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  1. Let's keep the discussion to the cutters Wendy P.
  2. We're PC users, but also iphone users. My husband was issued one at work when they first came out, and didn't want to learn a new interface when he retired. I got the same thing so that we can use each others' iphones when navigating in the RV or doing anything else like that when one is driving. Wendy P.
  3. It might be too subtle Wendy P.
  4. Doing it a little too brown there. Bigun is no racist, and he's making no such claims. He is suggesting that painting all Republicans with the same brush is just as wrong as painting all of any group Wendy P.
  5. OK, I think I understand what you're saying, but it's slurs rather than stereotypes that generally get you bounced. And generally only when applied to other posters. Yeah, it's a fine line, and kind of wiggly and fuzzy too. Wendy P.
  6. well, turns out he reset his apple ID. since its my phone, its pretty clear why it didnt work.
  7. Never mind, the password doesnt work for me. Im so happy. Y`all better be nice tonight Wendy P.
  8. wrong place I know, but Im in a pretty big pickle, and this is where there are the mosts people posting. Im out of the country, and my iphone is kaput. Obviously my password saver was on - you guessed it - the iphone. so he changed the password at home. What I am wondering is will that be enough to go to a store, get a new phone, and have it reloaded overseas? In the past, apple id password resets have been problematic. I am thoroughly stressed right now and wont try to configure the new phone I have sitting in its box on the table; I'd probably fuck it up. thanks Wendy P.
  9. I have no inputs on healing from this; I do know people who have recovered from compression fractures and gone back to jumping. What does your doctor say about the length of time its taking to heal? It seems really long. And, I hate to mention it, but could there be a bone density issue? You're young, but it isn't unheard of. I'm sorry youre going through this. Wendy P.
  10. Nah, it's just proof that gays consider the ability to consent more important than the gender of the receiving hole. Do conservatives? Like that broad brush? Wendy P.
  11. And maybe we also need to make It clear that humans have dealt with that much climate change before; it’s just that now we have a whole lot more humans, and a whole lot more infrastructure to protect. Many homeowners never need their insurance, but most carry it, and do maintenance, anyway Wendy P.
  12. It’s just as wrong to conflate 9/11 with all Muslims as it is to conflate the war in Palestine with all Jews. It’s also wrong to say that because you think 9/11 was wrong you hate Muslims, or the same about the war in Palestine. Mainly because in fact the enemy of your enemy might not be your friend, even for a single battle. Wendy P.
  13. Dude, you sounded like a new skydiver with a problem you were trying to figure out without enough tools. Just like everyone else, only every one of us has different problems. And awesome to get your A. You’ve got a lot more tools to work on problems, but you’ll get new problems, and you still won’t have the tools to solve them all. Just like all of us! Wendy P.
  14. Mine on the other hand was a Ford Falcon with slashed seats, rust holes in the floor and roof covered with duct tape, and paint so bad it ran in the rain. Didn't last long, but I only paid $150 for it Wendy P.
  15. Shopping for videos there is kind of like shopping for church clothes at Frederick's of Hollywood Wendy P.
  16. That is really impressive Wendy P.
  17. Would it help if I changed the title to “on topic?” Wendy P.
  18. Oh, an airplane is much easier! Remember it’s aviation software I’m familiar with. Wendy P.
  19. Personally I’d say that the more controlled the environment, the more likely I’ll be to trust it. Middle lane on a long-distance freeway with mins and maxes (even if they’re not followed) much more than the middle of a city. Or, even worse, an urban section of highway with lots of exits and entrances that people realize at the last moment they need. Because the more variables there are to keep up with, the less comfortable I am that they’ll all be reinitialized when necessary, or otherwise dealt with Wendy P.
  20. I saw Foster at a previous protest about a month earlier. He was emphatically open carrying; I believe it was an AR-15 or something that looked like it, I believe in a sling over his left arm. That day he was pushing his partner’s wheelchair. He was a regular at BLM and ICE internment camps protests from what I heard Wendy P.
  21. I’ll say the homemaker is an extremely important job; I’ll just disagree that it’s necessarily a woman’s job Wendy P.
  22. I’ll admit I feel sorry for people who are attracted to minors and have a strong sex drive. Not that it’s acceptable, it’s not. It’s just that their life is a constant fight with their true selves. If they have a weaker sex drive, it’s a little easier to keep going. To me, these are different axes people are on (like gender and hétero/homosexuality) by brain chemistry or nature. Just as a straight person can have sex with someone of the same gender, but it just doesnt feel right It’s not a choice for some people; the choice is the daily fight against acting on their nature. But since their nature doesn’t work with consent, well, it’s not acceptable. Their life is harder; sometimes much harder, depending on the rest of their character, chemistry, and social support Wendy P.
  23. I am SO with you. I even got a keyboard for my tablet. Its on-screen keyboard is way worse than an iPad’s Wendy P.