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  1. Out of curiosity, are you sure you are deploying the EGs in the proper manner? There is in fact a correct and an incorrect way to pull the pin! If pulled incorrectly it WILL NOT work. The pin should be pulled the side, and not straight up. I have used the EGs quit a bit and have never had an issue with them
  2. Also not all sport reserves are 7 cell (or didn't use to be, not sure about now). I know of at least one reserve that is a 9 cell. The Falcon could be used as a main or a reserve.
  3. I would look into the "Speed" reserve as well. From what I understand it is the smallest packing and has a pretty low price tag. I know a rigger that has two, I think when I need to buy another new reserve, that is the route I'm going to go. I just haven't had the need to get a new one since I found out about them.
  4. If you are S folding, then you are doing a "psycho" pack. If you are truly psycho packing, you do a "pro pack" up to the point where you would roll the tall. Then instead of rolling it, you flip it over and lay it on the ground tail side up. Fold the tail/canopy into a triangle, then fold it again into the width of your bag. Once you have the upside down cigar shape, you ROLL the canopy from the bridle attachment point down towards the slider...... then bag it.
  5. I have just under four thousand and no sport cutaways (due to malfunction) one intentional with a third canopy and 4 tandem cutaways. Had my first tandem cutaway on jump 1,783 The intentional was on jump 500, so I could start the strong tandem course. There is a guy at my home dz that has over 12,000 that has one cutaway on a tandem and that was probably atleast 8-9000 jumps ago
  6. I have had a compression fracture of the L1, burst fracture of the body of the L3, two broken traverse process and broken coccyx. I think the coccyx has actually been broken twice...but not sure. All from two different incidents a few years apart.
  7. I was looking at pelican cases for camera helmet, and equipment. I just couldn't see spending that kind of money. So I went with this same box and got foam for the inside. It is a bit bulkier, but works wonderful for a flattop pro, cannon rebel, extra lenses and batteries and other misc video equipment.
  8. True, it is just a leather hat, but is it not still considered a frap hat? Thats what I've always called it. I have had a couple different versions, and this one is my favorite so far. It is lined and has an audible pocket. It has the goggle strap on the back too. (That is my daughter, Was taking her the day after her 18th B-day)
  9. Deepseed has them as well, but not the standard frap hat. They are just flat leather, no cushions....
  10. I'm a brewer as well...though I haven't made anything in about a year or so. I do love mead and have made a few batches. It is tasty when made right, pretty bad when it isn't!
  11. I'm a welder as well. I've looked at the sun regularly thru a #10 lens, I think a #12 lens would be ideal for watching the eclipse. #14 might almost be to dark. Oh, and I'm right in the path as well......
  12. OK, I have a question!! What is the head phone attached to.....and where is it located????
  13. I had not heard of this canopy before this thread, so I looked it up. From the PD Horizon page: Best of all, the Horizon gives you the ability to upsize as many as two full sizes compared to a non-crossbraced ZP canopy main, meaning you can fit a larger canopy in your existing rig for wingsuit jumps. No need for a new container! So I don't think they are saying you NEED to upsize two sizes to jump it. I think what they are saying, is since it is low bulk, you CAN upsize two sizes and still use the same rig you are using with your "normal" canopy. Watching the promo video, the canopy seems to fly and land well. The pilots were using a two stage flare to land, instead of the one stage you normally see with F-111 canopies.
