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  1. And I provided an answer. You didn't address it; I'm no press release artist, but neither was the person who came up with that. Wendy P.
  2. I'm probably not the first... Sometimes those typing monkeys hit on something. Wendy P.
  3. OK, enough about Jakee, how about the World Series? They generally play the ball. Or even Hunter Biden's laptop? Wendy P.
  4. What he said. Federal contractors are nearly as protected, and not always with reason. But this, coming with all of the "with us or against us" approach of the current administration, is worrying. Because a hammer is just as destructive in the wrong hands as it is constructive in the right ones. Wendy P.
  5. It would fit under “all-out effort to end the Covid pandemic.” It’s less likely to be misinterpreted, either willfully or accidentally. And avoiding being misinterpreted matters. Wendy P.
  6. Almost any other word. But when you consider that we lead the world in both infections and deaths, and we’re #3 in population, and significantly lower than that in density, I’m not sure I’d put that up high. Maybe “closed inputs to country in response to Covid” (thereby also appealing to the Stephen Miller fans). But in considering the actual effectiveness (even given this was going to be a bad country for it), that might shouldn’t have been addressed at all. Wendy P.
  7. Always in Houston, Chevron. Exploration geologist . But Latin America and some Caribbean, including Trinidad & Tobago, lots of Venezuela, and some later trips to Brazil. Wendy P.
  8. Where were you at? Just asking because my husband is a retired Texan/Venezuelan Oil man... Wendy P.
  9. It's the elites in general, not the Democratic elites. Do you really think those rules will apply to rich Republicans, Libertarians, or any other kind of -ians? We're a plutocracy more than anything else, with plutocrat having been redefined to include corporations. Rules only apply to the little people, and the little companies. Wendy P.
  10. Good post; not that I agree with it all necessarily, but thanks for the "move the ball" approach. I have a feeling, though, that the highlight on "you can keep your doctor" and "you'll have to pass it then read it" were talking points. For one thing, the whole quote from Pelosi “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” I.e. controversy would keep up until it was passed, regardless of how long there was. The full text was available on the website for over a week before the vote. No one in their right mind actually thinks that all congresscritters themselves read the bills; they have staffies for that. The doctor quote was more disingenuous -- however, if it had been qualified as it should have been, do you really think that it, too, wouldn't have been taken out of context and weaponized? It's what the media do these days. And yes, I'm going to say that the opinion-mongering media are worse about that. I tend to use the media bias charts to decide how much to believe the contextuality of stuff I read, and, frankly, Fox News Opinion shows (which they don't do a good job of differentiating from straight news) skew pretty doggone hard right. Wendy P.
  11. There's a difference between banning fracking and phasing out the oil industry. The oil industry will always be there (if nothing else, there will always be antique cars). But the idea is to make it less and less dominant a piece of our energy picture, because of the downstream damage to our environment. Personally, I'm for that. Even though I'm unlikely to be alive when ever-more serious global warming impacts happen, it's still the world that people live on, and we should take care of it as best we know how. We don't always know the best way for the future now, but we have to start somewhere. Wendy P.
  12. Just imagine if those were the Democrats, shutting down absentee ballots when the veterans' ballots haven't been received and/or counted yet. Wendy P.
  13. I agree that huge voter turnout is the only way. However, regardless, there will be a lot of effort put into delegitimizing the results regardless of how they turn out. Huge turnout is the only way, but remember all the work that went into the birther consipiracies when it was clear that Obama won the election fair and square. Wendy P.
  14. Coreece, I'm not sure that doubling down on "they didn't say that" when it's in print is a good strategy. "That could have been a whole lot better" might be a better way to approach it. Hold the statement up to any Democrat, and tell us how you'd react if (say) Mario Cuomo's administration had said that he defeated COVID in NY State, and then walked it back, saying they meant that NY State was the hardest hit in the beginning, and that they did the best they could with the limited knowledge they had at the beginning of the pandemic. Or something like that. Yeah. Saying "they're too goat-fuck stupid to make sure their press release is clear and unequivocal" is better than "no, they didn't mean that." "Ending the COVID Pandemic" was listed under accomplishments, not near-term goals, not almost-dones, or anything else. Better stupid than bragging about something wrong. Wendy P.
