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  1. Yes, but once you invoke the word "gun" it's like a Christian invoking "Jesus." From then on the argument is going to be a religious one.
  2. Pretty effective. In Kansas, the governor enacted a mask mandate but allowed counties to opt out. Counties that enforced the mandate saw a decline in infection rates; counties that opted out saw cases continue to rise. Now of course masking is just one NPI that works. Combine it with distancing, tracing, testing and better hygiene and you would see a very rapid improvement. Sure, they'd be better. But they are also a lot harder to use, a lot more expensive for an average person to wear and impractical for many at-risk people (dental hygenists, cops, teachers etc.) But cloth masks are sufficient to reduce infection rates, and that's the goal. Most people aren't assholes, which is why this doesn't happen very often. (Of course, a few are, as swatting cases demonstrate.) Didn't you JUST GET DONE telling us all that you should encourage people to do the right thing instead of counting on the nanny state to enforce things? Like an hour ago? Make up your mind, man.
  3. Here we go again with you changing the conversation after the fact. You posted a picture of a mask calling it a mind control device. Phil1111 said that you "need to have a conversation with the families of a nursing home dealing with a covid infection due to no fault of their own. Because the employees or visitors couldn't discipline themselves. Or were innocently exposed to covid by someone else who couldn't discipline themselves." Nothing about a neighbor in a backyard without a COVID mask on. You posted a picture of a paper mask, claiming it was a mind control device that presumably only the weak-minded sheep wear. THAT is what we are talking about. If you have now decided that you want to walk that back, great - good decision. If that's the case, perhaps stop with all the calling people "Stazi" and "Orwellian" since you just admitted you'd snitch just as fast as you could if you thought it was important and there was no other option.
  4. If you saw a woman who was falling down drunk get into her minivan with her kids and drive away, would you just sit back down in front of the TV because it's none of your business and you wouldn't want to be seen as a coward?
  5. United States Senator and medical expert Ted Cruz explained in great detail how it was all a hoax. "If it ends up that Biden wins in November...I guarantee you, the week after the election suddenly all those Democratic governors, all those Democratic mayors, will say, 'Everything is magically better. Go back to work, go back to school.' Suddenly, the problems are solved, You won't even have to wait for Biden to be sworn in. All they'll need is Election Day and suddenly their willingness to just destroy people's lives and livelihoods...they will have accomplished their task." It's been a few weeks, so those lazy Democratic governors are surely just procrastinating. But any day now . . . .
  6. It was only last summer when people here were posting "we are more than 25% through hurricane season and still no hurricanes . . . .LOL" Now as the season draws to a close, the only remaining question is - by how much will the record for number of named storms be broken? There's currently a storm developing near Bermuda with a <40% chance of becoming a named storm, and that may be the last storm of the season.
  7. Given that a great many right wing extremists have been identified by their posts on social media, and arrested before they committed their crimes - that's provably false. Genuine right wing extremists are not known for their intelligence.
  8. "Good ideas don't require force." Exactly. That's why we didn't need laws against drunk driving to significantly reduce the deaths due to drunk driving in the US. Everyone realized it was a good idea and it just happened without laws, arrests, jail times and loss of vehicles.
  9. ?? When people can observe how unevenly and unfairly the "rules" are applied, they're naturally going to get uppity. Nothing wrong with such natural behavior.
  10. Of course. For every issue in the country - crime, foreign policy, energy - there are only two real options. Anything other than extremes are boring, depressing and confusing.
  11. billvon


    Keep in mind that for some people, not wearing a mask is the only form of protest they have. "The system" stole the election from Trump and is telling them to wear coward masks (in their minds) so not wearing a mask is the one thing they can still do to "own the libs." It's not rational.
  12. They have been. Unfortunately that means people often have huge beefs with all the inconsistency and the constant change, and they complain about how guidance is always shifting and one can never know when one is going to be jacked up, fined or whatever. Because scientists are sharing results with citizens immediately, risks and best practices can change quickly, and that means that many people perceive new or changing restrictions as arbitrary. The change from no masks to masks is one example. I bet you even know someone like that. Agreed there.
  13. Looks like a forum communist is minimizing this by calling it a drug raid, and saying it's just "bad optics."
  14. "Royal decrees" are just rules you don't like. Nope. More fake news. That's because we are learning all the time. Note the term for this virus includes the word "novel." It's new. At first we didn't even think that masking would work. Now we know it does. So the rules changed.