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    Sure was a Windjammer Barefoot cruise... It was a shame what happened to them (the owner/founder died, and all the kids wanted passive income without putting anything into the company) Wendy P.
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    Oh no, there’s nothing cheap about those trips Wendy P.
  3. Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t answer this seriously Wendy P.
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    We’re doing the classic Antarctica one in December. I’ve actually been on two (gifts from my father); the first was one of the best vacations in my life. It was a sailing ship in the Caribbean during the 1997 solar eclipse. Small ship, so we went to all the ports that don’t have giant docks. We saw whales and the Montserrat eruption, too. The second (supposed to be a Mayan ruins trip) was a complete snoozer, exactly what I’d’ve thought a cruise would be like until I’d done the first one. So yeah, not my thing, but if you choose wisely, it can be awesome. Wendy P.
  5. I'm an old person -- an SOS as well -- and this is the political section of dropzone.com. It's where the politics belongs. Not everyone here agrees on stuff, but it's generally easy to agree that guys in their mid and late 30's shouldn't really be paying for women in their teens. Wendy P.
  6. Naw, then we'd just have to outlaw spray paint, and righteous gun totin' women would knit covers for the guns
  7. When your (and my) immigrant grandparents came through Ellis Island, it was almost entirely the passthrough for European immigrants. In those days, the "undesirables" were the southern Europeans, like the Greeks and Italians. Chinese and others from the orient were almost entirely excluded either by fiat (Chinese Exclusion Act) or practicalities (no travel infrastructure in much of the world). I agree that some sort of system needs to happen. The practicalities of two long, largely unprotected, borders, with one of them being with a country with a significantly lower standard of living makes that a very difficult problem, because a very large number of people from the souht of hte US would love to move here. Living two families in a 2-BR apartment, or doing migrant work, isn't great. But the lights turn on when you flip the switch, you can drink the water, there is food in the stores, and it's not a violent most of the time. It's better than where they are now, and nearly everyone wants opportunity for their children. Wendy P.
  8. Gowlerk asked why the last thread was locked Only if you think that it's because Olof had the "temerity" to continue to answer Brent, rather than just ignore the drivel. That would be pretty much the definition of either clueless or entitled. Wendy P.
  9. Brent, "several data points" when it's not part of an overall trend is fairly meaningless. It's kind of like mutual funds that said "we've done really well for the last 10 years, even through the last stock crash" in 2007, or anyone, ever, who has said that real estate always goes up. You know that, you're picking nits because that's all you've got. And if we've started to do better on some pollutants, let's not ease up because everything is hunky dory. That's kind of like a dieter saying "I've reached my goal weight, now I can go back to eating all I want and not exercising." Wendy P.
  10. The original post is one of the most intellectually dishonest cherry-picking posts I've read in awhile. I parsed one of the sources that was quoted - the NOAA page. There were 12 statements that included judgment. 11 of them made reference to less ice and/or warmer temperatures. The twelfth simply said that the area (Oceania) had its smallest temperature departure since 2012. So basically you're playing Queen of Hearts, saying that words mean whatever you want them to mean, because they sure don't mean what you seem to be inferring. As far as "agriculture depends on CO2, well, yes, it does. You depend on water, too, but you can drown in it. Wendy P.
  11. Now to get back to the topic, saying that "it hasn't changed this century" is very different from saying "it hasn't changed in a century." We have data going back much farther, and cherry-picking the data is exactly that -- cherry picking to get the result you want, in order to: stop discussion! Wendy P.
  12. This is a discussion forum. That means that material that's posted is subject to discussion. It also means that your choice of source, you selection of specific data, and the data itself is subject to discussion. Discussion, as defined by Webster, means consideration of a topic in open and usually informal debate. So if you don't intend this to happen to what you post, then don't post it. Trolling is still banned as well. Wendy P.
