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  1. azureriders

    two out cutaway-rsl side riser release
  2. azureriders

    Most tandem jumps - who?

    that source does not seem very creditable when it also claims that he has 2 million skydives total. just saying
  3. azureriders

    holding your straps

    there is one possiblility I can think of right off. If this is the case then there are other better ways of handling this, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. If you are small, and your Instructor was small, and if you had a not so small person shooting video, you may have been asked to keep your arms in to help reduce drag and keep up the fall rate for the videographer. The only other times I have seen this, was in case of previous shoulder injuries.
  4. azureriders

    cx150 quick connect - media slot

    well I guess no one is using a quick connect attachment for the cx150 at all?? or maybe just no one wants to talk to me??
  5. azureriders

    Mounting a small point and shoot

    jump numbers? have you read the sticky at the top of the photography forum?
  6. azureriders

    Kudos to USPA

    ok, I know the USPA is not perfect in many ways, but you just described my experience each and every time I have ever called them, and it has been a few calls with multitple topics.
  7. azureriders

    Cameye-2, how big is the hole?

    I use a 5/8 in bit. Translates I believe to 15.875 mm.
  8. azureriders

    Quick Question for Psycho Pack Experts

    1 & 2 are pretty much up to you and what you want out of your openings. Personally, I do a standard pro pack until you would be ready to s fold the canopy to go in the bag. Then I turn the pack job over, roll it up and shove the bag over it. Kind of a pro pack with a psycho bagging technique. The picture in question 4 shows a bridle extension specially made for psycho packing. This is not necessary but does make things easier. If you are not using one you just need to pull the Pilot Chute Atachment Point out from the center of your roll and allow some canopy material to serve as a bridal extension to get your bridal back to the proper location on the pack job before going into the bag. Think about where your bridle normally comes from on an S folded pack job vs coming from the end of the roll on a psycho pack. After your canopy is bagged, be sure the pilot chute is still cocked. Especially if you are NOT using a bridle extension. If you cocked it before you bagged the canopy, and then it is not quiet cocked after you bag it, go ahead and step on the bag and recock the pilot chute. You should not be moving the kill line very much. I find my psycho bagged openings to be on heading and a bit slower than if I s fold. just my $0.02
  9. azureriders

    Would you front mount it or top mount it?

    Depends? Are you thinking on your head, or on the Otter?
  10. azureriders

    Storage Cabinet Ideas - Help Please

    That is my line of work, carpentry and design. I built just such a cabinet for the editing staff at our DZ. The craftmanship, although adequate is just plain and simple, kind of built in a hurry. But the design impresses most that see it. I will take some pictures this weekend and post them for you.
  11. azureriders

    rolling canopy

    That is exactly how I pack. Works great for me.
  12. azureriders

    Thoughts on Precision Fusion

    Only have a few demo jumps on a fusion 190ish at about 1.3 : 1. Slider was bit overly prone to sticking up, never had a problem pumping it down with breaks or rears though. Also found it to be mushy in deep breaks, really did not like that. Other than that it flew ok and landed fine.
  13. azureriders

    CF to DVD/CD?

    Ditto, I have been looking all day over the net, finding nothing that impresses me. In my case CF to CD would be fine, although DVD would be nice. So let us know.
  14. azureriders

    Purpose of pilot chute mesh

    some older millitary PCs had lines instead of mesh. The mesh serves the same purpose as lines would, with 0 chance of entanglement. Or atleast that is my understanding.