  14. My first cutaway was on jump 500, was intentional with a tertiary rig. So that wasn't to scary. My first true emergency cutaway was on a tandem when I had about 1700 jumps, everything went smooth. I was working and turning loads, so I didn't get a chance to even think about what just happened. Had to just smile and laugh with the passenger, then grab another and go again
  15. I personally don't like any conventional canopy over 2.0, but that is just a personal preference. I think for Sabre 2, 1.7 should be the max, for more HP canopies....(katana, crossfire) 2.0, anything after that you should go crossbraced. Again, that is just a personal opinion! You can definitely jump canopies at higher WL, but I think you start losing performance. I jumped a radical at 1.8 and loved it, switched to a katana at 2.0 and it felt overloaded. Then went to velocity at 2.0 and it felt under-loaded. Velocity felt right at 2.2 and higher
  16. you can expose the nose the same way when PRO packing!. When you are counting cells, count the first four cells(3 with 7 cell) then roll them inward, count the center cell and leave it, count your remaining cells and roll them inward..once both sides are rolled, take the center cell and "open it up" around the two rolls you made. Done Then you can continue to to pro pack as usual. I used to pack my old velo this way. Helped the openings when the line set was getting close to needing to be replaced....calmed it down a little Nothing wrong with phycho packing, but if you are doing it just to expose the nose...you don't have to
  17. Update: I'm about 250 lbs out the door. I will agree with most that I probably downsized to fast and don't suggest it to others. That being said. I have never had anybody say that I scared them or that they felt I was in a bad place. If anything quite the opposite. 1-10 Manta 290 @.87 11-16 Manta 260 @ .97 17-75 PD 230 @ 1.09 76-150 Silhouette 190 @1.32 151-170 Diablo 170 @ 1.47 171-250 Nitro 150 @ 1.67 251-375 Radical 135 @ 1.86 375-2800 Velo 111 @ 2.26 2800-current Velo 96 @ 2.7 Had my first real accident under the 96! Stupid ass mistake to hard impact= broken back in 3 places.....but not seriously. Was able to get up and walk, after being checked by a nurse and EMT that were on site. I was extremely lucky that it wasn't worse. Only another week or two before I'm back in the air. I have a handful of jumps on various other canopies, the smallest being an Onyx 95. I also jump large canopies for demos(and for fun). I regularly use either a falcon 265 and a startrek 290, I enjoy flying the large canopies just as much as the small ones. Canopy flight has always come naturally to me, freeflying on the other hand not so much.
  18. Just did one recently! It was kind of planned but not really. Did a demo and stayed longer then planned. Dropped one jumper at his house on the way back, then flew over another airport and me and one other jumper got out, so we had runway lights atleast. The jumps were planned...at night was not, we were expecting sun setish jumps, but got full night with no moon. So we didn't exactly have night gear. Not exactly smart, but it was fun! All very experienced PRO rated jumpers.......
  19. deep seed makes them in leather, more of a suede...since they have patterns and lots of material for suits and such. I would give them a call or send an email and ask if they would make a non leather one. I just got one from them and love it. I like jumping the leather, non ribbed fraps on tandems :) Are you looking for non leather because of the padded ribs? or do you just not want leather?
  20. We have a few guys at my home DZ that can pack a strong tandem in 5-7 min all day long, they usually do two at at time. flake a lay out one and use a mat to squeeze air out while starting number two. So yes two in 15 min is very doable. And what really amazes me, it how good the opening are for pack jobs that get done so fast!. When I pack fast (10 min for 1) I usually get not so great openings. But these guys give good openings all day everyday....... Oh and no hanging hooks either.
  21. It's what I would do. Well not sure about the 270 part, but with a stuck toggle, I would definitely land my cross braced canopy on rears. You usually do anyway. All depends on the person's experience and the canopy they are jumping.
  22. Look at the chest strap and belly bands! They are adjusted and have the excess stowed in the elastic bands. Tandem rigs are on the TIs......... I have about 3000 tandems and always finish my harness adjustments once I start putting it on.
  23. Exactly what the others said, a 150 crossfire 2 is not an appropriate first canopy (Esp for a sub 100 jump person). It is a high performance canopy and requires at least a couple hundred jumps. From their website: The Crossfire represents a massive leap forward in performance from any other 9 cell in the world. Its swoop capability almost rivals cross-braced canopies such as the EXTreme FX, while maintaining numerous desirable flight characteristics; a long recovery arc, incredible swoop distance and unparalleled openings. The Crossfire 2 shares the same impressive capabilities as its predecessor, plus some of the most responsive toggle and riser control inputs of any canopy in the market. It has a light front riser pressure and an even longer recovery arc. The Crossfire 2 is a highly elliptical, constant cell aspect ratio, closed nose, fully surface shaped inflatable wing capable of unrivaled performance. It will out perform any non cross-braced 9 cell available. The Icarus Crossfire is a High Performance Elliptical ZP 9-cell canopy specifically designed for experienced ram air pilots. The Crossfire is highly and truly elliptical in its planform shaping, on both the leading and trailing edges. The cell widths vary across the canopy, maintaining a constant cell aspect ratio to control distortion, and drooped wing tips to minimize wing tip drag.