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  1. But then, being me, I try to imagine what they went through to get there in the first place. I've had a couple of acquaintances who were roundly considered to be assholes. But both were noticeably on the autism/Asperger's spectrum, one had had an abusive father, and the other had an older brother who was incredibly good-looking and personable ("why can't you be more like Johnny?"). So, well, stuff. Doesn't make them easier to deal with, but each wants to, and has, contributed to the world in ways that satisfy them. Wendy P.
  2. And to put the icing on the cake, Marjorie Taylor Greene went up to Liz Cheney and yelled at her for not thinking about the "American People," and called her a joke. An excellent example of statesmanship. Wendy P.
  3. What if they're trying to educate you about people like them? Even if you're not interested, because you think you already know enough? Woke, to many people, is an acknowledgment that they didn't, in fact, already know enough. Wendy P.
  4. wmw999


    What non-cartoon-character is doing that with any of the complex problems that we have in the world right now? I don't know of any. I do know people saying that if we can alleviate one thing, even if we can't alleviate others, then maybe we should do so. Kind of like how they give diabetics insulin. That doesn't fix the broken pancreas, but it does alleviate the symptoms. Wendy P.
  5. Except that Bill didn't say that his month in Africa and his management of a trans woman made him an expert, or even knowledgeable. It just illuminated the degree of his ignorance. That's valuable. There might even be things you're ignorant of, Winsor. Wendy P.
  6. I’m afraid we’ll just have to agree to disagree. It’s capable of abuse, like everything else. Wendy P.
  7. wmw999


    I spent the morning touring the US Library of Congress. Looking at the recreation (so far) of Jefferson’s library, and considering that honest research into many western histories would have to include books in it gives one an entirely different perspective on the word “research.” Because in order to know when to start you have to have some idea of the boundaries. If you’re helping to establish the boundaries, you still have to have some idea of the old ones. I just don’t thing googling cuts it as anything other than picking a random direction much of the time. Wendy P.
  8. wmw999


    If the antibodies aren’t lifelong (as they aren’t in at least the common cold, another coronavirus), then those low death rates for unvaccinated might be a chimera. Because they’ll keep catching it. Wendy P.
  9. The thing about woke isn’t that it’s perfect (it’s not). It’s that people who aren’t like you (and me) don’t get to decide about other people. Wendy P.
  10. OK, so it’s where naturally oppositional people hang out. Kind of like Speaker’s Corner Wendy P.
  11. wmw999


    We’re on home stretch of a couple months on the road. The last full week will be in Washington DC at museums — because museum-goers, even in Arkansas, wear masks. Cave tourers (national park, so it’s mandated) - nope grocery store customers - nope mansion tour - nope Note many of these were places with mask requirements (well, not the groceries in Kentucky…). But people just blow it off, or take them off when it’s dark out to show how independent they are. So we’re hoping museums will attract a better crowd. Even Crystal Bridges in Arkansas had complete masking in the indoors — and most of the people brought their own, rather than resentfully taking the museum-provided ones. Too many experts, too few facts. And I loved that exchange that ryoder posted Wendy P.
  12. wmw999


    When a polarizing national figure decides that he didn’t want to let a crisis go to waste (ie downplay it to gain short-term favor), it’s not surprising it would turn into a bone of contention. Wendy P.
  13. I’m interested in both. But I’m also a longtime veteran of the space program, and as such I’m quite convinced that we did, in fact, go to the moon. I wasn’t involved then obviously, but I worked with a lot of people who were. And, to a man (all the ones I knew were), they helped put men on the moon, some participating in the real-time support of the computer systems. Wendy P.
  14. Some people are more deserving of equal protection than others. After all, they paid for it with their taxes, and this is a capitalist society. At least that’s how I think the thinking goes. Kind of like how more money can buy better justice in criminal and civil cases Wendy P.
  15. wmw999


    With choices come consequences. One of them is the loss of respect of people who pay attention to underlying statistical analysis-based science rather than sought-out anecdotes. Wendy P.
  16. wmw999


    So are you allergic to any of the ingredients in any of the vaccines — in the amount they’re present in? If you go looking for a doctor who will tell you what you want to hear, you can find one. There are probably still doctors out there who say smoking is OK. Well, maybe that smoking is better than alcoholism and/or opioid addiction, but people who are looking for convenient answers tend to ignore the caveats. Wendy P.
  17. I think he wants people to forget it because he still wants to have a future in power playing. Wendy P.
  18. Oops, you’re right. Better hair Wendy P.
  19. Jeff Bezos’s New Shepherd rocket will take a new group into space, including William Shatner, the original Star Trek Captain Kirk. No matter your opinion of his company, rocket, or hairstyle, there’s something cool to me that two of his first passengers are one of the women who were tested for the astronaut core in the early 1960’s, before being told “sorry, ain’t gonna happen,” and Captain Kirk Wendy P.
  20. They do it all the time around here. Going unmasked and unvaccinated into businesses with clear signs on the entry asking that only vaccinated people to unmasked. Wendy P.
  21. Then there’s the problem of birth females who identify male, right? They’re stealing privilege. Wendy P.
  22. Aw nuts. What a shock. Wendy P.
  23. Those statements can be considered part of wokeness. Anything is a joke if you take only the extreme. After all, conservatives require their women to dress in long skirts and have as many babies as they can pump out — I saw it on “15/16/17/18/19 Kids and Counting.” Wendy P.
  24. White men are not the majority. Young people have introduced language and change to culture probably forever. Cool used to only mean a little cold. Gay meant happy. But when gays took that word and used it within their own group as an in-term, they “took it away.” Gender and sexual orientation aren’t choices; what someone does is a choice. Criminal behavior is a choice — sometimes one driven by mental or social pressures, but nevertheless a choice. But we haven’t done away with money because some people steal it. We haven’t done away with guns because some people misuse them. Wendy P.