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  1. Yes, that is the book I'm talking about. I'll give Square One a call. Thanks! We are all engines of karma
  2. I've seen a skydiving formations book that contains formations for 4-way, 6-way, etc. Anyone know where I can find a copy of this? RWTrainer already has a 4-way section. I'm looking to put together "general" dives so I can organize at my dropzone (not necessarily 4-way or 8-way or 16-way, all of which are contained in RWTrainer). We are all engines of karma
  3. Great suggestion. Thank you. We are all engines of karma
  4. I've been in the sport 30 years now. I have a hard rule that I follow: if you're going fast close to the ground, you can get hurt. Seen it too many times now. I want something stable, with a consistent flare so I don't have to run, and I don't want to bleed a lot of speed coming in, especially on no wind days. We are all engines of karma
  5. I'm looking for a 150. What should I buy? Any comments on Brian Germain's canopies? We are all engines of karma
  6. That's probably not a bad thing for you. With your attitude, you might get shot.
  7. That concept seems to be lost to some in this thread. Thanks for your service. We are all engines of karma
  8. It's the values behind the flag that people in this country die for. You clearly don't have such values. What an ignorant thing to say. Current borders exist today primarily because of people who were willing to die for the political systems within those borders. You're not capable of seeing that, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. I probably pay more taxes in a year than you'll ever make in a lifetime. Are you still living with your mom and dad? Do you even pay taxes? How many of your friends served in the military? I've lived in many major cities around the world, and I've always found people who are willing to die for their culture. I tend to get along really well with said people. I don't share values with said people. Actually, I find their values to be incompatible with mine. That's one of the major reasons they are still living in mud huts, and I'm not. I'd love to see you go and burn a Pakistani flag in Pakistan. Please video it when you do. I'll look for it on I hope you never see the day where you may need to die for your values. Something tells me, you won't. And that will be the day your values end up on the trash heap of history, where they belong. We are all engines of karma
  9. I was raised in Louisiana. They tend to take that pretty seriously, rightfully so, IMO. We are all engines of karma
  10. You clearly were not raised in a culture where being willing to die for your country and its values is something that is a point of pride, discussed over the dinner table, and used as an anchor in political discussions. There are lots of people, mainly in "fly over country", that have that value, and live it, die for it, and it's because of their efforts the US continues to be a sovereign country. It is their efforts that allows assholes like you to burn flags. The next time you see someone in a uniform, get your shit together and say thank you. Their cultural values far transcends your punk ass values, IMO. You and your ilk are the last fucking people that should have any say in the direction the country is going. With your values, we wouldn't be sovereign for long. We are all engines of karma
  11. Where do you fill up when you're not at home? BTW, I wish I had your skill set in this area. My wife doesn't let me use power tools. She's not worried about me, it's the innocent bystanders she's looking out for... We are all engines of karma
  12. The current path we're on, absolutely. We are all engines of karma
  13. I doubt that. It'll be a epochal day in the planet's history. Especially when you consider the number of D-T fusion reactors required for distributed production. There will be plenty of work to go around. We are all engines of karma
  14. I'm not seeing anyone in this thread advocate against that. We are all engines of karma
  15. Seriously, the current weight fraction of CO2 in the troposphere is 0.0004. Just in case you hadn't noticed, that's an incredibly small number. Over the next hundred years, that's expected to increase to 0.0008. From that, an increase in temperature of ~1DegF is expected. Considering we already have ~60DegF warming due to water vapor alone, I find it hard to see how an additional 1DegF is going to produce catastrophic results. The Earth is not that fragile. If it was, we wouldn't be here. I am more than happy to see Earth's population reduce the 40GT+ of CO2 and equivalents that's being pumped into the troposphere each year. But, the methods used to address this need to do two things: 1) It's got to work 2) It needs to be cost effective. Nothing being advocated by Paris Agreement participants is going to do either of those. Giving UN agencies $1 Trillion per year is absolutely insane. We are all engines of karma
  16. Yep. We are all engines of karma
  17. All of which can also be reasonably attributed to the natural variation in the Earth's climate. Do you realize we're going through one of the longest stretches in recorded history without a major hurricane hitting the US? Do you realize how small the coefficient of expansion for water is? Along the same lines as its compressibility. Negligible. We are all engines of karma
  18. The Paris Agreement. Going full blown nuclear for the next 100 years while we sort out fusion. Full speed ahead. We are all engines of karma
  19. Nothing being discussed here can justify extracting $1 Trillion per year from the productive economy to be redistributed via UN agencies. That is sheer insanity. We are all engines of karma
  20. Since when? Actually, that's not completely true. CH4 does not have a dipole moment. What else is going on out there that isn't understood? Quite a bit, IMO. Later note here: I just went out to verify my understanding of CH4's lack of a dipole moment. Every site I came across also said CO2 _does_not_ have a dipole moment... due to it's linear arrangement. We are missing something here... I'm still trying to catch my breath re: CO2... I've taken it as gospel for years now that it had a dipole moment... And I was wrong. So, what is the plan? We are all engines of karma
  21. +1 We are all engines of karma
  22. Yeah, right. CO2's weight fraction in the troposphere is currently 0.0004. And at current rates, it'll be ~100 years before it reaches 0.0008. Which will produce a rise in temperature of about 1DegF. Considering our species wouldn't be here without the 60DegF greenhouse warming due to water vapor, this change will not be catastrophic. Nitrogen does not have a dipole moment. In order to be a "greenhouse gas", there must be a dipole moment. Lots of molecules out there that have dipole moments. Considering the uncertainty in measurements, everything that's happening can equally be judged to be part of a natural cycle. Nothing being measured today can justify extracting $1 Trillion dollars from the productive economy, and giving it to multiple UN agencies to redistribute that money. That is pure insanity, IMO. We are all engines of karma
  23. Seriously? Aren't they one of those false news sites? Oh, the irony... We are all engines of karma
  24. Al Gore would agree with you, at least in public. We are all engines of karma
  25. Like Dearborn, Michigan? We are all engines of karma