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  1. I believe that's considered to be a feature, not a problem. Edit to add: Note that I think it's a problem. If you're scaring the police, how are you supporting them? Wendy P.
  2. So how big do you think our prison system needs to be? Is curing (i.e. waiting for people to offend, and then having a trial and locking htem up) better than trying to prevent in the first place? Why do so many other countries get by with so much less prison space? Do you think the easy access to firearms across the country is a factor? Wendy P.
  3. And what known quantity has each of the people in that colorful meme cast aside? Or did they cast it aside because it wasn't relevant, document that, and move on? Kind of like how the number of tulips in Belgium isn't very relevant to whether the Russians shot down the Malaysian airliner in 2014? Wendy P.
  4. What overt demoralization process? And is Biden going to have the same fate as the Clinton Crime Family? Enquiring minds want to know. Wendy P.
  5. That's some funny shit, there. Wendy P.
  6. This week’s NT Times magazine had a truly excellent article about Thomas Midgely Jr, the man who, in the 20’s, was responsible for revolutionizing gasoline engines with the addition of lead to gasoline, and refrigeration, with the invention of Freon. Apparently the main reason that lead, instead of ethanol (which also had anti-knock properties) was selected, was because industry could patent lead. It was already general knowledge that lead had negative effects on health and development, just not how pervasive it was going to be. Both had positive effects, but it could be argued that their negative effects far outweighed their positive ones. Kind of like all the “só a little ice is melting” arguments. Who stands to make the most money? The Man Who Broke the World Wendy P.
  7. So as long as there are minority miscreants, then "good people like you" don't have to do anything, is that it? Bullshit. If we're seeing an increase in hate crimes, then maybe we should look at that, and not focus first on whether every.single.potential.victim is as pure as the driven snow. And, again, saying that boat people dying makes up for it is also bullshit. It's like saying that gun fatalities are more justifiable than car fatalities, because guns are a right, and cars are a privilege. It's complete and utter bullshit. Wendy P.
  8. Apparently it’s used now more by its critics. Again, kind of like woke I’m wondering, through, what happened to Islamofascism? Remember when that was a big dog whistle? Wendy P.
  9. Is that like using “woke?” Wendy P.
  10. I mean immediate in the sense of being close by and right now (admittedly not the primary definition) Wendy P.
  11. When you consider what’s reported in the news (“if it bleeds it leads”), it’s not really surprising that so many people think the world is really dangerous in middle America. Any violence, anywhere, is reported as though it were immediate. Wendy P.
  12. We don’t know if the software has a limit; it’s not stated. But you’re right, he’s only lasted a couple of days each time recently Wendy P.
  13. Back in the days of the "gang of 8" that were trying to come up with a way to balance the budget (no one wants to hurt their constituents -- only other people's), that was one of the first targets. It distorts the shelter market in general. Wendy P.
  14. We really need a sarcasm font here, don't we... Wendy P.
  15. He regularly posts facts. Cherry-picked, sometimes out of context, to prove a point. After all, murder and ice cream sales do, in fact, correlate -- coincidence? I'll let you draw the conclusion Wendy P.
  16. wmw999


    Is that like "if you're going to get raped, might as well lean back and enjoy it?" Wendy P.
  17. There might be subtler meanings there, y'know. "Downfalls of democracy" is general, and isn't the same as "downfalls of being a pure democracy." But as long as you get to slam someone you see as a liberal, it's all good, right? The US is neither a pure democracy nor a pure republic. After all, the main distinguishing thing of a republic is that the leader is not royal. How do the leaders get there? Why, democracy! Wendy P.
  18. I'd prefer an animated eye-rolling emoji. Just sayin' Wendy P.
  19. Im not sure I agree with this. If you have money you know is uninsured, then it’s uninsured. Kind of like the second or third time ou rebuild your house after it floods. Wendy P.
  20. I wasn't in the US in sixth grade, and studied the country I was living in. Interesting how you don't address my actual points, though; the focus on the failures of democracy, and the question about willingness to invest in math education. Do you at least accept that we use democratic methods to elect our representatives, especially on a local basis? Wendy P.
  21. I would also support subsidized child care. Wendy P.
  22. If your son's school is focusing on the downfalls of democracy, and highlighting being a republic instead, it sounds like they are indoctrinating their students. Just that it's in a way that you approve of. How willing are you to pay more taxes to improve math education in Florida? Even if your son is doing well, it sounds like Floridian children in general aren't. Wendy P.
  23. One thing to be determined is the cost of bullets -- if they're expensive, then you really, really, want to be sure that your shot will be effective. In this legal climate, I think that's the case. Unlike, say, basketball, where the number of shots you take often is reflected in the number of shots you try. Wendy P.
  24. Not particularly controversial, but for you, Ryoder... The Dude Abides Wendy P.