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  1. JerryBaumchen

    Smallest chest mount reserve?

    Hi MM, I cannot & will not make a recommendation. I do not own either business. You might consider trying both of them; just a thought. Jerry Baumchen
  2. JerryBaumchen

    Smallest chest mount reserve?

    Hi Peter, I will give you my opinion. The final determination is & must be with the FAA. No certificated parachute component has any declaration as to chest/seat/back/lap. Do you see any such declaration on a PD reserve? How about your reserve ripcord? Re: 'What are those so-called "categories" officially categorized as?' IMO they are not categorized. It does seem to me that this is a conflict within the FAA. They say that riggers have to be type rated yet the components are not marked as such. Now, a reasonable person can readily determine a back parachute from a chest parachute. However, the actual components are not marked as such. And, 'back in the day' some local FAA-types were requiring riggers to log their repacks of CrossBow rigs as chest packs. That is NUTZ IMO as the container was obviously on the person's back. IMO & experience, most FAA-types know little about parachutes, parachute regulations, and really prefer to stay that way. End of that rant. Re: 'Or are you saying a change in harness is a Minor change no matter what the TSO?' No. However, IMO the FAA is lacking in a substantive determination of just what constitutes a Minor Change vs a Major Change. John Sherman once told me only the actual designer can make such a determination. And, as I was told by someone in the upper mgt of RWS that when they developed the Vector container, they tested it & submitted as a Major Change. The Atlanta ACO looked at their paperwork and said that they considered it a Minor Change. This was because they were using the same materials, the same production methods, and the same Quality Program. Today, a Vector III says on the TSO label 'Wonderhog.' As I have posted before, Derek Thomas purchased AeroSports USA. Jarret Martin purchased Summit Parachute Systems. Does that answer your questions? Jerry Baumchen PS) George Galloway of Precision once told me that when the paperwork weighs as much as the component, the FAA will consider it a Minor Change.
  3. JerryBaumchen

    Smallest chest mount reserve?

    Hi Lee, TSO-authorizations/TSO standards make no mention of 'categories.' They also do not make any mention of 'types' of parachutes, components, etc. Jerry Baumchen
  4. JerryBaumchen

    the meaning of ...

    Hi sonic, I have not had any contact with them in a good many years. However, I do not remember the order on leaving the aircraft as having anything to do with it. Only the order of entry into the formation. Bill Newell died a number of years ago & I do not know who is running it now. Contact the people who are running the awards, not some other guy somewhere. Jerry Baumchen
  5. JerryBaumchen

    President Nixon's involvement

    Hi Ken, As if the Cooper thread does not already have enough bullshit for one lifetime. Jerry Baumchen PS) And Lyndon LaRouche claimed that Queen Elizabeth was the largest drug dealer in the world.
  6. JerryBaumchen

    Powered Parachute Jumping?

    Hi Zach, Disclaimer: I have jumped ( illegally ) from a 2-place ultralite; but, that was a very long time ago. Does the PPC have an N number? If it does not, then it seems to me that it would be illegal; training flights only. You can always jump & take your chances. Oh, and I have not kept up with changes in the FAR's regarding ultralites. Jerry Baumchen
  7. JerryBaumchen


    Hi Mark, Yup; but I did not want anyone to think it is in the 'standard' category. Jerry Baumchen
  8. JerryBaumchen


    Hi Mark, The Mirage is TSO'd as a C23(b) Low Speed Parachute; not to be used in aircraft over 150 MPH. Jerry Baumchen
  9. JerryBaumchen

     Dave Dewolf

    Hi Gary, That is what I will always remember about Dave. A fun guy to be around, Jerry Baumchen
  10. JerryBaumchen

    Extreme engineering

    Hi Taha, I phrased that wrong. Bill Coe of Performance Designs & Manley Butler of Butler Parachute Systems. There might be more but that is all I can think of at this time. Jerry Baumchen
  11. JerryBaumchen

    Extreme engineering

    Hi Cliff, There are only two that come to mind; and they both are with the same company. Jerry Baumchen
  12. JerryBaumchen

    rodriguez parachute systems container

    Hi Spot, I'm thinking it should be a conventional rig, i.e., back pack w/gut pack. I don't think he ever built a piggyback rig. Do NOT count on this but I seem to remember that it was called Rod's Rebel. Jerry Baumchen PS) According to what an FAA Aircraft Certification Office employee told me back in the 70's, he was the first person to be able to convince that FAA that he could build a rig without also having to build a canopy because he could buy canopies & install them. Up to that time, the FAA position was that a mfr had to build an entire rig; container, harness, canopy, pilot chute, etc.
  13. JerryBaumchen

    tandem instructor course

    Hi Josef, It looks like you are in Israel. If so, contact this guy: Jerry Baumchen
  14. JerryBaumchen

    Icarus 149 Reserve or Precision R-Max 148

    Hi tribe, The canopy in question is made by Icarus World, not NZ Aerosports. Just so someone does not mistake these two companies. The last that I knew, NZ Aerosports does not make a reserve canopy. Jerry Baumchen
  15. JerryBaumchen

    Parachutes Australia Airforce reserve TSO or not

    Hi Peter, That is exactly it. For many, many years the FAA went all over the world inspecting mfg facilities. Now, to save money I would think, they 'sub' it out to the national aviation organization in whatever country the mfr is located. Jerry Baumchen