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  1. Good day good people! Haz question... Does anyone know of insurance companies that will lend skydiving insurance to American fools such as myself who exit aircraft in flight for the hell of it? I recently discovered, for a solo jumper to get airtime in Italy, one requires $1.5 Million dollars of coverage. Any place someone can point me to get started would be appreciated. I'm not sure how navigating insurance works, particularly if it requires a foreign insurer. I am in Sigonella through mid August and would like to get jumps before going back to Florida.
  2. Afternoon all, I've been overseas in Sicily for several months for work and I haven't had an opportunity to get in any jumps. I'm trying to get some in while here before I head back stateside in August. I brought my USPA card and log book, but according to USPA site there are no affiliated DZs in Sicily. So, if I want to jump, can I do a refresher course with Italian instructors? (A-license, 54 jumps)
  3. What's up everybody, name's Daine. Just got my A at Z-Hills and I now have the itch to jump out of a plane and straight into the poor house