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  1. I packeThis was 25 years ago jan was a jumper in the hills ben and kary were bed wetting jets from town. And so was the brother n sister from schooting star. Then so was the sercies they jumped the falls. Her dad owned javilen. That blond girl got a trophy for best exit on bridge day. So she heldform till opining. Really jumping the falls a big deal. Anyone who can fly a7 cell can land safe. I think her name was andria. She had a clark kent looking husbond
  2. Omg its been years. I met her n she was a ball of organic fire. Base is dangerous. Shit happens fast. You have no idea! I did 270 under the help of boone. Gardner n earl both said jump knees first. I did several radio towers and a damn and a waterfall. I cant get my base cuz i never gound the subtrafuge to stamp my 7 cell card. It aint about the card. I can fly a 7 cell and do it well.
  3. Jumping jan finagan. He got his rig stold at quincy. Hes old school.... Tree people
  4. Scotty was chiding some guy on a mullins load using his croaky voice and pumping the load up. We were all like 100 to 200 jump rookies there for a 99 dollar all you can jump boogie. Scottie was the load master. We were in the face of roality. Scotty in his croaky voice was giving chides. Noone was wanting to be the victom. He looked at me n i said check your reserve handle its out. He thanked me. See never be afrade to help.
  5. Mary Jane Griffin gave me a solid black 7 cell Collis had made as a substitution for a naughty girl. Our deal was pass aff and you get 1 wish. Honestly i had a pic. I took the 7 cell. I put 3 base jumps on it at new river
  6. It was developed by Collis Griffin. Howard adams and Collis Griffin decided to build parachutes after Collis left Glide path international. Callis test jumped the nova back in the day. He had 20 cutaways on that canopy. The arch angles of canopy development were actualy in some cases blood r n d . Collis tossed the nova in the dumpster n told glide path it was no good. Granted glidepath has some of the best 7 cells ever made. Collis developed 7 and 9 cell canopies the best was the griffin. A high performance 7 cell. I remeber meeting Ted Stronge at Collises small shop. To hear those guys talk was fun. Riggers love to talk. Rags reganti and those guys would show up n smoke cigs outside... Joking n smoking. I never thought we were making history.
  7. Best wishes my friends https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CnQ8N1KacJc
  8. It was some years back when I came home from work and had a message on my machine to call the fbi. I did and came to find out earl was missing. Seems later he was found to have rolled his plane into a ball in a box canyon. Scouting jump sights no doubt. I've lost others over the years close friends. Al spinning into line twist. Rodney walking into a prop. And others simply empacting. To cope I've always had God. This song is good. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3TvEChySin0
  9. Dang that's a great video! I went for dinner last night and asked Sunday the Chinese waiter to let me play that video for him. He felt the need to show the whole staff it. Maybe because it was from his home land but even more just bad ass! You can see the folks trying to find air in some cases but most know just lay still and it will come. Base is more about canopy than anything. 500 plus feet is easy. Have fun and pack according!
  10. Ok flashback to 1993. My life was falling apart for all I knew. My wife had just packed up n moved out while I was working leaving me to find out when I came home. She used McDonald's as a place to say oh by the way I'm divorcing you. Ruined the meal needless to say. So there I was alone insecure, angry, pissed, and alone for reasons I didn't see. 6 weeks into to the split just days after the dinner meeting I was coming home from working night shift. I lived on a lone country road back in the woods. 1 road in and 1 out. It was 6 or so but still dark and I had to stop for a dang dog in the road. Tired from 12 hours of work I honked and she didn't move. Then I saw what was happening. That saggy titted bitch was trying to recover puppy's from the road. There was 3 safe on the side and 1 dead in the road and a spot where the 1 shed picked up had fallen. I parked n took the 2 corpes placing them in my lunch bag but she kept trying to go to the stains. I ended up pouring my coffee on the spots just to make her go away. So there I was with a bag of dead puppies and my own problems and this came on the radio. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=RDdDLiVwpv89s¶ms=OALAAQE%253D&v=dDLiVwpv89s I pulled up in the driveway and as a man I cried. I gave my ex everything she asked for and I moved on. Honestly she's a great mother just not a good wife.
  11. Ok now with a full band to the extreme https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=11UJLrTZl1Q Enjoy
  12. It takes music and lyrics to make a song. The voice is just as important as the tune. If you remove all the other sections of the band do you truely hear the cords n vocals. Mind you this girl plays the bridge low on the neck. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fbmQ1ZPwpH8 Enjoy
  13. Ok a song https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_QUq72fla3o
  14. Ring ring...... That must be the govener with my pardon I was voted 19 -0 for reinstatement. The hard copy is still pending but I did it. By the way all charges where bullshit and unmerited! Though I agree the uspa is a good thing remember people are flawed at times or swayed by others. These people keep in the mind the best for the masses but sometimes miss the little guy. Ok I got screwed but I can recover. Don't fall pray too.