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  1. Cameraman of Hayabusa usually uses 2 Sony FDR-X3000 (without boxes) mounted side by side on top of Cookie G3
  2. Hi! I'm looking for dual camera mount for 2 Sony X3000 on top of Tonfly 3X or Cookie G3. What i would like to have: 1. Fast removing - like Cookie Flatlock/Tonfly mount etc 2. Some opening on bottom for fast access to card slot without unscrewing cameras. 3. Possibility to change angle/inclination of cameras. 4. Clean setup as much as possible without snag points. I just saw similar setup with 2 Sony X3000 side by side without boxes on top of CookieG3 with Flatlock, but don't have photos unfortunately... Any ideas/photos or links :)?
  3. Odyssey is in the same class with Katana (especially about "negative" recovery arc), but not with Sabre2. Odyssey likes to be loaded and dive a lot in the turn with front risers. Magellan is much closer to Sabre2
  4. During my downsizing i switched from Katana-107 (1.7) to Odyssey-90 (1.9). Made with it 300+ jumps before going in Velo-79 and Scirocco-77. Nice canopy, no complain. It's likes to be loaded, so for wingload 1.4-1.5 i would sugest Magelan from Skylark. It's not ripoff copy of Crossfire2 for sure, for my POV it's good mix of Katana and Crossfire2 :) Waiting for OdysseyEVO 85/90 to test it :)
  5. Wings W1 (smallest one) with PDR-113 inside. 10+ cutaways on this rig with no problems/hesitations :)
  6. Last year i was jumping in Italy. You need to buy 3rd party liability insurance. I bought in DZ cheapest one - 90 euro for 1 year (1.5 mln euro cover). http://www.pegasoparacadutisti.it/polizze.asp http://www2.pianetavolo.it/upload/PARACADUTISMO_2017.pdf Be ready also to make a visit to "sport doctor" tor medical test if DZ request it, other 50-100 euro
  7. I'm using McDavid. Ankle, knee braces and shorts under swoop pants for ass swooping. http://www.mcdavidusa.com/
  8. Thanks! Solving problem with seat belts is first, 6 passengers is second, we will decide after weighting plane, fuel, passengers etc
  9. We are in Jordan near Dead Sea, 1200 fts bellow sea level with intended jump altitude 9000-10000 fts. First of all need solution with seat belts, than think about permission for 6 passengers.
  10. Hello! Same problem with Cessna-206U. Local authorities doesn't give us permission to fly with 6 passengers + pilot, only 6 including pilot. Also need to install "certified seat belts" on plane that worked before in skydiving without seat belts. Any recommendations how to solve this problem in short time with minimal expenses?
  11. I know some packers who can pack 100+ sport rigs in one day, but not on regular basis all month long. So i was interesting to know same info about packing tandems, "regular day" and "super intensive day" a how it's possible to improve it. Regular 30-40 pack jobs, intensive 50-70?
  12. Thanks for suggestion! I know this method, but not everywhere you can found this thick carpet/mat ..
  13. Thanks! So you can make 60-70 pack jobs in the day :)? What container and canopy inside it - Sigma with Icarus? Less time for attaching drogue and setting the brakes?
  14. Thanks for answer! Packing "on hook" i saw once in Belgium. One of the reason they use this method - place is ex-military airfield/hangar, so they need/obligated to pack tandem (Sigmas) and student rigs in "military style"/on hook in separated area with 2 steel cords and hooks. A little easier for inspection and you don't need to keep big canopies on your shoulder. Sport rigs were packed in "common way" on the floor.