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  1. Not if his or her jumps were cheaper Wendy P.
  2. Not if it’s Hunter, it won’t. I’m sure they can find an applicable law if they look hard enough Wendy P.
  3. “I’m really sorry (that I got caught)” Wendy P.
  4. wmw999


    Oh, he's entirely accurate. The Republicans have a (razor-thin) majority in the House, and the House did pass aid to Ukraine. That the majority of Republicans didn't support the bill is irrelevant to the statement. That the majority of the Republicans didn't support it is, however, relevant to the evaluation of how Republicans are doing in general. And, frankly, that the Republicans are happy to change their tune to the dog whistle of a certain orange-headed party leader, even in the case where it'll hurt the country (immigration bill anyone?) if plenty of evidence that good will and trying to actually govern isn't tops on their list. Wendy P.
  5. Bill, that's a great story with a happy ending. Because the point of those rules is to make people think about what bribery is, and what can look like it even if it isn't. I.e. perception. Wendy P.
  6. Well, I did say I considered this to be a narrative, and not a news source. Now compare it with the videos that you post -- this one at least uses reasonable grammar (and doubtful graphics), and the events that they refer to actually happened. The interpretation is up to question -- but there is a term, jingoism, that far predates the 60's. It is a synonym for extreme nationalism, which is, in fact, a problem. Because "my country, wrong or right," soon seems to devolve into "my country, therefore it's right," even when it isn't. Wendy P.
  7. Maldives has several hundred islands I believe, spread over a significant amount of ocean. The OP might not be on that one. Doesn't cost anything to ask, but finding a bandit jump online might not be a winning proposition either. Not to mention than anything but an experienced pilot over that much ocean and that little land seems pretty risky to me Wendy P.
  8. Federal contractor to federal contractor, in their federal capacities, also have codes of conduct. At least we did. And, frankly, we were expected to behave that way in general, but I was a federal systems employee after 1985... Wendy P.
  9. wmw999


    That wasn't his claim. His claim was that California had more registered Republicans. It could be inaccurate, but it's not, according to Ballotpedia Wendy P.
  10. wmw999


    Leaned. Not fell over. We liberals are willing to live with others in our midst. Wendy P.
  11. wmw999


    So, are you gloating again? How elevating it must be always to find something to gloat over. Wendy P.
  12. Good luck. Bone density issues do add to the problem. Look up things that can improve bone density at your age on the internet, in addition to calcium (which, if you have an indoor job, might also want some Vitamin D). The other thing I very strongly suggest is that before starting to jump again, you get in super good physical condition -- strength and flexibility should be excellent. That is just about always your best protection. Wendy P.
  13. No, I don't watch long-ass videos as a rule, but I did watch most of "2000 Mules." At 89 minutes, it's nearly 3 times as long as this one, an "Ultimate History Crash Course" This video is also much of what I object to in those videos; it provides the evidence, and then makes the conclusions for you. It makes the viewers simply viewers and customers for viewpoints, rather than providing information for people to make their own decisions. I wouldn't normally have watched it, but I'm stuck at home for the day. And at least it's broken into 6 separate mini-narratives (as opposed to segments -- these are narratives, not reports), so you can quit any time... They're why I don't normally watch Michael Moore movies, either (although I did like "Roger and Me," and "Where to Invade Next," one because it was his first, and the other because it was telling you about new things, and I'm frankly energized by change) Wendy P.
  14. As direct contractors, we knew not to offer. Even when we had coffee and donuts, we always had a "contributions jar," so that payment was at least possible. And I never had a doubt about the honest and desire for a successful and safe space program as the top priority for anyone I dealt with. Wendy P.