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  1. If your mind is weak enough to be controlled by a paper mask, imagine what wearing pants over half of your body must do. Wendy P.
  2. No, his dinner party was goat-fuck stupid and utterly hypocritical. That said, the science (as evidenced by the very large number of practicing doctors and nurses supporting masks) indicates that wearing masks, especially the transmitter, but also the potential recipient of infected particles, reduces infection significantly. You can look at the infection profile of the vast majority of the states, sorted by the strictness of their anti-COVID measures. They correlate well. It's not perfect -- Rhode Island is having a big spike, and they're reasonably strict. But by and large they do. That's what science is. Not a promise of one-to-one perfect anticipation, but evidence showing that following a particular path is more likely to lead to one or another outcome in a limited set of outcomes. Wendy P.
  3. Thank you. Well-stated and convincing. I still want the state to get first crack, and I don't want a witch hunt, but that, right there, gives me serious pause. Yeah, my nature is to "nice" my way out. I know that prisons do a piss-poor job of preventing crime, and I'm intimately familiar with countries that put former dictators/rulers/presidents in jail, and how unsuccessful that often is. Yes, I'd rather find a goal for the country first, rather than a slap first. But that was damn well said. Wendy P.
  4. Personally, that's what I'd prefer. And for all of the reasons I've outlined. If the feds decide to go after him for political crimes, I'll think it's a dumb idea, but it's not like I'll contribute to a defense fund, I'll just wait for the more likely storm to unleash, and then (to myself) say yup, those guys really are that crazy. If you'll recall, the original premise of the thread was where do you want to see him prosecuted. Calling me a liar doesn't make me one. Wendy P.
  5. I don’t. I argue to give the state with non-political crimes precedence. Wendy P.
  6. So there are just the two options: complete stoppage, and “fuckit don’t do anything and let ‘er rip” Wendy P.
  7. Short term “what’s in it for me today” thinking at its finest Wendy P.
  8. That island of 71 million is populated entirely by US citizens, with the same rights and responsibilities as the 75 million on the other island. I don’t like a lot of their views of “those aren’t real Americans” among them, and I do t like it among us. Wendy P.
  9. Let the state do its thing. He’ll go down for that. And the cult of personality is exacerbated by supporting someone seen as an underdog (“he’s fighting for us and now they’ve come to get him.”). Take that tool away. It’s less satisfying to the people who want to see him punished, but if he can’t set foot in the US because states extradite, he’ll have a much harder time maintaining. Not impossible, but harder. Wendy P.
  10. If you consider the number of politicians who have been re-elected while in jail, or served while in jail, or had their spouses serve as substitutes while they're in jail, then you can understand the power of populism and personality. No, I don't get it, but that doesn't mean it's not real. These people (including Pa Ferguson, Marion Barry, James Curley, and undoubtedly others) are still considered to be great by some. The less publicity, the better. He thrives on it; it's his vampire blood. Suck that away from him. Wendy P.
  11. I haven't seen the movie, but I greatly enjoyed and learned from the book. It was respectful of its subjects -- and that's how you understand people, is by respecting them. Wendy P.
  12. I don’t think he’s also opposed to NY state prosecuting. There’s a really good article in this Sunday’s NY Times magazine on the issue, laying out possible charges, upsides and downsides to various sets of charges, etc. Wendy P.
  13. This is a good article on a Democratic representative from Michigan, who flipped her Trump-voting district in 2018 and kept her seat in 2020. Her take is that it's not just the Republicans who have to change, but the Democrats too. Not in their views, but in their approach. As someone who naturally tends to use a lot of big words and tries to stay current, I'll admit it hit kind of home. But her point about each party governing only half of the country, with the other half feeling rejected and resisting, isn't going to get us anywhere. That there are forces that have led us here is somewhat irrelevant, other than trying to specifically counter them. But regardless, the path to a more united future is from where we are, not from the halcyon 1950's (either the heavy tax 50's or the mom-at-home 50's), nor the awakening early 1970's, nor the money-mad 1980's. Worth reading, and there isn't a paywall. Wendy P.
  14. Well, while it is everyone's right to resist the laws of the state (in the US at least, although there are penalties in man cases), the laws of health and physics are generally not quite as forgiving of good intentions. The swooper may not believe that he needs to learn (just as everyone else does), and the non-masked person who turns out to have COVID can still infect people, some of whom can die. Few consequences affect only the direct person -- that swooper who biffs has to be rescued, rehabbed, and insured. The people who the COVID carrier infects can get sicker than he (or she) did and/or die. Wendy P.
  15. Yet here the police definitely didn't enforce our local mask ordinance when there was a Trump rally with no masks right downtown (where the mask ordinance was for), because "we've been advising rather than fining in the past, it would be inconsistent to do so for one group." It's the right answer. When you're talking about laws and rules, don't look for the ones that apply so you can enforce them against the target, apply the rules no matter the target. Wendy P.