about the safety of Opelike and how rude they are to jumpers. To me, the two most important things at a dropzone are how comfortable the jumpers there make you feel, and second how safe their operation is. I hope my post was on topic enough not to be deleted by you crazy obsessed people. you are so strange in your ways. NOW TO REALLY TALK ABOUT WHAT THIS THREAD SHOULD BE ABOUT!!!!! This weekend was very sad for all of the Pell City jumpers. We had an awesome boogie. When the weather was bad and we couldn't jump, we worked on tearing down the walls. It was sad to see something that you have dedicated so much of your life to be destroyed, but it was satisfying at the same time. We had bonfires and lots of cold beer each night. Many jumpers hit milestone jumps, Bill got 400, Chris got 500 and Ken hit 600. We built a beautiful 12 way hybrid on the first day of the boogie. We worked on hybrid formations and turning points with them. New AFF students enjoyed watching the videos of what they will be doing in the future. Saturday night was definately the best part of the boogie. We went to eat at the airport restuarant, Sammie's Touch n Go. The owner of the restuarant had been telling us for 5 years that she would make a skydive, and that morning she showed up at 7 AM to do so. We played her tandem video on the big screen TV at the bar and everyone cheered when she landed. Then we pied her in the face! Next, we watched the video that I made that had footage from the last 5 years on it. Many people were tearing up throughout this, reminscing about old memories. I always love hearing people say, "Oh my god, I completely forgot about that skydive, that was such a bad a$$ jump!" Rob and I ordered a round of shots for the 30 + people that showed up, and Preston gave a wonderful toast. That did it, the tears came out then! As much as I am sad to leave Pell City, I think Prattville will be an awesome dropzone. I will miss the Logan Martin lake, and dinner at Sammie's every Saturday night. I will also miss the abilitiy to blow up stuff and wreak complete and utter chaos into the wee hours of the morning. Nobody can party it up like skydivers can. So many of my friends showed their support to the dropzone this weekend and Rob and I would like to thank everyone who came out to jump there one last time. What a great 5 years we had there, and I am so happy for all of the new friends I have met. It has been fun to watch the dropzone grow from the most jumps as being 100 (other than Rob) to a dropzone full of jumpers ranging from 0 to 3,000! It was awesome to build a sunset 14 way belly jump on our last load there, while thinking about the first load 5 years ago as being probably a funneled base and bodies all over the place :) Thank you for the good times Pell City! Let's bring it on over to Prattville! -and to those of you who are really weird and obsessed, you should just get over it for a minute and take some time to mourn the passing of an absolutely fabulous place to skydive.
  11. I have absolutely loved jumping at Pell City. I have made almost every single one of my jumps there. We have an amazing staff, and even more amazing and dedicated fun jumpers. It is very sad that the airport is building a big TOWER in the middle of our landing area and we must move, but really it is for the safety of our students. I am looking towards Prattville with a very positive attitude! ( We will have air condition! ) Our DEMOLITION BOOGIE July 18-22nd will be awesome! We are going to be gutting the inside of the hanger, so come out (with a sledge hammer) and have a good time. Especially you Matthias :) It would be nice to see all of our old friends!
  12. this is rob im just on loras account.....i need one to do a few intentionals