  13. Trust me, liberals all know what Fox news is. Especially if we live in the South, simply because it's on every single public TV (like the ones at the gym, the ones at the airport, the ones in doctor's offices, etc). What I got out of the chart is the Republicans are much more likely to trust Fox alone, while Democrats are a little more trusting in general. Personally, I'd rather trust a lot of sources equally, than find a single source and use it for everything. That second requires less mental effort, but it would sure make me more open to manipulation. Wendy P.
  14. I did it, too. My sister-in-law the infection control nurse, along with my sister-in-law the public health doctor, told me when I asked them that it was over-the-top, but that didn't bother me much. I did quit eventually. Wendy P.
  15. For a short while, and not that many doctors. The thing is, it doesn't impact westerly in the least, what headoverheel's friend does. Except that it gives them an "opportunity" to make cheap fun of someone. And if it makes h/h's friend more comfortable with managing his health, then who cares? Frankly, the interchange says a lot more about westerly than to h/h's friend. I soaked my greens for awhile (never did wipe down boxes etc). But then I grew up overseas, and soaking the greens was something we just did anyway, because everyone else did, and people who soaked their greens generally didn't get sick. Wendy P
  16. Airdvr, "mainstream media" is defined to "other" the media. To keep entirely away from mainstream media means to stick with the fringe sites that say whatever it takes to get attention. Mainstream media is one of the places that regularly has the information to educate oneself about what's going on. Just consider each source when you read between its lilnes. I don't watch evening news or anything like that, but I do read the local paper, and the Sunday NY Times, and listen to a lot of NPR. And anyway, anything important will be in DZ.com... Wendy P.
  17. Because, after all, boys will be boys, but Biden had better not trip up! Wendy P.
  18. Too many people are more than capable of having empathy for people they identify with, it's just the "others" who don't get cut any slack. We need to have "human" be the main category, and go from there, in judging people as individuals, rather than as (Muslim, white, foreigner, freeflyer, whatever). That's why the same guy who got 5 tickets as a teenager and was able to take defensive driving to get out of them can say "well, he shouldn't have been speeding!" with a straight face. Wendy P.
  19. I find that not paying attention to or watching that network is what I can do. Wendy P.
  20. That’s not news! When will he bite the dog? Wendy P.
  21. Exactly. My brothers and I went through that thought process (but didn't need to actually do it) when my father needed more care. As it happens, his life ran out just as his income would have taken a dive, requiring us (his three kids) to start paying out of pocket. The little extra that he'd had set aside as an inheritance went to private nursing for a short while when we thought he could return to his senior living complex without assistance. We would have paid the cost of what he needed, but it would have begun to sting after awhile. BUT: he didn't need advanced care, just a personal care home, which his social security and retirement covered until the stock market crash in 2008, that would have impacted his retirement noticeably. Wendy P.
  22. This, definitely. And that would mean that the rest of us have to pay higher prices. But, ya know -- I can pay higher prices, and spend a larger percentage of my income. What Bigun said up above about the restauranteur angling to get government money rather than paying to bail out his restaurants himself is pretty key. We aren't owed keeping our savings by the government; those savings are to help protect us. I don't plan on divesting myself of all assets if I ever need nursing home care so that I can go on Medicaid -- that money is there to serve me, not my heirs. That doesn't mean that I would turn down disaster funding if I needed it and was eligible, but I really can't imagine myself working my life out to get someone else to pay. Wendy P.
  23. To expand on Olofscience's point, when I lived in Houston, I was in the 100-year flood plain (which means 100 years, in Houston...). I was even on roughly the highest point in the neighborhood (based on when we did have street flooding). Nevertheless, I had flood insurance. I never needed it, but had the flooding actually reached my house (as opposed to stopping at the top of the sidewalk, as it did once), I would have been prepared. Wendy P.
  24. Would you like a report on how well it worked, as well? Wendy P.
  25. Well, Buchanan may have been gay; he certainly never married. So maybe it’s just people who pretty reliably were reported to have had affairs. Wendy P.