  15. Man, the material gets better all the time! I can't wait for SNL and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Wendy P.
  16. Oh, I saw Kayleigh McEnany hand it to Lesley Stahl in the aborted 60 Minutes interview... Of course, a subsequent review apparently revealed no comprehensive health care plan, but a lot of executive orders and congressional initiatives (what is a congressional initiative? Isn't that how actual legislation is supposed to start?). It'd be interesting to see what's actually in it. Well, given how big it was, I'll be trusting someone to tell me -- probably the average of a few someones' reviews. Wendy P.
  17. wmw999


    We both got in, but I did take John out on one of the attempts at one in Houston... Wendy P.
  18. Well, I don't think they would have balked had the situation been reversed in 2016. They might have voted the justice down, slowly, but there wouldn't have been all the posturing about "letting the people decide via the election" just to set themselves up for confirmation of utter power-mongering hypocrisy Wendy P.
  19. It might depend on what news you're watching. I'll admit I spend little time on any of the sources that the various media evaluators call "fiction in a news suit," whether liberal or conservative. Unless they're funny -- the Onion is always good Wendy P.
  20. Yeah, you're tough! Congrats on the new hardware. Wendy P.
  21. Translation: If late, I'm sad to hear of the death of Jim Arender; we're the same age. I'm Claude Rueger, born 16-10-1939, so I'm 81. I live in the town of Fribourg in Switzerland. I was part of the Swiss parachute team in 1962 and participated in the sixth world sport parachuting championships in Orange, Mass. My competitor number was 99. I have fond memories of Jim whom I worked with as well as the entire American team, since our tents were so close together. At the end of the competition, Jim and I exchanged our white competition suits.I used it for years, thinking of him. Claude Rüeger https://www.amicaleaviation4.ch/html/para_8.html
  22. I haven't seen them, either. But then I hate news distributed via long-running youtube videos, just as I hate recipes provided via video. Wendy P.
  23. wmw999


    A single virus probably isn't enough to get most people sick; I've seen surmising that it takes a droplet with at least 1000 virii to fairly reliably infect someone, and more than that to make most people seriously ill. If those are still accurate, then it might be that most people can fight it off it some degree, but not everyone. So the mask keeps the larger droplets out and maybe lets some micro-ones in. More importantly, most of what leaves your mouth is larger droplets that become more dispersed in air currents -- the mask stops a lot of them. When I have a cold, I keep away from people, and might even tell the people where I volunteer so they can either change what I do that day or tell me not to come in. Seems polite Wendy P.
  24. On FB (where I'm not nearly as active), I've unfriended a couple of people, none of them ones that I'd had any real non-FB friendship with. There are some very longtime friends I disagree wildly with, who I nevertheless respect and enjoy in person, even discussing politics. Because we respect each other. They know we disagree; when I post in their political threads (rarely), it's not to counter opinions, it's to show a missing fact that I think is crucial, and I'll say why it's crucial. That's generally a thread-killer in those threads , but that's kind of the point. Because they know I don't do it to counter, I do it because I do in fact know. The people I have unfriended (all 2 of them) show no human respect for differing views, or such vulgarity and stupidity and frequency of posting that I just couldn't take it. That was 4 years ago. There are people I'd hesitate to drink a beer with, based on how they express their views -- they're so condescending or unfunnily sarcastic, or have become so one-sided and dogmatic that I can't imagine it being fun. And that's why I'd drink beer with someone, to have fun. Wendy P.
  25. The cages? The ones that were built for unaccompanied children? As 72-hour holding facilities, rather than permanent housing? Isn't that like asking who manufactured the gun? I guess you figure the Obama administration should have known that whoever followed him would think that it was OK to just keep them in there permanently, and not built them at all. And veterinarians shouldn't have crates because puppy mills also use them. Wendy P.