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  1. wmw999

    Movember 2019

    Note; testicular cancer isn't only for very young guys (though it is very curable most of the time), and prostate cancer isn't only for old ones. It's embarrassing to be checked (I'm assured), but worth it. I have a relative who was convinced to get something looked at, only to find it was testicular cancer. This was 20 years ago, with no after effects. That's good news. If you've been putting it off, don't. Wendy P.
  2. Nice kitty... Wendy P.
  3. wmw999

    Best Canopy for Smaller Older Jumper

    My husband has a Pilot 132; he likes it, but on no-wind days he's having to run more than he'd like (we're all getting older). He had a Stiletto 120 before that. But if you're currently jumping a 150 and considering you're getting older and jumping less, do you really want to downsize? Wendy P.
  4. Show up, ask at the front desk if there's anyone looking to jump with other newbies. It might be a newbie, and it might be an old fart who likes jumping with newbies. Slow days increase your chance of jumping with the same person twice is more likely, and doing that will really make it easier for you to figure out what you're doing, so that you can either do more or less of it. But slow days decrease your chance of having someone at all -- ask at the front desk if there are people whom you normally should be looking for. Be honest that you can't afford to pay for coaching right now. And if you can afford to stay at the end of the day, do so, listen, and feel free to contribute beer if it's needed. There's no guarantees, but it beats nothing. Wendy P. (old fart who likes jumping with newbies)
  5. wmw999

    Best Canopy for Smaller Older Jumper

    I'm also an older jumper with shitty landings. I PLF a whole lot; that saves me from injury. I have no pride whatsoever . They're not getting better with age, but, well, my PLF's are still good. I've taken three or four canopy classes. I just don't care that much any more, because I walk back from all my landings. My default landing is a PLF, which I alter to a standup at the last minute if everything looks perfect. Your statement about ground hungry and two-stage landing makes me think that the ground looks the same coming at you (even at 45 degrees, etc) as it does to me. The faster the landing, the worse, for me. Every now and then I nail it, but I'm not sure that good landings will be in my skill set until I upsize to about a .7:1 BASE canopy or something like that. I currently have a Stiletto loaded at just over 1:1; I've also jumped a Pilot and liked it better; I might break down and get one if I get sick enough of the Stiletto. If you really liked the landings on a Sabre, can you maybe get one with a pocket slider? They're supposed to be magic. Have someone test it for you a couple of times. We're in the age range where a small pack is only useful because it weighs less walking to the airplane, and that's outweighed by a whole lot of other things. I'm in the same size range as you. I upsized my rig a couple of years ago, and bought a container that will allow at least two more upsizes. I'd rather be ungainly than broken. Wendy P.
  6. wmw999

    Diff between RW & Competition jumpsuits

    The biggest advantage of buying used is that you'll probably make mistakes with your first suit, even if it's new, because you don't know enough about your flying. Make those mistakes with a used suit that's reasonably close (any experienced RW person can tell you what reasonably close is), then you'll know what not to do with the new suit. Things like booties, vents, big vs. small grippers, fabric, where to put the spandex -- these all can change depending on your body shape, and on who you fly with. And a rigger can probably make some changes; others aren't worth trying to make. Feel free to message me (though I'm no expert, just been around a long time) Wendy P.
  7. wmw999

    Nine 0 Nine

    Definitely a joyride. Both pilots gone. Wendy P.
  8. I'm helping to facilitate a seminar for seniors (I'm one...), about all the "stuff" on the internet (e.g. the dark web, bitcoin, social media, smart house). I'm hoping that there are, out there, some non-technical materials (e.g. at the level of an intelligent magazine article about some facet or another) that can help people to do research. Because each person in this seminar is to pick or generate a topic, and then figure out 20 minutes worth of stuff to say about it, enough to engender a discussion afterwards. Anyone have any good examples? I already have Internet for Dummies, though it's really more of a how-to book. I'm looking more for the contextual material. An example of the kind of thing I'm looking for is "How the Dark Web works" (https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-the-dark-web-works/). Either books, or just articles that impressed you, even if a few years old. Thanks Wendy P.
  9. Jimmy, heal soon! You're a good guy, and I miss your posting here. Wendy P.
  10. wmw999

    Has DZ.com run it’s course?

    It was way slow before that, too. There are probably a few who left because of the redesign, but not a lot. I’m not impressed, but forums as a whole might be fading as a means of discussion, which is a shame Having a really old platform, out of support and with no source (or without the manpower to support that old a platform) is much more expensive. It’s not just a matter of letting it run. It has to interact with the rest of the programming world, which isn’t necessarily backward-compatible. Kind of like trying to drive a model T on the freeway. Wendy P.
  11. Tandem is an excellent way to start; someone else deals with business while you get to experience sensory overload. I started before tandem, and I’d recommend it for anyone. However, that tandem should form part of your student progression; there should be a set of skills that you should demonstrate during it. Wendy P.
  12. wmw999

    Two dropzones review for AFF

    Another option is Skydive Spaceland; I know the Houston DZ well, and they do an excellent job with students, as well as with moving you to the next level so that you can jump with others. Wendy P.
  13. wmw999

    Has DZ.com run it’s course?

    FB is for announcements; it sucks for discussions. Wendy P.
  14. wmw999

    Gary Peek

    I knew he was a great guy who cared about the sport, and who used that care to improve the sport. But that was a wonderful obituary. Wendy P.
  15. wmw999

    Skydive or BASE jump?

    To me, heli-base is using a helicopter to take you to where the BASE jump will happen. A low pull out of a helicopter is a low pull. Using BASE gear makes that a lot safer. Regardless, you made a challenging jump. Jump works either way. Wendy P.
  16. wmw999

    Feel like a fraud

    I remember you from before. No fraud -- you've now done three jumps out of an airplane. That's real. Wendy P.
  17. wmw999


    A few years ago a friend of mine’s house burned down. When asked if there was anything we could do to help, she said “make me laugh as many days as you can.” Thank you Joke of the Day thread. She laughed a lot Wendy P.
  18. wmw999


    If I could like this a hundred times I would. And I hate the “like” button. Wendy P.
  19. wmw999

    Where my peeps at?

    they need to bring back the angel emoticon Wendy P.
  20. wmw999

    Mike Furry

    I had my original seven-cell Dragonfly upgraded to a nine-cell by Furry when it started to get porous. Worked wonderfully. Wendy P.
  21. wmw999

    Mississippi river flooding

    Man I sure hope he was able to get most of the stuff out of there first! Wendy P.
  22. wmw999

    Mike Furry

    It looks like he passed in January: https://www.flaglerfamilyfuneralhome.com/notices/Michael-Furry my first husband had a Pegasus ( a magic canopy), and I had a Firefly (also great) Wendy P.
  23. Kind of like saying "Bless her heart" in the South... Wendy P.
  24. wmw999

    1967 Erie skydiving accident

    There are a number of references to that jump in the History and Trivia forum; do a forum search for "Lake Erie" and you'll get a lot of information, including the names. Bill Cole (who was on dz.com for a long time until his death a few years ago) was around at the time, and knew pretty much everyone. I tried copying a link to the thread, but it showed up as something else when I pasted it. Just do the search, and the thread title is "Lake Erie B25." There's a second thread, "Lake Erie Incident" with Bob Cole posting in it directly. Wendy P.
  25. wmw999

    Rigger for repack in NH

    Depending what part of the border you're at (I'm assuming MA stands for Mass, not Maine), there are regular riggers at both Pepperell and Orange (Jumptown). Call either the DZ at Jumptown, or The Parachute Shop at Pepperell, and they should be able to help you. Wendy P.