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    Someone has the tag line that shit happens mostly to people who don’t understand physics. I think we have to add biology to that... Wendy P
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    Truth is truth, whether or not it serves right, wrong, or the narrative. Best to learn to deal with it. Wendy P.
  3. If you look at this chart you’ll see that few hurricanes in june and july is pretty much par for the course. Wendy P.
  4. I wasn’t trying to hold you guys up as examples of liberalism. I was just being honest about providing an example to try for. I do stand by my comment that agreeing with science increases the chance of being right in the first place. Wendy P.
  5. I can provide examples from myself admitting I was wrong, or at least grateful for more information. I know you no longer think COVID is a hoax, and I know turtlespeed has changed on a couple of things, and I think Bigun has on climate science (although he might have always felt that way). One thing to consider is that when one sides with science, it’s generally easier to be right in the first place. Wendy P.
  6. My prediction: someone in Q-land (not necessarily north Georgia) will get scared and defensive at a protest and let loose with automatic gunfire. This will be regrettable. Wendy P.
  7. Many of those war memorials were erected during the height of the Jim Crow era, to display power. How does that not have to do with race? Do you know why Emancipation Park in Houston was bordered by streets named for Confederate heroes? Because the city council at the time was pissed that the Blacks has been able to get together and buy some land so they could have a park, too. They couldn’t go to any other park. Wendy P.
  8. Nope. Crack was mainly cheaper and faster. In some ways it’s worse, in some ways better. But the people who used it at the time couldn’t fight back as effectively as the people who used cocaine. If effects on unborn babies was the issue it would have been more harshly penalized far later, and there would be more penalty for alcohol. One can always find what one is looking for, if you just know how to redefine it And I’m sure that lawmakers were doing the right thing, and didn’t discuss targeting minorities in session. It’s just that they could see the effects of one (Crack) and consider them as true of everyone, and see the effects of the other (cocaine) and consider them as exceptions. Wendy P.
  9. So they exercised their right to carry, and they protested. I just saw a similar protest of white people outside the Texas Capitol railing against masks, vaccines, and for Trump. Also heavily armed. Kind of like the “right to carry” protests. Ya know, they have the same rights you do. Just different opinions. And a monument to the “glorious lost cause”’ is appalling anyway. Wendy P.
  10. Turtle, you are always defending Trump for balance. And because you can understand that segment of the population. You consistently attack BLM — is that for balance too? The idea of Black Lives Matter is that they are as worth protecting by the police and other institutions of America. Examples of this not being true are disproportionately present in our society. That’s the whole point of the movement. That individuals who aren’t representatives of the society and law enforcement don’t adhere to that is irrelevant — it’s expecting the other guy to be perfect before you’re willing to make any changes Wendy P.
  11. I’ll go first. No point if I’m not willing. Pot is legal where I am now, and drinking is legal at my age, but neither always was. And in high school I shoplifted a couple of times as a challenge (yeah, weird). Everything is way past statute of limitations, obviously. The advantage of being old is that stupid shit is no longer as interesting. Im not a minority wearing an evil thug hoodie. Wendy P.
  12. I’ve done stuff — we all have. And some folks talk about minorities who get into trouble as deserving it because they shouldn’t have offended. So here’s an anonymous poll. I had such a good reputation in high school that when I climbed over the fence to skip with two other guys, they were called in the next day and I wasn’t because it couldn’t have been me. When you’re a minority in many places, you don’t get that pass, and they’re looking for you to cause trouble in the first place. Wendy P.
  13. I went to a protest today, and spent some time talking to my nibling who’s very involved in thus. Defund is a shitty word, and doesn’t mean abolish. But yes, abolish entrenched systems that kinda sorta naturally favor people who are already favored. Some of you are old enough to remember when cocaine ran around the DZ. Cocaine was illegal, but it’s quicker, cheaper version (crack) was WAY more illegal. Since it was cheaper, it was more favored by minorities. Bingo - another way I win! If I get caught, it’s a minor penalty or slap on the wrist probably. If someone gets caught with crack, it’s major jail time. No, that’s not fair — it definitely makes it easier to be white. So not only reduce the breadth of what the police do (it’s chicken to just give them more money because no one wants to fund mental health), but also make sure that all the little favorings are reduced or eliminated. They exist — most of us got away with stupid stuff when we were young. I sure did. But we weren’t suspected in the first place because we didn’t look like thugs. Wendy
  14. To be very honest, I think it’s hard to ascribe all of the rise in unemployment and the fall in GDP since COVID to Trump. It’s an outlier event. He owns the national response, and he owns the increase in the deficit, and he owns the tone set at the national level to COVID response. In fact, that increased deficit was his idea, no less. He’s a lousy president doing a lousy job, but given the generally noncompliant people in the US, there‘d’vê almost certainly been a double spike regardless. We can be real idiots leaning on our “freedom,” not realizing that perceived freedom is at someone else’s expense. It’s a human trait. Wendy P.
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    I’ll admit I’m traveling right now, in Texas no less. But I’m bringing my home (20-foot RV) with me, living in it, and visiting in driveways. Had some fairly urgent business better done in person, and my health profession sisters in law said be paranoid, but not scared. Wendy P.
  16. No, it depends on when a fetus becomes a person. Person as in cognitive and to some extent legal rights. Wendy P.
  17. Is it a problem you’re willing to help with? If not, then it’s probably not your business. Wendy P.
  18. History is only important when it’s part of the right narrative. Wendy P.
  19. I just got a canopy from him. It was fine. The canopy came from Georgia, but the bank (and i assume previous owner) were somewhere else. Wendy P.
  20. Is it important that she was female? Wendy P.
  21. Defund the police isn’t the same as abolish the police (although it’s easy to infer that from a lousy choice of words). It’s treat the police as an arm of the government (and if you’re conservative, remember that you supposedly dont want a government any bigger than you can drown in the bathtub). it means quit adding funds to the police for mental health because it’s easier than setting up mental health. It means quit adding funds to the police for homelessness because it’s easier than setting up homelessness services. Likewise drugs abuse, and so many other things that we’ve been throwing money at the police to do because in this law and order rules age, we know fewer people will object than if we say we want to help those people. Once they’re back to patrolling streets mainly, then they don’t need all the military shit, and the US can go back to mothballing it in the desert, highlighting even more what a fucking waste war is. Wendy P.
  22. In this day of photoshop and deep fakes, I find photographic evidence to be less and less convincing. And two wrongs don’t make a right, neither for the mayor, nor for the protestors. The mayor is a chickenshit asshole, the homeowners are aggressive assholes, and I kind of hope they find some charge to stick, and the protestors really should have stayed at the gates of the subdivision, highlighting the separation of the mayor from his city. The protestors will never win the hearts and minds of people like the gun couple. But if they lose some of our hearts and minds, and many of us are disposed to agree with them, it wasn’t a great choice. Wendy P.
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    Well, that was largely why the split happened. Wendy P.
  24. wmw999


    1965 — that was when the Voting Rights Act, Great Society, and just a couple of years before the Fair Housing Act. Ron, if that’s really the rationale behind your thinking, damn, I was wrong. Wendy P.